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Ukraine needs to quickly add 2GW of maneuverable electricity generating facilities to balance the Ukrainian power grid in the conditions of the rapidly growing renewable energy sector, which will require around EUR 1.2-1.4 billion, Business Development Director at Wärtsilä Energy business in Eastern Europe Igor Petrik has said.
“The introduction of 2 GW of highly maneuverable generating capacities gives the highest economic effect for the power system,” he wrote in an article published on the Energy Reform resource.
Petrik said that the calculations were made for gas generator stations. According to him, energy storage systems based on batteries at current equipment prices are not so effective. According to the experience of other countries, the most common option are projects of gas generator stations with a capacity of about 100 MW and a cost of EUR 60-70 million, the expert said. According to him, their gas consumption will be “insignificant” – about 40 million cubic meters per year for the installed capacity of 2 GW.
According to Petrik, the introduction of highly maneuverable generation will help reduce the use of the “hot” reserve of thermal power plants by 12.5 billion kWh per year and the volume of coal-burning generation by 4.2 billion kWh per year. As a result, the total reduction in coal consumption will be 3 million tonnes, CO2 emissions will decrease by 7 million tonnes a year.
He added that the volume of renewable energy restrictions could be reduced by more than three times – from 6.5 kWh to 1.9 billion kWh per year, and the overall reduction in operating costs of the power grid – by EUR 300 million per year.
In the current situation, the expert said that renewable energy restrictions may increase to 30% of production during 2020, with fees of EUR 580 million per year for limited energy. Petrik said that such restrictions could arise provided that the installed capacity of the solar power plants and wind farms by the end of 2020 would increase to 7.5 GW and the existing feed-in tariffs and priority dispatching of cheaper energy, such as nuclear energy, would remain.

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The Roshen confectionary corporation (Kyiv) plans to build a dairy farm on the territory of Letychiv-Agro LLC (Khmelnytsky region) in 2021.
“Now we have a dairy herd of a little more than 1,000 heads. The average milking is 32 tonnes of milk per day. With the construction of the second farm, we will have 1,500 heads of the dairy herd, and the total livestock will be 3,000 head,” Roshen Corporation President Viacheslav Moskalevsky told reporters in Kyiv on Tuesday.
According to him, in 2020, it is planned to develop a project for the future dairy farm, in 2021 to begin construction.
As reported, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine allowed Moskalevsky to acquire Letychiv-Agro LLC through PJSC closed non-diversified venture corporate investment fund Konditerinvest (Kyiv).
This acquisition will enable the corporation to increase its cattle livestock capacity.
The land bank of Letychiv-Agro is 4,000 hectares.
Roshen Corporation, one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Ukraine, includes Kyiv, Kremenchuk (Poltava region) confectionery factories, two production sites in Vinnytsia region, Dairy Plant Bershadmoloko (Vinnytsia region), two production sites in Lipetsk region (Russia), confectionary facilities in Klaipeda (Lithuania), and Bonbonetti Choco factory (Hungary).

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The issue of building airports is a priority for 2020, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
“We will build an airport in Dnipro. We are not postponing anything: we will build airports in 2020. And not only in Dnipro,” he said during a press marathon in Kyiv on Thursday.
According to the head of state, funds for the construction of an airport in Dnipro may not be available in the current draft national budget, since the document has not yet been finalized and all amendments have not been made to it.
“We agreed that we are one team, and we will discuss the final budget together with the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister. They have not yet come to me with the final budget,” Zelensky said.
The president also said that a report from an independent commission on the construction of a bridge in Dnipro was almost ready. In a week, he plans to get it and consider it, after which he will be ready to talk about this construction project with Dnipro City Mayor Borys Filatov.

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Austria’s Holso GmbH has proposed to build roads from clay in Zakarpattia and the first experimental kilometer of the clay road will be built between the settlements of Danylove and Oleksandrivka (Khust district) in October 2019.
As reported on the website of the Zakarpattia Regional Administration, such an agreement was reached by the head of the Regional Administration Ihor Bondarenko and representatives of Holso GmbH during the meeting.
According to the representatives of the Austrian company, the warranty service life of clay roads is 10 years. Its cost is five to six times less than asphalt roads. Currently, 50 countries are already using this technology.
“I see no obstacles not to use this unique technology in Zakarpattia. If it proves effective, it will speed up the construction of roads in the region several times. Our region will be an example for the entire country in this issue. I think this idea is very useful, because it combines a reasonable price and high quality. I can assure you: you will have the full support of the regional administration in the implementation of this project,” the press service said, citing Bondarenko.
In addition, Mykhailo Popovich, the head of the Automobile Road Service in Zakarpattia region, who was present at the meeting, said that the technology had already been tested at an expert institute. According to him, it is possible to build roads in this way in any weather, and the clay road can also be used as a basis for asphalt concrete.
“In our region, the use of this technology can significantly accelerate the construction of roads, especially rural and forest roads,” he added.

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Ovid North LLC intends to build an Ovid North wind farm with a capacity of 80 MW (Ovidiopol district of Odesa region) in the area north of the existing Ovid Wind farm, according to the website of the unified register of environmental impact assessment. Within the project it is planned to build from 12 to 16 wind turbines with a capacity of 3.6 MW to 5.5 MW each. The height of the towers is from 120 meters to 160 meters. The rotor diameter is from 130 meters to 170 meters.

It is expected that the wind farm will generate 230,000 MWh per year.

At first, the holding specialized in the construction of hydropower plants and thermal power plants and built large energy facilities with a total capacity of about 1.7 GW. In 2000, it reoriented to the construction and operation of its own energy facilities using renewable energy sources. As of 2018, the holding’s portfolio included 79 MW of hydroelectric power stations, 162 MW of geothermal stations, and 373 MW of wind farms.

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UFuture investment group of Ukrainian businessman Vasyl Khmelnytsky plans to implement residential complex construction projects as part of the innovation parks in Lviv (LvivTech.City) and Kharkiv.
“They [projects in Lviv and Kharkiv] have housing, and innovation campuses, co-working space, schools, institutes,” Khmelnytsky told Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday.
He did not specify who will be partners in these projects, but noted that the UDP company of their UFuture group cooperates with KAN Development only in the UNIT.City project.
The launch of LvivTech.City, according to Khmelnytsky, is planned for 2020.
UDP CEO Vitaliy Melnyk told Interfax-Ukraine that the area of the residential part in LvivTech.City will be 42,000 square meters, while the parameters of housing in the Kharkiv project are not yet known.
According to Managing Partner of UNIT.City Maksym Yakover, UNIT.City is already building residential housing, and the start of sales is planned for September.
“The first phase is now nearing completion [construction at UNIT.City]. We will soon open the B10 campus, and at the end of this year or the beginning of the next year – B11. Housing construction is in full swing, the start of sales will be announced in September,” he said at a press conference.

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