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Windrose Airlines (Kyiv) plans in 2021 to expand the map of domestic flights in Ukraine and unite at least ten cities of Ukraine, director general of the airline Volodymyr Kamenchuk has said.
“We want to expand our flight map by at least ten airports in 2021. If the situation with the pandemic declines, there will be an economic recovery in the country, I think this will be implemented,” he said during the Ukraine 30. Infrastructure forum.
At the same time, he noted that at present the program of internal transportation for the company is unprofitable.
“Unfortunately, the international [transportation program] is also unprofitable, but this is due to the general situation in the world. But if there really is government assistance, this will help us reach the payback of these flights earlier,” Kamenchuk added.
Currently, the company unites nine cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, Odesa, and Kherson.

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Abolishing the payment of value added tax (VAT) for domestic air transportation will create positive conditions for the development of domestic airlines and revitalize regional air traffic, Deputy Head of the President’s Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko has said.
“We have goals to abolish VAT on domestic air transportation. This is an important topic. After all, it will help the development of Ukrainian airlines – not only state ones, but also private ones,” he said during the “Ukraine 30. Infrastructure” forum.
According to the official, this year the creation of a state air carrier can be completed and Ukraine will receive an understandable state national air carrier that will be able to solve not only tourism issues, but also state issues.
At the same time, Tymoshenko recalled that in the spring of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was necessary to involve private airlines in the evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from other countries.
“All this will be decided by a large national air carrier, which, I hope, will become known to the whole world,” he said.

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Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), after the termination of restrictions for foreigners from October 1, offers passengers a number of connecting flights and is also adding new flights.

According to the press service of the company, in particular, new international flights are being launched: Kyiv-Brussels-Kyiv, Kyiv-Dusseldorf-Kyiv, Kyiv-London-Kyiv, Kyiv-Prague-Kyiv, Kyiv-Baku-Kyiv.

In addition, UIA offers connecting flights via Kyiv from Amsterdam, London, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Dusseldorf, Munich, Prague to Dubai, Cairo, Baku, Yerevan, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, and from Dubai, Cairo, Baku, Yerevan via Kyiv to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Dusseldorf, Munich, Prague, Tel Aviv, Istanbul.

Flights are also offered from Tel Aviv and Istanbul via Kyiv to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Dusseldorf, Munich, Prague, Amsterdam, Dubai, Yerevan, Baku.



Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), due to the extension by the European Union of the ban on free crossing of the Schengen border for Ukrainian citizens, is making new adjustments to its August flight schedule.
The press service of UIA reported on Tuesday that in particular, until the end of August, flights to the following destinations are completely canceled: Larnaca (LCA), Frankfurt (FRA), Baku (GYD), Prague (PRG), Vienna (VIE), Chisinau (KIV), Berlin (TXL), Athens (ATH), Rome (FCO), and Barcelona (BCN).
Domestic flights in August, the airline will operate to the following destinations: Odesa (ODS), Kherson (KHE), and Lviv (LWO).
Flights to Kherson will be operated every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and back – every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Flights from Kyiv to Odesa will be operated daily, and the Kyiv-Lviv-Kyiv flight will be performed in the Lviv direction on August 21 and August 28 with a return on August 24 and August 30.
UIA plans to operate international flights to the following destinations: Kyiv – Amsterdam (AMS) – Kyiv, Kyiv – London (LGW) – Kyiv, Kyiv – Paris (CDG) – Kyiv, Kyiv – Toronto (YYZ) – Kyiv, Kyiv – Nice (NCE) – Kyiv, Kyiv – Dubai (DXB) – Kyiv, Kyiv – Istanbul (IST) – Kyiv, Odesa – Istanbul (IST) – Odesa, Kyiv – Tel Aviv (TLV) – Kyiv, Odesa – Tel Aviv (TLV) – Odesa, Kyiv – Milan (MXP) – Kyiv, Kyiv – Naples (NAP) – Kyiv, Kyiv – Munich (MUC) – Kyiv, Kyiv – Yerevan (EVN) – Kyiv, Kyiv – Madrid (MAD) – Kyiv, and Kyiv – Cairo (CAI) – Kyiv.
Frequency changes will take place on the following routes: Kyiv – London (LGW) – Kyiv (due to unstable demand on the route, there are flights to London on August 9, August 28, August 30 and August 31); Kyiv – Nice (NCE) – Kyiv (return flights every Saturday); Kyiv – Toronto (YYZ) – Kyiv (flights are planned on August 1, August 15 and August 29 with the return to Kyiv on August 2, August 16 and August 30, respectively); Kyiv – Milan (MXP) – Kyiv (weekly return flights); Kyiv – Naples (NAP) – Kyiv (return flights every Saturday); Kyiv – Dubai (DXB) – Kyiv (on Fridays and Saturdays until August 28, with an additional frequency on August 5 and will operate on Thursdays between August 13 – August 27); Kyiv – Istanbul (IST) – Kyiv (every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as on August 5 and additionally on Fridays from August 7 to 28); Kyiv – Tel Aviv (TLV) – Kyiv (every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as August 31); Kyiv – Madrid (MAD) – Kyiv (on Fridays from August 7 to August 28, as well as August 31).
All other routes remain unchanged, UIA said.

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Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) is expanding the list of destinations for July and August 2020 due to the easing by some countries of the border crossing regime for Ukrainian tourists.According to the press service of the company, domestic flights will be operated in three directions – Kherson, Odesa and Lviv.
So, in the period from July 1 to July 30, UIA will serve domestic flights to Odesa, Lviv and Kherson, flying every Friday to the regions and returning to Kyiv every Sunday. However, in the first half of August, it is planned to change the schedule for the direction Kyiv-Odesa: flights will be operated on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (Odesa-Kyiv on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). From August 16 to August 31, a flight to Odesa on Thursdays may also be added.
International flights, as UIA notes, will be operated in the directions of the airline’s regular flight program: Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Dubai, Tbilisi, Batumi, Larnaca, Athens, London, Nice, Rome, Naples, Baku, Berlin, Milan, Munich, Prague, Yerevan, Madrid, Vienna, Barcelona, Chisinau, and there will also be periodic flights to Toronto.



Zaporizhia and Lviv international airports, the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE), Azur Air Ukraine and SkyUp Airlines have sent a joint letter to the president, the prime minister and the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine with a request for state support for the aviation industry amid pandemic.
“Already today, judging by the losses incurred by the entire aviation market, it is possible to predict not only a complicated recovery process, but also the non-return of many participants to work in principle. The industry itself may be in danger of extinction,” the report says.
The companies note a serious lack of resources for fulfilling financial obligations to pay wages, service loans, make lease payments, under agreements with foreign partners, etc.
The airlines have compiled a list of measures adapted to Ukrainian realities that, in their opinion, must be taken to preserve the aviation industry. In particular, they ask to provide the industry with irrevocable financial assistance for the payment of wage arrears and tax holidays for taxes paid in connection with its payment. In addition, they ask for targeted, non-repayable assistance to pay off debts that have formed since the quarantine began in the country for services provided to aviation businesses by state enterprises and organizations.

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