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NASA has confirmed the readiness of the Blue Ghost moon lander of the American company – the developer of rocket and space technology Firefly Aerospace Inc., owned by Ukrainian businessman Max Polyakov, in accordance with the schedule of the Artemis lunar mission – by September 2023. Polyakov’s press service said Firefly Aerospace has reached a milestone in the project by successfully completing the Critical Design Review (CDR) phase of the Blue Ghost moon lander. Completing the CDR paves the way for building the Blue Ghost lander.
According to the Artemis lunar mission schedule, the moon lander is to land in the Mare Crisium lunar basin in September 2023. The module will deliver ten NASA payloads to the lunar surface, as well as several commercial cargoes.
This mission is a harbinger of what we see in the future: the growing number of repetitive lunar maintenance and payload delivery missions that will lay the foundation of the lunar economy. We are honored to demonstrate our ability to provide such services to NASA and our commercial customers, Firefly CEO Thomas Markusic said.
It is noted that the Blue Ghost will monitor the safe delivery of the payload during transit to the Moon and in its orbit, as well as on the surface of the Moon. The vehicles delivered to the surface will investigate the properties of regolith, the geophysical characteristics of the surface, and the interaction of the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetic field. In addition, several demonstrations of key technologies related to navigation and sampling will be conducted during the mission.
The Blue Ghost mission opens up new opportunities for Firefly Aerospace to cooperate with NASA and other partners. We are proud of the high appraisal of our partners from NASA and are glad that we can join such an ambitious international program as Artemis, Max Polyakov said.
In his opinion, the Moon is extremely important for the more distant missions of mankind – it should become a kind of base, a fort, where the necessary resources will be produced in the future.
In such exploration of the Moon we see one of the strategic goals of the company, he added.

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft letter to the government of Japan on the project of construction of bridge across the Pivdenny Buh river in Mykolaiv. The relevant decision was made at a meeting on Wednesday. In the explanatory note it is specified that it is necessary for official confirmation of intention and interest of Ukraine in joint implementation of this construction with the government of Japan and the Japanese agency of international cooperation, and it will also specify the priority of the project for development of Mykolaiv region and Ukraine as a whole.
The text of the letter is not provided.
As it was reported, in January, 2020 the Japanese agency of the international cooperation JICA confirmed cooperation in construction of the bridge in Mykolaiv.
JICA presented the project of construction of the bridge in Mykolaiv in June, 2018.

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The government intends to build 25 new industrial parks over the next three years, Minister for Communities and Territories Development Oleksiy Chernyshov has stated.
“Over the next three years, the Ukrainian government intends to build 25 new industrial parks, creating conditions and investing public funds in the creation of such facilities,” the minister said during the Ukraine 30. Labor Force forum.
He clarified that among the current 50 industrial parks, in fact, about ten are working.
Chernyshov recalled that two bills with amendments to the Tax and Customs Codes, containing fiscal incentives for industrial parks, have been registered in the parliament. The bills provide for the opportunity for participants in industrial parks to obtain exemption from the payment of import duties on equipment, import VAT on equipment and income tax for 10 years. It is also proposed to provide local authorities with the right to establish local tax exemptions for industrial parks and their residents.
“They will be adopted in the fall,” he said.
The minister also added that a bill on the restart of industrial parks is awaiting the second reading.
As reported, the Verkhovna Rada at first reading adopted bill No. 4416-1 on restarting industrial parks. It provides, in particular, compensation for industrial park residents for the share of investments from 15% to 70% of capital expenditures in the first three years, depending on the volume of the company’s exports, compensation from 30% to 70% of interest payments on the loan, depending on the volume of exports, and 50% compensation for the cost of connecting to the power grid.



Bimbo QSR Ukraine, part of the international bakery holding company Grupo Bimbo, is considering the possibility of building a plant in Fastiv (Kyiv region) to manufacture products for one of the world’s largest fast food chains.
As Head of the International Relations and Communications Department of the state-run investment company Ukraine Invest Olena Hitlianska wrote on Facebook, Bimbo QSR Ukraine on March 4, within the framework of the Industrial Relocation: Opportunities for Accelerated Development of Communities and Regions conference, will decide on the construction of a bakery plant on a land plot in Fastiv.
Hitlianska said that the government office of Ukraine Invest helps the Mexican investor, in particular, in finding a site for the construction of the plant.
She also said that within the framework of this conference, investment projects that will be implemented this year within the FastIV industrial and logistics cluster will also be presented.
According to the data of the unified public register of legal entities and private entrepreneurs, Bimbo QSR Ukraine was registered in 2000 by Dutch Bimbo QSR B.V. in Dnipro with a charter capital of UAH 297,000.
According to the website of Grupo Bimbo, it is represented in 33 countries, owns 196 factories, and the company has a worldwide network of 3 million points of sale. The bakery holding produces about 13,000 names of products under more than 100 brands.
As reported, Grupo Bimbo in October 2017 bought the East Bolt Ukraine bakery (Dnipro), which produced burger buns for the international fast food chain McDonald’s.

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Altis-Construction LLC has won a tender for the purchase by the state-owned enterprise Financing of Infrastructure Projects (FinInPro), a new airfield construction at the international airport of the city of Dnipro, with an offer 30.6% lower than the expected cost.
According to the information on the tender page in the state electronic trading system ProZorro, Altis-Construction offered the final cost of the work in the amount of UAH 3.95 billion, which is 30.6% lower than the expected price (UAH 5.69 billion).
“Finally, the most expensive international tender in the history of airport construction took place, for the choice of the general contractor for the construction of the airfield of Dnipro international airport […] The path to this was not easy, but we coped, despite three rounds of appeals to the Antimonopoly Committee,” Head of State Agency for Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine (Ukrinfraproekt) Kyrylo Khomiakov wrote on his Telegram channel.
He said that seven companies took part in the auction, two of which are foreign (Turkey and Belarus).
According to Khomiakov, the contract with the winner will be signed in accordance with the law on public procurement.
The next step is to start construction work.
It is planned to build a runway with a length of 3.2 km at Dnipro airport. The cost of the project, according to the state examination report is UAH 6.23 billion.
The construction period is about three years.
This year the government has allocated UAH 1.4 billion for the construction of an airfield in Dnipro.

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Rivne Wind LLC (Kyiv) intends to build a wind farm with a capacity of 74.4 MW (Volodymyrets district of Rivne region), according to a posting on the website of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) register on Tuesday.
According to the report, under the project, it is planned to install up to 12 wind power turbines of both global and domestic manufacturers with a capacity of up to 6.2 MW each. Tower height is about 162 meters, and the rotor diameter is about 162 meters.
In addition, the project provides for the construction of a substation (SS) 35/110 kV.
According to the unified public register of legal entities, Rivne Wind LLC with a charter capital of UAH 7,000 belongs to Mykola Herasymenko.
As reported, in February 2020, Rivne Wind Energy announced its intention to build a 240 MW wind farm in Rivne region.

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