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Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group intends to invest $ 70 million in the construction of five business centers in the Unit.City innovation park, CEO of the group Serhiy Pylypenko has said at a press briefing.
“The Kovalska team will undertake the construction of a cluster, which, in particular, will include five business campuses with a total area of 70,000 square meters. Investments in the development of the innovation park from the group will exceed $70 million. The project is expected to be completed in four years,” a press release from the company says.
Pylypenko noted, joining the project as a 100% campus investor will allow the company to gain a foothold in the status of a professional commercial real estate developer.
All properties are expected to be certified according to the Leed Silver green standard. To develop the projects, Kovalska involved the Polish architectural bureau APA Wojcoechowski and the international engineering company TEBIN.
“Thanks to its financial, technical resources and its construction capabilities, Kovalska fully takes control of this project – from the concept to the completion of construction and management,” Pylypenko said, stressing that the company is a 100% investor in the project.
According to the founder of UFuture holding, Vasyl Khmelnytsky, who is quoted by the press service, the Unit.City project has been implemented only by 7%. Attracting powerful strategic partners to the development of this project will provide an opportunity to bring it to the global level in 2023.

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Double liability company Interchem (Odesa) and PrJSC Darnitsa pharmaceutical firm (Kyiv), together with the Zagoriy Foundation, have implemented a project to drain the foundations and walls of the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral and adjacent monasteries from excess moisture using the BioDry Swiss technology.
Director General of the Sophia of Kyiv national conservation area Nelia Kukovalska said at the presentation of the project on Wednesday, the project cost was UAH 4 million, the pharmaceutical companies provided UAH 2 million each.
“At present, the humidity of the walls and foundations of the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is three to four times higher than it is normal. The use of BioDry technology will reduce the humidity by a third during the first year, and within three to four years it will reach the normal humidity of the monument,” she said.
Kukovalska said that currently BioDry equipment is installed in all monuments of the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral.
“The walls of the cathedral do not have waterproofing and are being damaged. When we learned about the threat to the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral due to excessive moisture, we did not hesitate for a second. We were able to find partners with whom we implemented this project. Today, we see moisture leaving the walls, Sophia he is “recovering.” We are glad that we helped the main symbol of spirituality to survive,” Director General of the pharmaceutical company Interchem Anatoliy Reder said.
In turn, Board Chairman of Darnitsa Group Dmytro Shymkiv said that for the implementation of the project the most innovative solution was found, which is used to preserve cultural monuments in the world.
“This technology is biocompatible with the environment. It already works and naturally eliminates the prime cause of moisture in the foundation and walls,” he said.
Co-founder of the Zagoriy Foundation Kateryna Zagoriy said that “the reconstruction of the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral during the time of Ivan Mazepa was a symbol of the restoration of Ukraine after the Ruins.”
“I am confident that this joint project of the pharmaceutical companies will become another important step towards restoring the culture of charity in our country,” she said.
For his part, Eustratius (Zorya), Deputy Head of the External Church Relations department of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) said that at present in Ukraine “a huge number of churches are being destroyed.”
“It is important for Ukrainian society to form a culture of patronage. With all due respect to the state, the patron will always invest more effectively in projects. We, the OCU, are working to attract patrons through the structures that our church has created, including through the Mazepa Foundation created by the Metropolitan’s Foundation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine to implement projects for the preservation and support of monuments. We have a huge number of monuments, more than the number of patrons,” he said.
Eustratius said that, despite the fact that “over the past 30 years, much has been done to revive churches, hundreds of churches throughout Ukraine need to be taken care of, and dozens of churches require prompt intervention to preserve them.”
“Usually these are churches that are located in villages. They are in such a state that local communities are not able to support them,” he said.
Kukovalska said that the Bursa (Seminary) building on the territory of the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is currently in the most critical condition, the cost of restoration of which is about UAH 162 million.
“Today, there is a big problem that has not been resolved for years and can lead to the destruction of the 17th century monument. Unfortunately, the tenant has not left for two years, he does not vacate the premises. We fear that in the near future serious destruction may occur, some of the premises will perish,” she said.

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The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation together with the Health Ministry of Ukraine have launched the project titled “Mental Health in Ukraine”, Deputy Health Minister Iryna Sadoviak said.
“Last week, with the assistance of the Ministry of Health, the project “Mental Health in Ukraine” was launched. On behalf of the ministry, I would like to emphasize the importance of the project and cooperation with international partners, in particular, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, which is the implementer of the project,” she said at a press briefing in Kyiv on Tuesday.
The deputy minister said that the ministry alongside prepares an action plan to implement the concept of psychiatric care development.
“In 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a concept for the psychiatric care development by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. It provides for the creation of a holistic system of mental health care and elaboration of all effective routes for the patient. The concept provides that the focus of psychiatric care will be on an outpatient level, rather than in hospitals. In the near future, the ministry will present an action plan to implement this concept,” she said.
“I would like to draw attention to the fact that in Ukraine psychiatric care is focused on the provision of inpatient care. There are 56 mental hospitals in total, with 27,000 beds. This is a large number. To switch to outpatient care, we work on changing the patient’s routes. Most patients who stay in hospitals, they don’t need such help, they need social support. The project that we are implementing includes stages of intersectoral cooperation. We will attract communities, social protection departments, the Ministry of Education. To effectively provide assistance in psychiatry, it is necessary to identify problems on the primary level,” the deputy minister said.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky by his decree ordered to create the coordination council to implement the Big Construction project led by Deputy Head of the President’s Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko.
“To establish a coordination council for the implementation of the Big Construction program as an advisory body under the President of Ukraine, which main task is to monitor the situation and develop proposals for implementing effective measures to implement the Big Construction program,” Zelensky said in decree No. 246/2020 dated June 23, posted on the president’s website.
By the same decree, Zelensky decided to establish that this coordination council is authorized to receive the necessary information, documents and materials from the government and local governments, enterprises, institutions, organizations; invite to meetings and hear information from representatives of ministries, other central and local executive authorities, heads of state-owned enterprises, institutions and organizations on issues within its competence.
Zelensky by this decree approved the staff of the council.
So, Tymoshenko was appointed the head, and the council also includes Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladyslav Krykliy, Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov, Minister of Development of Communities and Territories Oleksiy Chernyshov, Head of the State Automobile Roads Agency Oleksandr Kubrakov, First Deputy head of the President’s Office Serhiy Trofimov, and Deputy Head of the President’s Office Yulia Sokolovska.
The coordination council also includes Director General of the Directorate for Regional Policy and Decentralization of the Government of Ukraine Olha Buhai, Director of the Department for Infrastructure and Technical Regulation of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers Natalia Kozlovska (by her consent), Advisor to the head of the Government of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak and Advisor to the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Olena Symonenko (by consent).
This decree comes into force on the day of its publication.

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DCH Group of Oleksandr Yaroslavsky and ZTE Corporation, a large Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer, have signed a memorandum of cooperation under the Ecopolis KhTZ project, the DCH press service has said.
The document was signed on behalf of DCH by the managing company of the Ecopolis KhTZ business park, and on behalf of ZTE – the Ukrainian division of ZTE Ukraine Corporation. The ceremony was held in a video conference format due to quarantine restrictions in Ukraine.
According to the report, ZTE became the first Ecopolis KhTZ business resident in the industrial park (industrial cluster) and the technology park (IT and R&D clusters). The promising areas of cooperation are the creation of a ZTE office, an R&D center, and a production site in the territory of Ecopolis KhTZ.
“You are the first in the development of the Ecopolis KhTZ technology cluster. I hope other Chinese companies will follow you, such as, for example, Alibaba Group,” DCH said.
In turn, the vice president of ZTE Corporation emphasized the compliance of the Ecopolis KhTZ project with his company’s strategic priorities, and the CEO of ZTE Ukraine said that ZTE is ready to offer its expertise for the implementation of Smart City digital transformation projects in Kharkiv.
Kharkiv Mayor Hennadiy Kernes, who was present at the signing ceremony, noted that the city will fully assist in the implementation of the initiative of DCH Group.

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The project of the Dunaya resort in Odesa region provides for attracting private investments of $2.5 billion, replenishing the hotel rooms with 20,000 rooms and creating 25,000 jobs, Fazil Askerov, the chairman of the board of the Odesa region tourism association, has said.
“This is the Dunaya resort town. The state company Dunaya. A year-round resort with a gambling zone. It will be located on the spit (part of the spit is a dam) between Sasyk Lake and the Black Sea. More than 500 hectares, the embankment is over 10 km. More than 80 hotels, the smallest with 150 rooms, and the largest with 1,000 rooms,” he said on Facebook.
The project provides for the opening of the first hotels in 2022, Askerov said. According to the plan, the resort will receive the first million tourists in 2025, and by 2030 their number will reach 6 million annually.
“After the quarantine is over, we will definitely hold a public presentation of the project for the general public,” he wrote.
He added that the project was created on the initiative of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the project’s architect was Serhiy Husev’s team, and one of the ideological authors was the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada’s Committee on Economic Development, Dmytro Natalukha. In addition, according to him, Mikheil Saakashvili presented the project at the parliamentary hearings in 2016.

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