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Bratislava mayor to give Kiev 25 buses and help with rehabilitation center for military

Bratislava Mayor Mateusz Vallo has offered Kiev assistance in attracting world experts in consulting in the restoration of infrastructure, development of the transportation system, said Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko after a meeting with his Slovak counterpart.

“Our cities are linked by twinning relations… We agreed on further assistance from Bratislava, in particular in setting up a rehabilitation center for the military, which Kiev is creating. We also discussed the future restoration of Ukraine and Kyiv,” Klitschko wrote in Telegram on Tuesday evening.

Also, according to him, Bratislava will soon hand over 25 city buses to Kiev as aid. Now they are being prepared for shipment, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital said.

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Adonis Medical Group opened new rehabilitation center

Adonis Medical Group has opened a modern physical rehabilitation center in Kiev.
The company informed the Interfax-Ukraine news agency that the Center services are free for Ukrainian servicemen who have been wounded; the programs will be paid for by charitable foundations.
The center is designed for 16 inpatients and a large number of outpatients and has two operating rooms. It is equipped with modern simulators and rehabilitation equipment for restoration of motion function and inclusion of different muscle groups, a shared hospital, and a diagnostic complex for rapid assessment with its own laboratory.
The center specializes in rehabilitation after injuries and contusions, limb injuries, preparing limbs for prosthetics, as well as rehabilitation after strokes, craniocerebral injuries, spinal cord injuries and CNS lesions, rehabilitation after injuries, traffic accidents and accidents, speech rehabilitation, treatment of chronic pain in spinal conditions.
In addition, the center provides training in nursing skills for patient’s relatives and implements ready-made rehabilitation programs at home.
According to Vadim Kerestei, head of the rehabilitation division of the Adonis network of medical clinics, the treatment of wounds sustained during the war requires a comprehensive approach, so the center has a number of specialists working with the wounded.
“We work according to an international protocol and our main goal is to comprehensively cover all the disorders that the patient has. We have a professional team: a physical therapist – he works with movement disorders; an occupational therapist works with the patient to restore self-care skills; a psychologist to stabilize the psychological state. All rehabilitation is designed to comprehensively address all the impairments the patient has: mental, physical and medical, to restore him comprehensively,” he said.
Adonis is a network of private medical centers for adults and children.
Adonis Private Clinic was founded more than 20 years ago. Its network consists of 11 branches in Kiev and Kiev region. Physicians receive patients in 66 medical fields in branches of the clinic.


“Dobrobut” will build rehabilitation center with support from U.S. International Finance Corporation

The Dobrobut medical network will build a rehabilitation center supported by the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC).
According to the network’s press release, a letter of intent with Dobrobut was signed by DFC head Scott Nathan at a meeting of Ukrainian business representatives with U.S. Ambassador Bridgette Brink at the American Chamber of Commerce.
“Dobrobut has become the first private medical company in Ukraine to receive financial support from DFC,” the nurse said, without specifying the amount of investment or timing of the project.
As reported, Vadim Shekman, chief operating officer of the Dobrobut medical network, told Interfax-Ukraine in 2021 about plans to build a crpu rehabilitation center.
“Dobrobut” is one of the largest private medical networks in Ukraine. In company portfolio there are 17 medical centers in Kiev and Kiev region, first-aid service, dentistry and drugstores. Medical centers of network provide services for children and adults on more than 75 directions. Annually Dobrobut`s specialists carry out more than 7 thousand operations. The network has more than 2,800 employees.
Since the beginning of the war thanks to the cooperation with the international charitable organizations Direct Relief International, Children of War Foundation, International Medical Corps and University of Miami Global Institute, and thanks to the work of Dobrobut Foundation network clinics that continued their work even during the war, a significant part of medical services for months were free of charge.


Adonis opens modern rehabilitation center in Bucha

Adonis Medical Group has opened a modern center for rehabilitation and physiotherapy in Bucha (Kyiv region), the company told Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.
Vitaly Girin, General Director of the Adonis network, specified that the main areas of the center’s work will be medical rehabilitation and recovery after a stroke, traumatic brain injury and other CNS lesions, postoperative rehabilitation, occupational therapy and restoration of self-care skills, correction of chronic pain syndrome in pathologies of the spine, musculoskeletal -motor system, rehabilitation after injuries, road accidents and other accidents.
The rehabilitation center will include a hospital for 12 double rooms, specially equipped for patients with limited mobility. If necessary, a relative or a nurse can be with the patient.
In addition, the center’s range of services provides for the possibility of transporting a patient from anywhere in Ukraine, home visits of doctors and full-cycle medical care within one department.
According to the head of the rehabilitation department, Vadim Kerestey, the center will also be able to carry out rehabilitation after injuries caused by hostilities.
“Such rehabilitation should be carried out in a full-profile rehabilitation center, where there is a full range of medical services, since injuries caused by military operations are combined. Orthopedics in them is often complicated by neurology, bone fractures are combined with injuries of the brain and spinal cord, multiple bone fractures are combined with amputations and injuries of the nervous system and contusions.Such patients need an integrated approach and the help of physical therapists, surgeons, traumatologists, neurologists, speech therapists, psychologists, intensive care units and anesthesiologists,” he explained.
Kerestey noted that the center works in accordance with the requirements of the international standards Eeig EU Standard for Health & Wellness.
Adonis is a network of private medical centers for adults and children.
Adonis Private Clinic was founded over 20 years ago. Its network includes 12 branches in Kyiv and the region, including two own maternity hospitals and a stem cell laboratory.
In the branches of the clinic, doctors receive patients in 66 medical areas.

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The Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine, together with the Kontramarka Help project, plans to create a rehabilitation center for civilians and military personnel in western Ukraine, and later in other regions, president of the fund Artem Honcharenko has said.

“One of the projects that will be implemented by the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine together with Kontarmarka Help is the creation of a rehabilitation center for civilian and military people. We plan to create it in the western region, and then scale it all over Ukraine,” Honcharenko said during press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.
According to him, the center will provide assistance in physical and psychological rehabilitation, reintegration into civilian life, and job search.
“We have been seeing this problem since 2014, when combatants were not particularly actively recruited. Now there will be even more such people, so the problem needs to be solved in the near future,” he said.
The Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine ( was established in April 2022 at the initiative of the International Technology Transfer Association and the I-Dolina start-up platform to organize and deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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