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First Deputy Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov and Head of Representative Office of Hyundai Corporation in Ukraine Jeong Ilryoung have discussed a possibility of the company’s participation in some infrastructure projects being implemented in the city, in particular, in a tender to build subway and procurement of rolling stock for subway. “Our company has extensive experience in such projects in different countries, including those that used the same subway characteristics as in Kharkiv. We do turnkey work. We install our system and rolling stock. We work with the government of South Korea, therefore, would like to continue our cooperation at the government level in financing other urban projects,” the press service of the Kharkiv City Council reported, citing Jeong Ilryoung.
Terekhov said that Kharkiv provides absolutely equal conditions for all bidders and is interested in cooperation if Hyundai Corporation wins the tender.
He also said that, according to the technical conditions of the tender for procurement of rolling stock, it should be a new generation of energy-saving trains equipped with asynchronous engines.
In addition, the first deputy mayor of Kharkiv and the head of the Hyundai Corporation in Ukraine discussed possible cooperation in the development of ground-based urban electric transport.
“We discussed the possibility of attracting grant money from the Korean government to maintain rolling stock with the subsequent development of a project to upgrade the tram fleet. However, I will emphasize that this should be a comprehensive solution – we need not only to buy new trains, but we also need to update the tram tracks. For example, first, you need to repair certain routes, and after that put new trams on them,” Terekhov said.

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Briorson Motors has started production of ambulance vehicles in Ukraine on the basis of a Hyundai H350 minibus, according to a press release of the company. “By the end of this year it plans to produce 80 ambulances,” the company said.
“The main goal of our company is to create a quality product for providing medical assistance in any climatic zones and in off-road conditions. Our vehicles cope with their tasks both in urban conditions and on bad roads in remote rural areas,” Briorson Motors representative Vladyslav Kotliarenko said. According to him, the production plan for 2019 is 500 special vehicles.
The company told Interfax-Ukraine the production facilities of Briorson Motors are located in Cherkasy. According to the state register, Briorson Motors LLC with a charter capital of UAH 100 is registered in Kyiv in November 2017. Its core business is production of vehicles. The owner of the company is Kolares LLC (Kyiv), the ultimate beneficiary is Vadym Kotliarenko. Andriy Honcharenko has been its head since August 2018.

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