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Experts Club conducted a training session for teachers on pre-medical care for children

With the start of the new school year, new rules came into force in Ukraine, providing for different training regimes depending on the level of security in different regions. These measures were introduced in response to the high level of danger.

Taking into account the current situation and the importance of ensuring the safety of pupils and students, the Experts Club training and analysis center in Kyiv organized a training seminar on pre-medical assistance for teachers. The training, which took place on September 29 in Kyiv, was designed to provide teachers with the necessary skills to provide first aid in case of wounds and injuries.

The seminar was organized by the Experts Club think tank and medical partner Adonis. The seminar was also supported by the charity organization Hromada Priirpeniya Foundation and information support from Interfax-Ukraine news agency and Open4business portal.

The main presenter of the training was Maryana Bolyuk, an anesthesiologist and representative of the Adonis group of medical centers. Maryana is a co-author of 12 scientific publications and has rich experience in the field of medicine.

During the seminar, teachers and educators received not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills necessary to provide first aid to children in various situations. Among the main topics covered were:

1. Basics of pre-medical care: The workshop participants learned the basic principles and steps to follow when providing first aid, including assessing the situation, ensuring safety, calling for emergency medical assistance and providing emergency interventions.

2. Treating different types of wounds and injuries: Trainers learned how to properly treat wounds, stop bleeding, fix fractures, and treat bruises and sprains.

3. Pre-medical care for children: Teachers gained specialized knowledge on first aid for children, taking into account their body characteristics and emotional reactions.

4. Practical exercises: Practical exercises were an important part of the workshop, including modeling different situations and practicing first aid skills.

Training teachers and educators in first aid for children with injuries and trauma is an important initiative to promote safety in educational institutions. Experts Club and Adonis will continue to support such educational initiatives to ensure the highest level of safety in educational institutions of Ukraine.

Maksym Urakin, founder of Experts Club, emphasized that teachers play a key role in children’s lives and knowledge of pre-medical care skills is a part of education that can save lives.

“Such workshops help teachers not only feel more confident in emergency situations, but also provide them with the opportunity to teach their students the basics of first aid, which is also an important skill for everyone,” Urakin noted.

The training was attended by university professors and school teachers from Kyiv and the Bucha district of Kyiv region.
Oleksandr Golizdra, Chairman of the Committee on Information Policy and Relations with Local Authorities of the Public Council at the Bucha District State Administration, asked the participants to pass on the knowledge and skills gained to their colleagues in educational institutions.

According to Tetyana Lagovska, executive director of the Pryirpin Community Foundation, the main thing in first aid is the efficiency of actions to stabilize the victim’s condition. However, as the volunteer noted, it is also important to adhere to the principle of “do no harm,” so it is important to know what should and should not be done before the arrival of professional doctors.

The participants of the training expressed their gratitude to the organizers and the instructor for the valuable knowledge and experience gained at the training. They also emphasized the importance of such events and hope that such educational seminars will continue in the future. In addition, each participant received as a gift a fully equipped first aid kit for first aid in case of wounds.

The pre-medical care workshop for teachers was an example of how educational institutions and medical partners can collaborate to ensure the safety of students and staff. These efforts will help strengthen the education system and prepare teachers for the variety of challenges they may face in educational institutions in war.

Experts Club and Adonis pledge to continue to support and conduct similar educational initiatives, as they see them as an opportunity to make education safer and encompass not only academic but also life skills.

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Experts Club spoke about the peculiarities of the first medical aid for civilians – video

In another video on the YouTube channel of the Kiev analytical center “Club of Experts”, the anesthesiologist of the medical group Adonis, Mariana Bolyuk, spoke about the main types of medical assistance in Ukraine, and also analyzed the specifics of the first pre-medical aid, including the algorithms of basic life support.

“Medical assistance in Ukraine at the moment, according to current legislation, is divided into emergency, primary, secondary (specialized), tertiary (highly specialized), palliative, medical rehabilitation,” Mariana Bolyuk pointed out.

The doctor emphasized that first aid is the implementation of basic medical measures to save lives, reduce human suffering in an emergency, and prevent possible complications.

“We, medical professionals, provide this assistance professionally, but it is important to remember that the ambulance may not always arrive on time at the scene. Therefore, knowing how to provide first aid to the victim before the arrival of the rescue services may be crucial to save his life,” Bolyuk emphasized.

She also spoke about the algorithm of basic actions that should be adhered to when providing first aid:

  • First of all, inspect the scene and make sure that providing assistance will not threaten your safety, the safety of the victim, and others present;
  • Evaluate the condition of the victim, in particular his consciousness, breathing, pulse; If necessary, call an ambulance crew, as well as other emergency services, such as the police, emergency rescue service, gas service, etc;
  • Determine the presence of critical bleeding and, if they are present, immediately stop them; Ensure clear breathing paths for the victim;
  • If the victim does not show signs of life and does not have critical bleeding (or you have already successfully stopped it), start cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • Move the victim to a stable position (on the side, facing you, hand under the head, knee bent) if you do not suspect spinal and pelvic bone injuries and cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been successful;
  • Stay with the victim and monitor his vital signs until the arrival of emergency services.

In turn, the founder of the Club of Experts, Maxim Urakin, emphasized that according to the UN, the total number of dead and injured as a result of war among the civilian population has already reached 25,671 people, of which 9,287 people died.

“It should be noted that the real number of victims may be significantly higher, as many cases of death or injury have not yet been confirmed, and information from some areas where hostilities continue comes with a delay,” Maxim Urakin stressed.

In the expert’s opinion, journalists and media workers are among the main risk groups, as their professional activity is associated with the possibility of getting into an emergency.

“For this reason, in June, the ‘Club of Experts’ introduced an initiative to train media representatives in the basics of providing primary medical aid. And the first seminar-practical training has already taken place,” Urakin concluded.

Watch more in detail in the video on the YouTube channel “Club of Experts”:

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Top 5 mistakes when working with grants: Experts Club video recommendations

More and more entrepreneurs and organizations are turning to grant programs in the hope of obtaining financial support for their projects. However, many of them make typical mistakes even at the stage of submitting and implementing an application, which can lead to undesirable consequences. In this regard, Kyiv Analytical Center “Experts Club” together with the founder of “Granta” company and grant projects implementation expert Olga Shaverina, launched a series of YouTube videos, dedicated to the peculiarities of grant financing. In the first video Olga Shaverina shared her experience and told about the most common mistakes made by beginner grantees, as well as gave recommendations on how to avoid them.

The first mistake many people make is not trusting grantmaking tools. Some entrepreneurs do not realize the opportunities that grants provide and miss the chance to get funding for their projects. Lack of information about grant programs and lack of knowledge about procedures can cause missed opportunities.

The second mistake, according to the expert, has to do with not accepting the fact that business is part of society. Many entrepreneurs forget that grant programs are usually aimed at solving social problems or supporting certain social initiatives. Emphasizing the social importance of their project can help in attracting the attention of grantmakers.

The third mistake is neglecting procedures. This is a critical component of successful grantmaking, where proper paperwork and adherence to grant program requirements are critical to your success. Negligence in this matter can cause the application to be rejected.

“Reassign the preparation of the grant application to your secretary on the principle of “He/She can do it! ” because he/she knows how to do the paperwork is the most common mistake among applicants. Most projects fail exactly on this basis,” says Olga Shaverina.

The fourth mistake entrepreneurs often make is underestimating the cost of training. First of all it is a question of labor inputs, because preparation of the grant application demands time, efforts and resources. Some entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of work required to prepare a quality application. Developing a detailed budget, creating a project plan, and analyzing the market and competitors all require careful preparation and research. The lack of a detailed plan and an incomplete understanding of the necessary resources can lead to project failure.

Finally, a fifth mistake worth noting is misunderstanding partnerships and consultant selection. Working in partnership with other organizations or consultants can greatly improve the chances of a successful grant project. However, choosing partners incorrectly or not understanding their role and contribution to the project can lead to conflicts and ineffective work. The criteria for selecting partners and consultants must be clearly defined and meet the goals and needs of the project.

Ms. Shaverina also emphasized the importance of a proper understanding of reporting. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of reporting and do not pay adequate attention to it. Failure to comply with reporting requirements may result in penalties or loss of funding. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the reporting requirements and provide all the necessary documents in a timely manner.

Maxim Urakin, founder of the Club of Experts, in turn, shared statistics on grant assistance to Ukraine for the years 2022-2023. Thus, he noted that in 2022 international aid to Ukraine amounted to more than $32 billion, including 18 billion in grant support.
“This year Ukraine has already received about $19 billion in assistance, of which $11 billion was received in January-March, of which $3.7 billion came in the form of grants. That is why grant assistance, including those for specific projects, is extremely important for our economy under current conditions,” said Maxim Uralkin.

So, grant programs are an important tool for business development and implementation of social initiatives. However, in order to receive grant support successfully, it is necessary to avoid common mistakes, which the experts told us about. Compliance with requirements and procedures, understanding the importance of the social aspect of the project, choosing the right partners and consultants, as well as consciously estimating costs and preparing for reporting are all factors that can increase the chances of success.

You can learn more about the mistakes you make when submitting a grant proposal by watching the video on the Club of Experts YouTube channel:

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Experts Club analyzed key macroeconomic trends in Ukraine and world – video

Kiev analytical center “Club of Experts” on its YouTube channel presented another video overview of the macroeconomic situation in Ukraine and in the world.

In the new edition, the founder of the “Club of Experts”, Maksim Urakin, PhD in Economics, noted that since official data on the population of Ukraine is not available now because of the ongoing war, the UN estimates as of June 2023 (43.3 million people) are not completely correct.

“These estimates cannot be sufficiently accurate given the availability of other data sources, such as the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, which in its most recent study estimates the available population at 29 million inhabitants. This reflects a significant population decline of nearly 9 million over the past year, caused by the mass exodus of citizens out of the country after the war began,” Urakin noted.

Despite these challenges, the outlook for Ukraine’s gross domestic product (GDP) can be considered encouraging.

“The GDP decline in the first quarter of 2023 was down from the same period last year at 13.5%. But we foresee an overall positive trend, given the forecast of the NBU, which expects economic recovery starting from the second quarter of 2023,” said the expert.

With the increase in the negative foreign trade balance of Ukraine, it is clear that the country faces new challenges.

“In January-April 2023 the negative balance of foreign trade in goods of Ukraine increased 40 times in comparison with the same period of 2022 – up to $ 7.04 billion. This means that the cost of Ukraine to purchase the necessary goods by $ 7 billion exceeded the income from export of Ukrainian goods, “- said Urakin.

The world economy continues to show strong signs of recovery from the shocks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, GDP growth rates of the leading countries differ markedly.

“In the U.S., the economy is showing moderate growth of 1.3% in the first quarter of 2023, up 0.2% from what was previously reported. In China, meanwhile, GDP grew 2.2% in the first quarter of 2023, more than expected, thanks to a rebound in exports and consumer spending. The volume of China’s digital economy in 2022 also increased significantly – by 10.3% to 50.2 trillion yuan ($7.25 trillion), indicating the increasing role of the digital economy in the country’s overall economic growth,” said Maxim Urakin.

The expert stressed that despite different levels of growth, it is clear that the economies of different countries are still struggling due to the effects of the pandemic and global uncertainty. However, they continue to adapt and strengthen, as evidenced by this latest data.

Watch the full video on YouTube at the link:

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Experts analyzed pre-election situation in Turkey and Ukrainian-Turkish relations

A new video on YouTube channel of the analytical center “Club of Experts” examined the options for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey. Ukrainian experts expressed their opinions and gave forecasts regarding the political situation in this country.

Mohammad Farajallah, editor-in-chief of the Internet publication “Ukraine in Arabic,” stressed that the upcoming elections in Turkey are of great importance for the region and arouse the interest of the international community.

“Turkey is an important player on the world stage, and its domestic policy directly affects the situation in the region and beyond. Therefore, the results of the elections will be monitored with great attention,” he noted.

In turn, the founder of the Club of Experts, Maksim Urakin, Ph.D. in Economics, shared his vision of possible scenarios after the elections. He stressed that there are two main political forces fighting for leadership in Turkey: the Justice and Development Party (AKP) led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Republican People’s Party (CHP). Kemal Kılıcdaroğlu, allied with five other opposition political forces.

“Two scenarios are possible. If the AKP wins, we can expect a continuation of the policies Erdoğan has pursued in recent years, with a focus on enhancing domestic stability and strengthening Turkey’s position in the international arena. On the other hand, if the CHP wins, we may see a more pro-Western orientation and increased cooperation with the European Union and the United States,” the expert said.

According to Urakin, a win for either candidate in the first round is unlikely, and the winner of the presidential race will most likely be determined by a second ballot.

Both experts also noted the significance for Ukraine of the election results in Turkey.

“Ukraine has close economic and political ties with Turkey, so the election results will have a direct impact on our relations and cooperation. Over the last year, as a result of the war, trade turnover between our countries has decreased, but I believe that if the current political course is maintained, we can expect further development of trade and economic relations between Ukraine and Turkey,” said Maxim Urakin.

In addition, the expert cited statistics on exports from Ukraine to Turkey in 2022, according to which it has decreased significantly.

“Last year, the volume of Ukrainian exports to Turkey was about 3 billion dollars as opposed to more than 4 billion in 2021, that is, we see a drop of 29%,” Urakin said.

According to Mohammad Farajallah, in the current geopolitical situation Turkey is an important partner of Ukraine in various spheres, which include both military support (UAV Bayraktar, light armored vehicles) and cooperation in economy, energy and other spheres.

The expert also suggested that if the opposition wins, Turkey is more likely to join sanctions against Russia.

“Naturally, the new government will be as close to the West as possible and can be included in a common unified Western policy against Russia. This, of course, will be to our advantage. But these are just preliminary words for now, perhaps they (the opposition – ed.) will come, look at the numbers and continue Erdogan’s current policy,” said Farajallah.

It should be noted that on the eve of the voting, Erdoğan lags behind his main rival Kılıçdaroğlu by more than 5%, according to a poll published by the Turkish sociological center KONDA on May 11.

Thus, Erdoğan gets the support of 43.7 percent of respondents, while Kılıçdaroğlu gets 49.3 percent.

The poll also reveals that neither candidate gets more than 50% of the votes, which means that if these data are confirmed in the elections, the winner will be chosen in the second round, which is scheduled for May 28.

The KONDA polling service conducted personal interviews with 3,480 people in 35 provincial centers.

At the same time, according to other surveys, in particular the Istanbul-based Center for Operational Social Research (Yöneylem), Erdoğan’s party was supported by 35.2% of voters in the parliamentary elections and Kılıcdaroğlu’s CHP by 30.7%.

For more on Turkey’s elections, see the video:

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Ukrainian Port of Reni for the first time received a ship with citrus fruits from Egypt

Port of Reni for the first time since the independence of Ukraine has attracted a new cargo flow – citrus fruits from Egypt, which in peacetime went through the larger ports of “Big Odessa”, the Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine (AMPU) reported on Facebook.

“Last week a refrigerated vessel “ZEINAB”, equipped with enhanced ventilation and refrigeration units for the transportation of perishable goods, arrived at the port of Reni,” AMPU said in a statement.

In particular, 519.9 tons of fruit were delivered from Egypt: 150.3 tons of oranges, 169.4 tons of pomegranates, 31.05 tons of lemons and 169 tons of tangerines.

AMPU specified that citrus fruits were traditionally transshipped by Chornomorsk and Odessa ports.

The leader among them was the port “Chernomorsk”, which transshipped 253 thousand tons of citrus in the last five years: in 2018 – 83.6 thousand tons, in 2019 – 74.1 thousand tons, in 2020 – 43 thousand tons, in 2021 – 35.5 thousand tons and in 2022 – 16.8 thousand tons.

Port “Odessa” during the same period transshipped 134.2 thousand tons of citrus: in 2018 – 45.4 thousand tons, in 2019 – 40.4 thousand tons, in 2020 – 26.5 thousand tons, in 2021 – 14.3 thousand tons and in 2022 – 7.6 thousand tons.

AMPU reminded that now the ports of Greater Odessa work only within the framework of the “grain initiative”, so the cargo owners are forced to seek other ways to deliver citrus to consumers.
Earlier analytical project “Club of Experts” analyzed in detail the trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Egypt, see in detail in the video:

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