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Alfa Smart Agro has installed an herbicide suspension emulsion line at the Bila Tserkva Preparative Forms Plant (Kyiv region). According to a report of the company, the production capacity of the line is around 20 tonnes of finished products a day. The line is installed in a separate workshop where only herbicides are produced. Thus, the possibility of cross-contamination during the production of herbicides and other types of crop protection agents is completely excluded.
In the press release the company said that the preparative forms that will be manufactured at the new line have formulations developed by Alfa Smart Agro scientists. The first product to be produced at the new line will be the two-component soil herbicide under the Oscar Premium trademark.
Alfa Smart Agro is a manufacturer of crop protection agents and micronutrients. The company has a plant for the production of micronutrients and crop protection agents in Bila Tserkva (Kyiv region) with an annual capacity of about 12,000 tonnes of products.

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The Epicenter K Group (Kyiv) has invested UAH 3 billion in construction of the largest ceramic tile plant in Kalynivka (Kyiv region) and plans to launch the first phase in the middle of 2019, the founder of Epicenter K LLC Oleksandr Hereha said at a briefing. “We are developing our [white clay] quarry. We will fully use Ukrainian raw materials in the production of tiles… We also signed a second contract for the supply of equipment in Kalush, Lviv region, where we will build a second [ceramic tiles] plant,” he said.
According to Hereha, the SACMI international group acted as the anchor partner for the supply of equipment to the plant, which, in connection with the implementation of this project, decided to open an official representative office and service center in Ukraine.
The second phase of construction is scheduled for 2020.
“The production capacity of the first and second phases of the plant will amount to 6 million square meters of tiles per year, with the possibility of expanding it to 15 million square meters,” Deputy Director of Epicenter K for customs issues Volodymyr Pidrushniak said. The facility is located on a land parcel of 20 hectares near the Kalynivka customs terminal and the warehouse complex of the Epicenter group. According to the press release of the group, the total area of the plant is 70,000 square meters, and its annual production capacity is 12 million square meters tiles. Some 300 people will be hired.
Epicenter K was created in 2003. The first construction hypermarket of the company was opened in Kyiv in December of the same year.

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The supervisory board of Odesa Port-Side Plant (Yuzhne, Odesa region) next week will consider the possibility of launching grain handling at the plant’s facilities, First Deputy Board Chairman Mykola Schurikov has said on the MIG local TV channel.
“Today, at the plant’s facilities, it is possible, among other things, to transship the grain. We have the facilities and a huge resource to do it. This will give an opportunity to engage the team,” he said.
According to him, the grain transshipment could be done on the basis of urea transshipment or use for this new activity 3.2 hectares of land, available at the company, with the possible construction of a silo.
Schurikov said that the expanded meeting of the supervisory board will be held in Kyiv together with the trade union committee of the enterprise in connection with the critical situation that is seen at the plant.
He said that the main issue that will be addressed at the meeting is how to preserve chemical production and the staff, whose number has already decreased from 4,000 to over 2,800.

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TerraTarsa Ukraine LLC (Kherson region) has invested over $1 million in the launch of a first stage of the liquid mineral fertilizer plant in Kakhovka, Kherson region. According to a report of the Kherson Regional Administration, a production capacity of the first stage of the plant is 60,000 liters a day (3 million liters a year). The plant can store 100,000 liters of fertilizers. The production process is fully automated.
In addition, the company plans to open the second stage for production of crystalline fertilizers with a capacity of 15,000 tonnes a year. Currently, 75 people are working at the enterprise.
TerraTarsa Ukraine was founded in autumn 2011 after the merger of Doktor Tarsa (Turkey) and Terra Ltd. (Ukraine). The company supplies the Ukrainian market and the markets of neighboring countries with complex technological solutions for intensive cultivation of a wide range of crops, offers more than 20 types of fertilizers.
In September 2017, the company opened the Terralab soil-agrochemical laboratory in Kakhovka, which conducts a number of tests (soil, water, fertilizers and plants). The volume of investments is $500,000. According to the unified public register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, the founder of TerraTarsa Ukraine is TerraTarsa B.V. (the Netherlands), and the ultimate beneficiary is Andriy Hoholev.

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One of the largest producers of bread in Ukraine opens EUR15 mln plant near Kyiv
KYIV. Nov 27 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Khlibni Investytsii Holding LLC, one of the largest producers of bread and bakery goods in Ukraine, has opened the Chanta Mount plant for production of frozen bakery products in the village of Novi Petrivtsi near Kyiv. According to a report on the company’s website, at the initial stage the investment in the project amounted to EUR15 million, after putting into operation all the necessary capacities it will exceed EUR25 million.
“Even today Chanta can produce almost 30 tonnes of ciabatta, French baguettes and other artisan breads per day. After installing additional lines, the capacity will increase to 90 tonnes per day. Thus, Chanta Mount has become one of the largest companies of such specialization in Europe,” the report says.
“We plan to sell 50% of our products in Ukraine, and the rest to sell for exports. We have a very powerful R&D department, which will develop the most interesting recipes for customers,” company founder Yuriy Tryndiuk said.
The report says the main buyers of these types of semi-finished products are bakeries in supermarkets and trade centers, mini-bakeries, fuel filling stations, the HoReCa sector, and the service of food delivery to offices.
Khlibni Investytsii Holding assesses its share in the Ukrainian market of bakery products at 8%, ranks third among the largest bread companies. It produces about 132,000 tonnes of goods per year.

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Agrochemical company Grossdorf (Cherkasy) will open a plant for the production of liquid carbomide-ammonium fertilizers near Khmilnyk (Vinnytsia region) with a capacity of 70,000 tonnes per year and a storage capacity of 3,000 tonnes in the middle of December, the press service of the company has said. “We’ve found a site that suited us, and prepared it properly. Currently, work is underway to manufacture equipment for the plant, then it will be tested at the main production facility, transported to Khmilnyk and installed. These works will take approximately one and a half or two months. Thus, the production will be launched by the end of 2018, and agricultural producers of this region will be provided with carbomide-ammonium fertilizers in the spring season of 2019,” Grossdorf Commercial Director Serhiy Ruban said.
He noted that by the end of the year Grossdorf’s production capacity will reach 480,000 tonnes.
The company said over the past year its strategy has changed somewhat. If earlier focus was made on rail transportation, now the company plans to build factories in the main regions where there is a significant need for fertilizers. This is the third plant that Grossdorf group will launch this year.
Grossdorf agrochemical company was established in 2016. It is engaged in production, import, transportation of fertilizers, as well as providing services for introduction of anhydrous ammonia. Its core business is the supply of basic fertilizers for precision farming.

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