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Education workers, unvaccinated from COVID-19 until November, will be suspended from work, the Ministry of Health quoted its Minister Viktor Liashko as saying.
“Teachers are included in the list of professions whose representatives must be vaccinated for full-fledged work. If education workers are not vaccinated against COVID-19 by November, they will be suspended from work for a period of quarantine without pay,” the Ministry of Health said.
“Vaccination for teachers is an opportunity not only to continue to work and provide high-quality knowledge to students. First of all, it is about protecting their lives and health, the safety of children,” the minister stressed.
As reported, the Ministry of Health, by its order No. 2153 of October 4, approved the list of organizations whose representatives are subject to mandatory vaccination against COVID-19.

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International European University presented a VR room

Virtual reality starts evolving in education while an increasing number of universities is adopting this technology.

The analysis of global experience indicates the efficiency and potential of sensor nets and advanced technologies. International European University is always in tune with the times and improves its educational programs, helping students learn chosen disciplines using cutting-edge technological solutions.

Therefore, the university has introduced the VR room allowing students to explore places of destination worldwide without leaving a classroom. The multi-award-winning program platform encourages faster learning and teaching of medical sciences and anatomy on desktop, mobile and virtual devices.

Virtual reality technologies enhance the efficiency of study, making classes more exciting, which results in better educational motivation and students’ activity.

According to Nataliia Litvinova, Director of European Medical School, the implementation of different VR-based educational programs sparks greater interest of students in this form of classes and increases their enthusiasm while preparing for each class, learning theoretical materials that will be elaborated in the virtual environment.   

“It is the best model among the existing ones. This VR headset is equipped with a manipulator that enables working without a computer, as it has its own device inside. Actually, this headset is used for games, fitness and other activities, but we apply it in education. Each license allows holding classes in a group consisting of 10 and more people, as well as conducting questioning, excluding a possibility to peep a correct answer and manipulate. Due to another license, we will be able to train 200 students at the same time and learn anatomy using any device. I’m so glad that in autumn, during license update, we could see the process on computer tomography, X-ray, ultrasound investigation. We can use it in clinical subjects and show students certain organs in virtual reality,” Nataliia Litvinova says.

Besides, educational programs based on virtual reality technologies are multi-purpose (similar programs for different subject areas require almost the same firmware kit) and easily integrated into the conventional teaching process. They allow replacing real objects with their simulating models and interactive simulators so that students can model different situations and find the best possible solutions.

To sum up, we can state that virtual reality is a perfect learning environment. Perception of a virtual model with high authenticity allows training future professionals in different specialties in a high-quality and quick manner. VR-based education allows teachers to give lectures, seminars and training sessions visually, show all aspects of real items or processes to students, which produces a great effect, improves the quality and speed of educational processes, as well as reduces their cost. Virtual reality technologies allow us to comprehensively use the fact that people obtain 80% of information from the world around by vision. Meanwhile, people remember 20% of what they see, 40% of what they see and hear, and 70% of what they see, hear and make. Thus, students are totally immersed into the educational process, receiving better motivation and succeeding in their study.

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Karina Avramenko, one of the video authors, a student and deputy president of the Student Parliament of International European University, said that she decided to carry out the experiment after seeing a sticky situation. Coming home after classes, she saw how a foreign student asked pedestrians for money to get to a place of residence because his purse was stolen. It triggered her to initiate the shooting of a social video in order to raise a topic of good deeds, as it is, unfortunately, quite a rare phenomenon nowadays.
“Since childhood, parents have been teaching me to help others and not to leave someone to their fate. I always follow their advice and can’t ignore similar situations. Therefore, I try to help people facing difficulties if I have such a possibility,” Karina Avramenko states.
The video shows Geneva, a student from Nigeria, near the metro station, who addresses pedestrians asking for money for a trip because somebody has stolen his bag with all his stuff, including a purse, and he needs to get to the hotel where he lives. Geneva, without knowing the language, talked to passersby in English and asked them to help.
Thus, students of International European University appeal to other people not to ignore individuals who, in certain circumstances, are in trouble and become more kind. No one knows what you will face tomorrow.
The International European University was founded in Kyiv in 2019. The university has its own educational building at 16a Mahnitohorska Street in Kyiv. Ukraine and Austria are its co-founders.
The university specializes in teaching foreign students and Ukrainians, studying in scientific and educational institutions in seven areas: business schools, architectural and engineering, language, medical, IT, law and art schools.

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Project finalists will have the opportunity to develop their own design project and undergo an internship in a business environment

Ukrainian cultural organizations have developed an innovative international educational program European Design Upgrade (EDU 2.0) for graduate students. The 2021 project is aimed at the development of creative industries and support for talented students of design and creative industries and is a continuation of the implemented international project in 2020.

EDU 2.0 is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and implemented by the Vasyl Khmelnytsky K.Fund foundation and the non-governmental organization GoLocal. UNIT.City innovation parks in Kyiv and Kharkiv are business partners.

With the program, course participants will have the opportunity to increase their awareness and competitiveness, expand their worldview and gain understanding of the latest trends and achievements of European design, which were used in the European Design Upgrade project in 2020 and preparation for Ukrainian designers in Dutch Design Week 2020.

The project program will be available in Ukrainian and English and will include blocks: “Philosophy and concept of design”, “Urban design and innovative technologies”, “Business strategies for sustainable design”, “Humanistic design of the future”, two hackathons and final presentations of design ideas business representatives.

Among the advantages of the course are lecturer and mentoring support of leading Ukrainian designers and entrepreneurs of the creative sector, an active student network of designers, applied application of design concepts and interaction throughout the project with the innovative business environment. The finalists of the project, whose ideas will find a response from the partners, will have the opportunity to undergo an internship.

The project will run from early August to late October 2021. The ideal applicant must fill out a complete questionnaire, present the idea of ​​their own project, indicate their own motivation and be a graduate of specialized universities. It is possible to become a participant of the program after filling in the form and interview-interviews with the project curators.

More about the program “Development of European Design” via the link.


The K.Fund foundation was founded by Ukrainian entrepreneur Vasyl Khmelnytsky in 2015 to support projects in the field of education and economics. K.Fund’s mission is to provide keys for development and implementation, provide opportunities for new knowledge and skills, facilitate discovery and help reach a new level.

The project is funded with support from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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All schools and kindergartens in Kyiv will resume their work on Wednesday, May 5. At the same time, the educational process in schools will not be extended for summer, mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko said.
“On May 5, Kyiv will restore the educational process in schools, kindergartens, institutions of vocational education, colleges and higher educational institutions. All 428 schools in the capital and 572 kindergartens will be opened. I also note that the educational process in Kyiv schools will not be extended for the summer.” Students will complete the school year as usual, at the end of May. Since during the lockdown, classes were held remotely, according to the approved program,” Klitschko said at an online briefing on Friday.
He said that the heads of educational institutions received an order for enhanced disinfection and regular ventilation of the premises.
“I want to separately address the parents. Be attentive to the health of your children. At the first symptoms of the disease, contact your family doctor. And explain to your children the need to follow simple but important rules. Because, as we can see, the virus has become more aggressive towards children as well. Many of them get sick in a more severe form and with complications,” Klitschko said.
The mayor also reported that on Saturday, May 1, Kyiv returns to the boundaries of the “orange” zone of epidemiological danger. Shops, malls, markets and fairs, catering establishments, gyms and fitness centers will reopen in the city.
Also, all the public transport in the capital will operate as usual, in compliance with previously defined anti-epidemic standards.



ICU Group will allocate $1 million for the development of Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) as part of the continuation of the program to support education in Ukraine, ICU said in a release.
“In 2016, we were one of the first in Ukrainian business who believed in the mission of KSE and the real desire of the management to realize it. The school is intended to become an intellectual basis for a strong and innovative economy of Ukraine, and it is important for us to direct funds to create such a basis. We have been doing this for five years, and we see a clear result of the efforts of the school – the number of students has grown 10 times, and the list of curricula covers almost all trends in the development of modern economic thought,” the founder of ICU and co-chairman of the board of directors of KSE, Makar Paseniuk, said.
President of Kyiv School of Economics Tymofiy Mylovanov noted the systematic cooperation between the KSE and ICU.
“ICU is one of the first strategic partners of Kyiv School of Economics. KSE and ICU are primarily partners who together generated the most daring ideas and implemented them together: setting a new quality bar for themselves and for others. Ukrainian Financial Forum 2018 and 2019, Ukraine Economy Week are our common and favorite projects aimed at improving the quality of economic and business discussions,” he said.
ICU is one of the founders and sponsors of the Center for Journalism at KSE, where Ukrainian media journalists receive necessary knowledge in the field of economics and finance. Now KSE is opening two modern English-language bachelor’s programs: “Economics and Big-Data” and “IT and Business Analysis.” This became possible, among other things, thanks to the partnership and financial support of ICU.
“I am sure that such a significant investment in the development of education in Ukraine will become a bright precedent for domestic businesses – the flagships of the Ukrainian economy,” he added.
ICU Group is an independent financial group, founded in 2006 by specialists from ING, providing brokerage services, asset and private equity management services, as well as venture capital investments. The group specializes in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

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