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Rauta starts implementing business center project in Podil district of Kyiv

The engineering and construction company Rauta is starting to implement a business center project in Podil, Kyiv, which will be the first project in which Rauta will perform customer service functions, the company’s press service told Interfax-Ukraine.

“The client service is a new service in Rauta’s offer, but the company already has several projects in its portfolio in which it performs work that allows it to build turnkey buildings,” said Andriy Ozeychuk, the company’s owner.

The functions of the construction customer service include support at the pre-project stage, development of design and estimate documentation, its examination, selection of a general contractor, obtaining a building permit, preparatory work at the construction site, construction of the facility itself, construction and connection of external engineering networks, and commissioning.

Rauta clarified that the business center with an area of about 3 thousand square meters is being built for an international IT company in the historical center of Kyiv, at 10b Kontraktova Square.

Rauta is a leading provider of reliable construction solutions in Ukraine and the European Union.

According to the company’s data, Rauta Group LLC was registered in Ukraine in 2014, with an authorized capital of UAH 388 thousand and revenue of UAH 102 million 396 thousand in 2022.

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Rauta first facility to be built with construction project management service is business center for international IT company in historic center of Kyiv

The construction project management outsourcing is a new service in Rauta offer, but the company already has several projects in its portfolio where it performs turnkey construction works.

The new 7-storey business center has an area of about 3.000 sq.m and modern infrastructure with a comfortable workspace for IT entrepreneurs.

Performance of Rauta construction project management outsourcing includes the following stages:

  • Support at the pre-project stage
  • Development of the design and cost documentation
  • Examination of the design documentation
  • Selection of a general contractor
  • Obtaining a construction permit
  • Preliminary work at the construction site
  • Execution of construction and installation works
  • Construction and connection of external engineering networks
  • Commissioning

More information about the construction project management outsourcing

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Trends in Ukrainian construction market during martial law from Rauta

The full-scale invasion radically changed the geography and size of the construction market, caused personnel changes, influenced the legislation and also opened up new business segments for Ukrainian construction companies.

Rauta director Andriy Ozeychuk told about trends and changes in construction during 2022-2023.

To date, total amount of losses is more than $150 billion, including the largest losses suffered by the housing stock ($56 billion), infrastructure ($37 billion) and industry ($12 billion). During the two years of the full-scale invasion, about 15% of the production facilities of construction materials were destroyed. At the same time, the segments of rolled steel and dry gypsum mixtures experienced the greatest losses.


In 2022, the size of the Ukrainian construction market decreased by approximately 65%. In 2023, there is a tendency to consumption growth of construction products and services, and according to the yearly forecasts, the market is expected to increase by 20%. At the same time, the size of the residential real estate market in hryvnia equivalent will remain at the level as it was last year, non-residential construction will grow by 15%, and infrastructure will show an increase of 40%.

The demand structure for new residential real estate in Ukraine has changed dramatically. Front-line regions experienced the biggest drop in construction market to almost 90%, the central part – a decrease up to 70%, and in the west, construction increased by 15%, which is associated with the relocation of businesses and internally displaced persons, as well as the active development of real estate resorts in the Carpathians.

The primary real estate market was reoriented mainly to the west of Ukraine. Developers in other regions are mostly focused on finishing current projects, which were started before March 2022. Currently, most investors do not dare to start new construction projects and take a wait-and-see attitude.

In the Centeral, Northen and Eastern Ukraine, the demand for the reconstruction services of destroyed buildings and structures has significantly increased. A business that has suffered the destruction of real estate needs the reconstruction of buildings in order to resume functioning.

Currently the fastest-growing construction segments are the infrastructure reconstruction, primarily bridges and social buildings, at the expense of state budget and donor funds.

In response to wartime threats, new segments of the construction market appeared: structures for the protection of critical infrastructure facilities and modular reinforced concrete shelters designed to protect people during air raids, artillery fire, etc.


In 2022-2023, the cost of construction increased by 53%, which led to a similar price increase for the primary real estate market. The construction cost price will continue to grow, which is determined by objective processes, including increased demand and inflation.

Import reorientation

Suppliers of construction materials, which previously imported products from the russia and belarus (glass, bitumen, rolled steel, cement, sandwich panels, etc.), were forced to reorient themselves to supply goods from EU countries and Turkey.

Due to the closure of Ukrainian ports, the import of construction materials by sea (rolled steel, chemicals, decoration materials, etc.) became impossible. Today, the import of these materials to Ukraine takes place mainly through Romania, which has led to an increase in their cost.

At the end of 2023, complications arose with the import of raw materials and construction materials due to blocking by Polish and Slovak carriers of checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. It also caused an increase in prices and delivery times of imported construction materials.


During the full-scale invasion, the reduction in the number of the working population of Ukraine amounted to about 35%. The mobilization and emigration of qualified specialists caused a shortage of personnel in the construction industry, which is felt even against the background of a significant market decrease. In the future, this may lead to an increase in wages, which will further increase the cost of construction, but still it will not solve the problem of the lack of qualified personnel.

In this regard, rapid construction technologies, which require a minimum number of workers, are becoming more and more popular. For example, the construction of buildings from sandwich panels requires much smaller number of specialists than in case of installing building from small pieces of materials.

During reconstruction, Ukraine will need a large number of construction specialists, therefore, in the future, we are likely to expect labor migration of qualified personnel from the EU and labor specialties from Asia.


Among the main legislative innovations in recent years, there is a notable trend to improve people’s safety and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Thus, the adoption of amendments to Law No. 2486-IX regulates the requirements for the arrangement of bomb shelters during the construction of new buildings. Also, DBN B.2.6-31:2021 changed the requirements for the minimum permissible values of the reduced heat transfer resistance of the envelope structures of buildings, which increased by an average of 28%.

Preparation for reconstruction

Currently, most Ukrainian investors are preparing for reconstruction and are actively calculating the cost of construction, but as a rule they are waiting for the end of hostilities to start new projects.

International financial institutions are also planning to get involved in reconstruction and are gradually entering the Ukrainian market. The key criteria for financing post-war construction in Ukraine will be transparency and speed of project implementation, so international organizations are already starting to establish partnerships with reliable Ukrainian construction companies. At the same time, priority is given to companies that work with European materials and technologies, which allows to create modern architecturally attractive and energy-efficient buildings.

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Rauta’s analysis of steel construction market in Ukraine

By the end of this year, metal prices and logistics costs have dropped significantly, which should help the demand
Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine has had a significant impact on the entire economy and the construction industry in particular. However, after a few months of war, some of the customers have already returned to the construction of commercial objects that were frozen at the beginning of the full-scale war or damaged as a result of the hostilities.

Current situation
Rauta is a leading supplier of modern solutions for quickly erected buildings – sandwich panels, ventilated metal facades, steel frames, load-bearing profiles, etc. The company offers services in design, installation of supporting and enclosing structures, as well as general contracting on objects of any complexity. The main focus of the company’s business is the import of Ruukki products for commercial construction projects. We use production facilities located in Poland, Estonia and Ukraine.
After the beginning of the active war phase due to a significant decrease in demand for our products the company’s business was significantly reoriented. We began to be approached by clients with requests to rebuild buildings destroyed in the fighting. Having a deep understanding of the technologies and principles of reconstruction, we began to actively engage in the restoration of buildings and made it a separate line of business. Whereas before February 24 the company was restoring only one building in Kiev, by the end of 2022 we had implemented 7 projects in three cities of Ukraine, and the start of reconstruction of several more is planned for 2023.

Growth against the backdrop of a falling market
In 2021 there was a situation on the market when the demand for Ruukki products greatly exceeded the capacity of production and the factories were not able to fulfill all orders. Starting from 24 February, the number of orders for new construction projects decreased sharply, and the main deliveries were for objects that began construction last year. Fortunately, almost all of our sandwich panel customers continued to build facilities. Among them are low-temperature warehouse and business center in Kiev, dairy farm and dairy plant in Ternopil region. Therefore, in 2022 Rauta has a 40% year-on-year decrease in sales, which is a relatively good indicator against the background of a more than 70% fall in the sandwich panel market. At the same time, thanks to the growth of the construction and general contracting services area, the company’s total revenue increased by 7% compared to 2021.

Price waves
Ruukki products are made only from European rolled steel, the price of which rose to a peak in August 2021 and halved in early 2022. At the same time in the cost of panels, galvanized steel with polymer coating accounts for about 25%.
At the same time, given the substantial increase in the cost of transportation services and the rise in the euro, the price of imported sandwich panels for the year increased by 50% in hryvnia equivalent. Nevertheless now there is a tendency in the market to considerable decrease of transport cost as well as inertial fall of world steel prices that in the nearest perspective can lead to reduction of sandwich-panels prices by 15-20%.
The main method of delivery in the market of metal construction is road transport. In 2021 the cost of delivery by truck from Poland to Kiev was about 65 thousand UAH. In the spring of 2022 delivery from Poland due to rising fuel prices and limited supply of transport has doubled in price, and in December 2022 was back to the prewar level.
In 2021 the peak cost of load-bearing steel reached almost 70 thousand UAH per ton, mainly due to the high cost of rolled steel. At the end of 2022 due to the decline in metal prices by almost half the cost of steel decreased by about 23% – to 54 thousand UAH per ton.

Recovery Opportunities.
In the spring of 2022, when the company had less workload on the main projects, we have developed a technology for the construction of frameless houses made of sandwich panels, which can be used for ultra-fast construction of houses and cottage towns. To demonstrate the benefits of this technology, we plan to install two demonstration frameless houses near Kiev. For this purpose we have already made house sets in Poland for 20 and 40 square meters houses and we are going to install them in spring. Now we can see the interest in this technology on the part of institutional funds and private investors in the segment of cottage building, which will grow rapidly after Ukraine’s victory.
Another innovation of ours is the development of technology for construction of multistoried buildings using sandwich panels as outer walls, which allows a developer to get up to 5% more space.
In general it can be noted that the technology of rapid construction with steel solutions has a great perspective in the reconstruction of commercial real estate – where the investor understands: the sooner the business is built, the sooner it will begin to bring income.

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Capacities of Ukrainian manufacturers of roofing materials enough to restore housing, infrastructure

The capacities of Ukrainian enterprises are sufficient to satisfy the need for roofing materials for the restoration of housing, social and critical infrastructure facilities affected by Russian aggression, Hanna Hontarenko, the acting director of the Ukrainian Steel Construction Center, told Interfax-Ukraine.
“Based on the results of work of the operational headquarters for the provision of construction materials in the Ministry of Regional Development, the needs of each region for roofing materials necessary for the restoration of housing, social and critical infrastructure have been determined. The internal potential of enterprises producing roofing materials in Ukraine allows us to meet these needs as soon as possible,” she said.
At the same time, the expert added that since the end of February 2022, the construction sector and the metallurgical industry have undergone significant changes.
“The destruction and occupation of the capacities of the largest metallurgical plants Azovstal and Illich Iron and Steel Works, a reduction in demand in the domestic market, an increase in the exchange rate and the cost of logistics – all these factors led to an increase in the cost of rolled metal. Since the beginning of the year, the price for certain assortment items has increased by more than 30%,” she said.
According to her, due to the aforementioned factors, steel structures manufacturers work with a low level of loading, however, due to stocks in warehouses and the work of metallurgical enterprises in Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kryvy Rih, there is no shortage of rolled metal.
“But the situation will change when stocks are exhausted for certain assortment items that cannot be manufactured in Ukraine, and then demand will have to be met through imports,” the expert says.
As for the issue of steel roofing, the raw materials for it, namely rolled products, are produced by Zaporizhstal. Galvanizing and galvanizing/painting is carried out at the facilities of Unisteel LLC (the design capacity is 100,000 tonnes/year) or Modul-Ukraine LLC (the design capacity is 200,000 tonnes/year).

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The Ukrainian Steel Construction Center is collecting projects and construction concepts for the renewal of Ukraine, the press service of the center has reported.
The corresponding section has been created on the center website. The projects of Rauta, Poltava-Proekt, Metinvest-SMC, Ukrstal Construction and others have already been placed in it.
The center turned to steel construction market participants with a request to share ready-made projects and design solutions for construction with minimum construction time and the use of elements with a maximum degree of prefabrication.
The matter concerns residential projects of prefabricated buildings to accommodate Ukrainian citizens who have lost their homes, as well as complex solutions for capital residential facilities and social infrastructure facilities (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, warehouses, shops).
All the information provided and contacts of the project authors will be posted on the website in the section “Construction projects and concepts for the restoration of Ukraine”
The Ukrainian Steel Construction Center brings together the largest participants in the national steel construction market. To date, it includes more than 60 specialized companies.

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