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Sweden to open trade office in Kiev

The Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN) has started accepting applications for special credit guarantees for exports to Ukraine since March 1. The total limit of guarantees according to the country’s budget for 2024 is SEK333m ($32.1m at the current exchange rate).
According to EKN, this became possible after the Swedish government adopted a relevant decree on February 29.
In addition to the new export credit guarantees, the government also decided to open a trade secretary’s office in Kiev and appoint a new trade secretary, the press release said.
“The export credit guarantees and the opening of a new trade office in Kiev will make it easier for Swedish companies to invest in Ukraine. It is also a concrete example of how the government is working to increase synergies between aid, trade and business promotion,” the statement quotes the Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell as saying.
It is indicated that guarantees will be provided for exports that can contribute to the development and welfare of Ukraine.

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GrainCorp, a large Australian grain trader, has opened the first official representative office in Ukraine (Kyiv), the company has said. “Ukraine and the Black Sea are important for our growth, so we are very pleased with the development in this region. We have a strong team in Ukraine, which will directly deal with the supply of Ukrainian grain to our customers around the world. At this stage we have only trade office, but we are estimating options for further development,” Director for Government and Media Relations at GrainCorp Angus Trigg told Interfax-Ukraine.
GrainCorp is engaged in production and sale of grain, edible oils and malt. It has the largest integrated network of storage and transportation of grain in Eastern Australia. The company operates on four continents, exports products to more than 30 countries. GrainCorp operates in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe (including the UK). According to the company, it is included in the top five global producers of malt.