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The Planeta Kino cinema chain reopens the cinema at the Appolo shopping center (Dnipro) on Thursday, April 14, in the capital next week, Natalia Baidan, CEO of the chain, told Interfax-Ukraine.
“We work in Lviv and Odessa, tomorrow we will open in the Dnieper. Next week we will open in Kyiv. Until the end of the month, possibly in Sumy. The situation is difficult and not yet predictable with Kharkov,” she said.
The CEO of the network specified that a cinema in the River Mall will first open in the capital.
At the same time, she noted that from the point of view of business, the results of March are unsatisfactory.
“We generate losses. In normal months, our sales were at the level of about UAH 80 million per month, now it is less than UAH 2 million. I am actively negotiating with copyright holders to provide us with new releases. There is a hope that they will appear in May. Then, I hope, the situation will be resolved,” Baidan said.
The Cinema Planet network, which belongs to Triumph Media Group LLC, has nine cinemas in Kyiv, Odessa, Lvov, Kharkiv, Sumy and Dnipro. It is also known about plans to open a new cinema in the Ocean Mall shopping center (Kyiv).
LLC “Triumph Media Group” was established in 2006, the main activity is the demonstration of films.
According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, the owner of the enterprise is Moviemax Limited (100%, Cyprus), the ultimate beneficiaries are Dmitry Derkach and Andrey Shpig. The authorized capital is UAH 72.5 million.

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Nova Poshta has launched an automated sorting terminal in Dnipro, investments in which amounted to EUR 28.5 million, including a EUR 13 million loan from the EUR opean Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the company’s press service reported.
According to its data, the terminal in Dnipro is the second largest facility of the company after the Kyiv one: its capacity is 26,000 parcels per hour. At the same time, after the introduction of a new sorting line in April 2022, the figure will increase to 36,000 parcels per hour.
“The launch of a new automated terminal in Dnipro will allow us to double the processing of parcels in the region. In addition, it will also create 500 new jobs and new business opportunities that will be able to increase their sales,” CEO of Nova Poshta Oleksandr Bulba said.
The new terminal with an area of 18,000 square meters is equipped with the equipment of the Dutch company MHS Global and the Lithuanian one Equinox.
In addition, the cargo part of the terminal is equipped with robotic carts manufactured by SBR for the transportation of goods. Also, 29 conveyors were installed for loading parcels into freight transport, 14 for unloading.
The Nova Poshta group of companies includes, in particular, Nova Poshta, NP Logistic, NovaPay and Nova Poshta Global companies. The company’s network has about 10,000 branches throughout Ukraine, and the number of shipments in 2021 alone exceeded 430 million. In 2021, the company transferred UAH 6.4 billion in taxes and fees to the country’s budget.

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The volume of cargo transportation along the Dnipro River in 2021 amounted to 14.36 million tonnes, which is 28% more than in 2020.
According to the statistics posted by the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority on Facebook, the most was transported: construction cargo – 9.5 million tonnes (an increase of 62.8%), grain – more than 3.61 million tonnes (2.4 less than last year), metal products – more than 1.22 million tonnes (a decrease of 33.4%).
In addition, in 2021, some 24,500 tonnes of oil products were transported along the Dnipro (a decrease of 43.8%).
The number of passages last year amounted to 15,838 (an increase of 36.8%).
The monitoring of vessels on the Dnipro River was conducted by the River information service of the Delta-Pilot branch of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.



The volume of cargo transported on the Dnipro River in January-November 2021 amounted to more than 13.2 million tonnes, which is 31% more than in the same period in 2020.
According to statistics posted on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, most of all were transported: construction materials – 8.8 million tonnes (an increase of 72%), grain – more than 3.1 million tonnes (at the level of last year) and metal products – more than 1.1 million tonnes (a decrease of 30%).
In addition, for the 11 months of this year, 24,500 tonnes of dangerous goods were transported along the Dnipro.
The number of passages for the specified period was 14,700 (an increase of 40%), of which internal – 12,900, sea – 1,800.
The monitoring of vessels on the Dnipro River was carried out by the river information service of the Delta-Pilot branch of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.



Private houses in the suburbs of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro and Lviv from July to September 2021 have risen in price by an average of 3-5%, President of the Association of Real Estate Specialists (Realtors) of Ukraine Yuriy Pita has told Interfax-Ukraine. “Over the past three months, a slowdown in the growth rate of their cost has been observed in the market for private estates. At the moment, the demand for private houses has been met by almost 90%,” Pita said. According to him, houses with an area of up to 150 square meters, located in the near suburbs (up to 20 km) of million-plus cities, were actively getting more expensive. The cost of other properties in the third quarter increased insignificantly, within 2.5-3%.
According to the association, a gradual decrease in the demand has been observed since the second half of this year: from July to September, the number of potential buyers decreased by 10%.
“Gradually, the supply begins to prevail over the existing demand, this is a significant factor for pricing in the segment of private houses,” the specialist said.
According to him, by the end of the year the price situation in the segment of private estates will remain stable with insignificant price fluctuations within 1.5% for small houses.
“According to the forecasts of the association, the cost of private houses is the ceiling for the existing demand. And further price increases will not be economically justified. Price stability may last until April 2022,” he said.
According to Pita, prices of land plots for private development in the third quarter increased by an average of 5%. At the same time, more than 60% of the demand is concentrated on plots with an area of 8-15 acres with supplied communications in picturesque locations at a distance of up to 20 km from the city limits. The demand for plots for construction of cottage townships remains stable, but here the choice of options is not very large, the expert notes.
He believes that price stability in the segment of land plots can hold out at least until April 2022, the start of a new active season.

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The Infrastructure Ministry of Ukraine has supported the implementation of the Dnipro Transportation investment project of the Ukrainian Danube Navigation, according to the shipping company’s Facebook page.
The company emphasizes that the approval of the investment project by the relevant ministry is an important and decisive step for signing appropriate credit agreements with international financial organizations.
The Dnipro Transportation investment project provides for building 16 pusher tugs with hybrid diesel engines, 31 Europe-2 class barges, as well as building and overhauls of five locations for the layover and maintenance of the fleet, etc.
The total cost of the project is more than $ 200 million.
“In the future, PrJSC Ukrainian Danube Navigation will continue to work on the implementation of the Dnipro Transportation project with international financial organizations, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the transport committee of the Verkhovna Rada to obtain appropriate state guarantees and work out the involvement of a wider range of international partners in the project on mutually beneficial commercial terms,” the report says.
The company also emphasizes that the implementation of the project will allow the implementation of measures to revive the E-40 river route, use the transit potential of the Dnipro River, as well as reduce the load on Ukrainian roads and railways, create orders for the shipbuilding industry and reduce the volume of pollutant emissions into the air.

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