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Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv region) in March 2021 served 534,353 passengers, which is 10% more compared to March last year (486,490 passengers).
As noted in the airport’s statement on Wednesday, in March, the airport served 259,278 passengers on regular flights and 275,075 passengers on non-scheduled flights.
“For objectivity, a longer period should be considered: in the first quarter of 2021, Boryspil airport served 1.206 million passengers [of which 633,000 passengers used regular flights, and 573,000 used non-scheduled flights], and this is 50.5% less than the same period last year [in the first quarter of 2020, some 2.437 million passengers were served],” the airport said.
Passenger traffic on domestic flights in March increased by 18.6% (some 40,100 passengers) compared to March 2020.
International passenger traffic is also showing growth, the number of passengers increased by 9.2% (some 494,300 passengers).
The top five destinations of Boryspil airport in March 2021 were: Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Istanbul, Dubai and Minsk.
“It is worth noting that a year has passed since the coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic rocked the aviation industry. The most difficult period for Boryspil airport was the period from March to May 2020 – regular flights were suspended, and the airport served only special flights. Passenger traffic was extremely insignificant and this explains the increase in passenger traffic in March this year,” the airport said.

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Boryspil International Airport in January-February 2021 reduced passenger traffic to 672,100 people, which is 65.5% less than in January-February 2020.
As the press service of the airport told Interfax-Ukraine, on international flights, in particular, passenger traffic amounted to 606,500 people (less by 66.2%), on domestic – 65,600 people (less by 57.4%).
In February 2021, passenger traffic amounted to 338,300 people (less by 62.4%), of which on international flights – 305,500 people (less by 63.1%), and on domestic flights – 32,800 people (less by 55.1%).
According to the press release, in general, in January-February 2021, the airport served 6,648 flights (less by 54.5%) for arrival/departure, including international – 5,185 flights (less by 59.4%), and domestic – 1,463 flights (less by 21%). At the same time, in February, the number of serviced flights was 3,168 (less by 54.4%) for arrival/departure, including international – 2,477 flights (less by 58.9%), and domestic – 691 flights (less by 24.6%).
The volume of cargo handled by the airport in two months of 2021 decreased by 15.8%, to 5,700 tonnes.
From arrival flights, 4,067 tonnes were handled (6.6% less than in the same month of the previous year), and for departure flights – almost 1,626 tonnes (32.4% less). At the same time, only 101 kg (97.4% less) on arrival and 779 kg (94.8% less) on departure were handled on domestic flights. Everything else is international.
The volume of serviced mail amounted to 968.3 tonnes, which is 37.8% less than in January-February 2020. The volume of arrived postal items decreased by 58.3% (to 410.1 tonnes), and the number of postal items sent from Ukraine decreased by 2.7% (to 558.2 tonnes).
Boryspil International Airport is the largest airport in Ukraine with a total occupied area of about 1,000 hectares. It has two runways: the one is 4,000 meters long and 60 meters wide, the second is 3,500 meters long and 63 meters wide. There are four passenger terminals and a postal and cargo complex on its territory.

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Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv) in 2020 reduced passenger traffic by 66.2% compared to 2019, to 5.158 million people.
The press service of the airport told Interfax-Ukraine that 4.69 million people on international flights were serviced (a decrease by 66.9% compared with the last year), and 468,100 on domestic flights (57.3% less).
The number of arrival/departure flights serviced by the airport in 2020 amounted to 46,850 (57.7% down), including 38,376 international flights (60.6% down), and 8,470 domestic one (36% down).
The number of cargo handled by the airport in 2020 fell by 10%, to 37,790 tonnes, while in December 2020 the airport handled 4,273 tonnes of cargo.
In December 2020, Boryspil’s passenger traffic decreased by 69.3% compared to December 2019 and amounted to 323,700 passengers. At the same time, 286,500 people were serviced on international flights (70.6% less), 37,200 on domestic one (53.8% less).
The number of arrival and departure flights in December 2020 amounted to 3,575 (54.2% down), including 2,728 international flights (60.3% down) and 847 domestic flights (9.4% down).

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Boryspil International Airport in January-September 2020 reduced passenger traffic to 4.058 million passengers, which is 65% less than in the same period in 2019.
According to the airport’s website, in September 2020 Boryspil airport served 554,485 passengers, which is 66% less than in the same period in 2019.
“The high season 2020 for the aviation industry is over. Due to the restrictions adopted by the Ukrainian government in August, not only did the September Hasidic program not take place, but at the same time the airport saw a 30% shortage of passenger traffic. The hub model has become unrealistic – we will be missing about 3 million transfer passengers The aviation industry has cut costs as much as possible to cope with the difficult times. Quarantine restrictions continue to be a stop factor for passengers. Analyzing the statistics for January-September 2020, we can more accurately predict the expected passenger traffic with which we will end the year. Passenger traffic at Boryspil airport in 2020 will fall to the level of 2009, which will lead to a multiple decrease in the income of Boryspil airport compared to 2019,” the press service of the airport said citing director general Pavlo Riabikin.
According to the published data, in the first nine months of 2019, the airport served 2.6 million transfer passengers, which is 22.4% of the total passenger traffic, and in the same period of 2020, some 418,000 passengers were served, which is 10.3% of the total passenger traffic.

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The construction of a cargo terminal at Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv region) is scheduled to begin this fall, the press service of the European Business Association (EBA) has said, following a meeting of Deputy Infrastructure Minister Oleh Yuschenko and airport representatives.
According to the EBA, with reference to the Ministry of Infrastructure, design work is currently underway to prepare for the construction of the cargo terminal, for which additional land plots have already been allocated. Provided that all preparatory work is completed on time, construction will begin in the fall and should be completed 16 months later.
“Thus, according to optimistic estimates, Boryspil airport will receive a new cargo terminal by the end of 2021,” the report says.
The association notes that the construction of the terminal will be carried out at the expense of attracted credit funds, which, according to representatives of Boryspil airport, have already been previously agreed upon. In turn, the Ministry of Infrastructure is negotiating, in particular, with Asian countries on attracting additional transit flows and is working on simplifying document flow.
“The business community approves such news, because logistics companies have long been awaiting the implementation of this project. The association’s logistics committee includes companies that transport goods, including by air, in international traffic and within Ukraine. Business representatives have a significant share in freight flow, which passes, in particular, through the cargo terminal of Boryspil airport,” the EBA said.
One of the main reasons that currently hinder the development of air cargo transportation in Ukraine, the association calls the worn-out infrastructure of the cargo terminal of Boryspil airport, since the structure of the terminal and its capacity have remained unchanged for many years. In this regard, problems regularly arise during the transportation of goods, especially in winter, when due to bad weather the airport cannot cope with the volume of load, the association explained.

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Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has installed the first laboratory for PCR and antibody tests at Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv region).
UIA President Yevhen Dykhne said on Facebook that now the laboratory will be used to test UIA crews, however, it will also be able to provide for the needs of departing or arriving passengers, if the arrival country requires a corresponding certificate.
“For example, Tunisia, with which air traffic will soon be restored, allows free border crossing with the availability of a PCR test,” he added.
Dykhne said that a PCR test currently has the highest specificity and sensitivity, in contrast to rapid tests. The material for analysis is a throat swab, and the analysis takes three hours. At the same time, a possible simultaneous loading of the laboratory is 96 samples.
In addition, he said the laboratory also provides for the option of an urgent PCR test of one individual sample within 40 minutes and testing for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, which allows to determine the earlier infection and the presence of immunity (the test material is blood from a vein, the speed is 86 tests per hour).

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