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As part of TYTANOVI project, new rehabilitation hub is being built with support of Aesculab network of laboratories

In response to the growing need for comprehensive support for wounded who have been seriously injured in the war zone, a modern rehabilitation hub is being built in Kyiv. This project was implemented thanks to the cooperation of the Center for Saving Lives, the Association of Osteo-Integrative Prosthetics and the Aesculab Laboratories network.

“Our center was created to provide our military with the best possible assistance in recovering from severe injuries. We provide not only physical rehabilitation with the help of modern equipment, but also psychological support,” said Vyacheslav Zaporozhets, director of the Center for Saving Lives charitable foundation.

According to him, the project is unique in that it uses not only the most advanced technologies for physical rehabilitation, but also creates conditions for social adaptation and moral recovery of the military.

“We want every wounded soldier who has undergone amputation to be able to return to a full life,” emphasized Mr. Zaporozhets.

In his turn, co-founder of the Aesculab laboratory, Serhiy Dyadyushko, also noted the importance of the work for the veterans’ recovery.

“The network of laboratories “Esculab” is not only about business. We are honored to be a part of this project. Our participation is not limited to financing; we are also actively involved in the process of education and training of specialists, which allows us to maintain a high level of services provided at the center,” he emphasized.

The center will be equipped to the highest standards, including anti-gravity walkways and group exercise spaces that allow patients to feel comfortable and safe during their rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation center is being built on a 500-square-meter area and includes a modern walking laboratory, a wrestling room, a cardio zone, a strength training zone, a dental office, two physiotherapy rooms, a meditation and sleep room, an occupational therapy kitchen, a mini shooting range, locker rooms and showers, etc. The center can accommodate 30 patients at a time.

The project is part of a larger initiative aimed at creating a network of similar centers across the country to ensure access to high-quality rehabilitation services for all victims.

“Eskulab is a network of medical laboratories of international quality of diagnostic tests based in Lviv and has one of the largest networks of branches in Ukraine. The network includes more than 100 sampling points in the cities and towns of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Zakarpattia, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Rivne, Volyn regions and Kyiv. “Eskulab provides patients with the opportunity to take tests at their place of residence and receive highly accurate results. In February 2020, Eskulab Medical Laboratory underwent a voluntary assessment of its measurement capabilities in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 10012:2005 “Measurement management systems. Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment” to confirm technical competence and received a Certificate of Conformity of the measurement management system. Today, Eskulab performs more than 820 types of laboratory tests.

You can learn more about the initiative to build a rehabilitation hub in the video on the Experts Club YouTube channel here:

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Another training on first aid in case of injuries will be held in Kyiv think tank Experts Club

On Saturday, March 2, Kyiv will host a training seminar “First Aid for Injuries and Traumas” specially designed for journalists and bloggers. The event is organized by the Experts Club Kyiv Analytical Center with the support of its medical partner, ADONIS Medical Center Group, and its general partner, Pryirpinia Community Foundation.

The training aims to teach participants the basics of first aid in case of injuries and traumas, which is an important knowledge for everyone in times of war.
The seminar will be conducted by an anesthesiologist and co-author of 12 scientific publications, Mariana Bolyuk, who is a representative of the ADONIS Medical Center Group.

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Experts Club spoke about the peculiarities of the first medical aid for civilians – video

In another video on the YouTube channel of the Kiev analytical center “Club of Experts”, the anesthesiologist of the medical group Adonis, Mariana Bolyuk, spoke about the main types of medical assistance in Ukraine, and also analyzed the specifics of the first pre-medical aid, including the algorithms of basic life support.

“Medical assistance in Ukraine at the moment, according to current legislation, is divided into emergency, primary, secondary (specialized), tertiary (highly specialized), palliative, medical rehabilitation,” Mariana Bolyuk pointed out.

The doctor emphasized that first aid is the implementation of basic medical measures to save lives, reduce human suffering in an emergency, and prevent possible complications.

“We, medical professionals, provide this assistance professionally, but it is important to remember that the ambulance may not always arrive on time at the scene. Therefore, knowing how to provide first aid to the victim before the arrival of the rescue services may be crucial to save his life,” Bolyuk emphasized.

She also spoke about the algorithm of basic actions that should be adhered to when providing first aid:

  • First of all, inspect the scene and make sure that providing assistance will not threaten your safety, the safety of the victim, and others present;
  • Evaluate the condition of the victim, in particular his consciousness, breathing, pulse; If necessary, call an ambulance crew, as well as other emergency services, such as the police, emergency rescue service, gas service, etc;
  • Determine the presence of critical bleeding and, if they are present, immediately stop them; Ensure clear breathing paths for the victim;
  • If the victim does not show signs of life and does not have critical bleeding (or you have already successfully stopped it), start cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • Move the victim to a stable position (on the side, facing you, hand under the head, knee bent) if you do not suspect spinal and pelvic bone injuries and cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been successful;
  • Stay with the victim and monitor his vital signs until the arrival of emergency services.

In turn, the founder of the Club of Experts, Maxim Urakin, emphasized that according to the UN, the total number of dead and injured as a result of war among the civilian population has already reached 25,671 people, of which 9,287 people died.

“It should be noted that the real number of victims may be significantly higher, as many cases of death or injury have not yet been confirmed, and information from some areas where hostilities continue comes with a delay,” Maxim Urakin stressed.

In the expert’s opinion, journalists and media workers are among the main risk groups, as their professional activity is associated with the possibility of getting into an emergency.

“For this reason, in June, the ‘Club of Experts’ introduced an initiative to train media representatives in the basics of providing primary medical aid. And the first seminar-practical training has already taken place,” Urakin concluded.

Watch more in detail in the video on the YouTube channel “Club of Experts”:

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