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Experts club hosted final seminar-tasting of Ukrainian wine and vintage drinks

Last Friday, the Experts Club analytical center hosted the final seminar-tasting of Ukrainian wine and vintage drinks. This event once again brought together representatives of the Ukrainian wine industry, professional tasters, retail experts and media representatives.

Maksim Urakin, founder of Experts club, opened the event, emphasizing the importance of reviving and developing the culture of wine and vintage drinks in Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian wines presented at today’s tasting are limited editions that have not yet been presented to the general public, but have already been recognized at both Ukrainian and international competitions. Our events are held to support the development of domestic winemaking and spirits production, which will allow Ukrainian products to regain their leading positions, primarily in the domestic market, which, unfortunately, have been lost in recent years,” said Urakin.

The founder of Experts club also emphasized that a systematic approach to supporting Ukrainian producers will also lead to their entry into foreign markets and help the development of our economy as a whole.

In his turn, Andriy Strelets, General Manager of Knyaz Trubetskoy, emphasized that despite the destruction his winery suffered as a result of military operations, production continues to revive and develop.

“The wines that are presented at today’s event are new limited collections of 2022. And this is a sign that our winery is resuming production and working to expand its range. We have decided to change the name of our brand to Stoic Ukrainian winery, as it should symbolize the resilience of Ukraine in these difficult times,” said Strelets.

Sergiy Parkhomchuk, Marketing Director at PrJSC Knyaz Trubetskoy, spoke about the company’s new projects.

“Dnipro Hills is a new Ukrainian wine created in cooperation between STOIC Ukrainian winery and Chateau Pinot winery. At a critical moment in the 125-year history of our winery, Chateau Pinot provided us with invaluable support.

Representatives of a new industry for Ukraine – the production of craft distilled beverages, Oleksandr and Lesya Slobodian, presented their own products, including whiskey, calvados and grappa made in Ukraine. CraftSAD is a family-owned distillery with a unique history and philosophy, created by the Slobodian couple. Even after the loss of their laboratory and home during the war, they did not give up, but found a way to continue creating unique signature drinks for their fans. Their work is based on two key principles: the use of local raw materials (grains, berries, fruits) and the priority of quality over quantity. This provides CraftSAD with the opportunity to produce products that preserve the unique aroma and taste of natural ingredients and guarantee the uniformity of each batch.

“The event presents the author’s drinks that are already loved by many. “Zapechena” is based on an old Cossack recipe, a spicy honey brew that will first surprise and then impress with its richness of flavors. Aged for more than 3 years, the exquisite whiskey and calvados are truly worthwhile drinks, of which there are very few left after the house was destroyed,” said Lesia Slobodian.

In general, the event emphasized the importance of supporting Ukrainian wine and spirits producers and promoted the popularization of unique domestic alcohol brands.

The partner of the Experts club was Myasnyi Rai.

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