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The Chinese manufacturer of wind turbines Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd has signed contracts for the supply of wind turbines for two projects in Ukraine with a total capacity of 625.5 MW – Zophia wind farm with a capacity of 337.5 MW and Ochakiv (Yuzhnoukrainsk wind farm) with a capacity of 288 MW, according to the company’s website. “Two projects include 75 wind turbines on the GW155 platform with a capacity of 4.5 MW and 60 turbines with a capacity of 4.8 MW,” the company said.
The annual production of electricity from the two wind farms is estimated at 2.2 TWh enough to power 1.1 million households and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1.7 million tonnes per year.
According to the calculations of the Chinese company, which entered the Ukrainian market in 2019, after the completion of the transaction, Goldwind’s market share in Ukraine is expected to exceed 20%. The projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.
The company said that the projects will further consolidate Goldwind’s leading position in the global market.
According to the Windpower Monthly website, Goldwind will also service the Zophia turbines for 25 years, and the Yuzhnoukrainsk WPP for two years.
This summer, the Norwegian company Emergy (formerly NBT) announced its intention to install 75 Goldwind GW155 wind turbines with a capacity of 4.5 MW in the first two phases of the Zophia wind farm in Zaporizhia region. The wind farm is located about 25 km south-west of Melitopol, Zaporizhia region, near the Sea of Azov, and covers an area of about 39 km from north to south.
The Ochakiv wind farm belongs to Yuzhnoukrainsk wind farm LLC, registered in 2007 in Ochakiv district of Mykolaiv region. According to open data, the Chinese company Longyuan Power Overseas Investment Co. Ltd. (51%) and Hong Kong-based Hiro Asia Investment Limited (49%), which changed owners from the United States and the U.K., have been its owners since the end of June this year. The charter capital of the LLC is UAH 44,000. The company is headed by Yevhen Husev.
The Yuzhnoukrainsk wind farm, the capacity of which according to the project is indicated as 300 MW, will be located on the territory of Parutyne and Ostrovske village councils outside the settlements. The feasibility study of the wind farm was developed by IKNET.

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DTEK has signed an agreement with the Danish manufacturer of wind turbines Vestas for building Orlivka wind power station (Prymorsky district, Zaporizhia region).
“The volume of investment in the project is about EUR140 million. We expect that the project will be completed by the end of 2019,” Maksym Tymchenko, DTEK’s director general, said during the signing of the contract.
The project, which envisages the construction of 26 wind turbines with a capacity of 3.8 MW each, is currently at the stage of completion of preparatory work. The main part of the construction work will begin in January 2019.
The capacity of the wind farm, which is the third project of the company in wind power, will provide electricity to about 200,000 households.
“We continue to implement our plans to increase the portfolio to 1,000 MW by the end of 2019, the total investment in these projects will exceed EUR 1 billion,” he said.

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