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Interpipe, an international vertically integrated pipe and wheel company, based on the results of activities in the second quarter of this year is expected to reduce revenue by 16% compared to the previous quarter, to $ 212 million, EBITDA by 44%, to about $ 48 million.
“We expect Interpipe’s Q2, 2020 EBITDA to amount to about $ 48 million, a 44% quarter-over-quarter plunge. Contributions to Q2, 2020 EBITDA by segment (before reallocation of steel segment EBITDA) are expected to be as follows: negative $ 5 million from pipes (flat quarter-over-quarter), $ 38 million from railway products (a 45% plunge quarter-over-quarter), and $ 15 million from steel (26% less quarter-over-quarter),” according to the estimate of Dmytro Khoroshun, an analyst from Concorde Capital, published in the investment company’s bulletin.
“Revenue from seamless pipe sales should have inched up 3% quarter-over-quarter, to about $ 104 million in Q2, 2020, driven by a 6% increase in sales volumes to 103,000 tonnes, offset by a 3% drop in average sales price to $ 1,015/tonne,” the report says.
“We estimate revenue from welded pipe sales will jump 49% quarter-over-quarter in Q2, 2020, to $ 16 million, due to a 43% gain in volume to 22,000 tonnes and a 4% rise in price to $ 746/tonne,” according to the document.
“We calculate Interpipe’s railway product segment revenue will plunge 34% quarter-over-quarter, to $ 84 million in 2Q20, as a 20% drop in sales volume to 46,000 tonnes will be exacerbated by a 17% drop in price to $ 1,822/tonne,” the expert said.

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Export proceeds from the supply of oilseeds from Ukraine in the 2019/2020 marketing year (MY, September-August) increased by 10% and amounted to $ 7.32 billion, CEO of UkrAgroConsult Serhiy Feofilov has said.
“The economy of Ukraine from export of oilseeds in September-August received more than $ 7.3 billion, which is 10% more compared to the previous season. We see an 11% increase in sunflower oil (in terms of export earnings),” he said during the international conference Black Sea Grain & Oil Trade 2020 in Kyiv.
So, according to him, last season Ukraine exported sunflower oil for $ 4.95 billion (6.8 million tonnes against 6.06 million tonnes in the 2018/2019 MY).
The director general of UkrAgroConsult also said that export of grains in the first two months of the season (July-August) is practically at the level of the previous season.
“This shows that despite the consequences of the coronavirus crisis, export continues and develops,” he said.

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The revenue of Metinvest B.V. (the Netherlands), the parent company of Metinvest mining and smelting group, in February 2020 increased by 4.8%, or $39 million, compared to the previous month, to $860 million from $821 million.
According to the company’s preliminary unaudited consolidated monthly financial statements, EBITDA for February totaled $129 million, which is $56 million more than in January ($73 million), while EBITDA from participation in the joint venture was $10 million (in January $7 million).
According to the report, the adjusted EBITDA of the group’s metallurgical division for February 2020 amounted to $46 million (in January $12 million), including minus $10 million from participation in the joint venture (minus $8 million), the EBITDA of the mining division is $102 million (in January $75 million), including $20 million ($15 million) from the joint venture. The management company’s expenses amounted to $7 million ($6 million).
Total revenue in February consisted of $682 million in sales of the metal division ($681 million in January), mining $248 million ($234 million), and intra-group sales of $70 million ($94 million).
The total debt of the company in February increased by $65 million compared with January, to $3.092 billion from $3.027 billion. At the same time, cash flow decreased by $38 million, to $253 million from $291 million.
The funds used in investment activities amounted to $74 million, in financing activities $71 million.



Ukraine in January 2020 increased revenue from electricity exports by 36.4% (by $11.204 million) compared to the same period in 2019, to $41.957 million.
According to the State Customs Service, last year electricity was supplied to Hungary for $22.676 million, Poland for $8.538 million, Romania for $7.692 million, and other countries for $3.051 million.
In addition, in January 2020, Ukraine imported electricity for $25.96 million, in particular for $12.713 million from Hungary, $7.919 million from Slovakia, $2.829 million from Belarus, and $2.499 million from other countries.



Metinvest B.V. (the Netherlands), the parent company of Metinvest mining and metallurgical group, in January-June of this year reduced international sales by 7% compared to the same period last year, to $4.190 billion, providing 72% of consolidated revenue. According to preliminary unaudited interim financial results for the first half of 2019, sales in Ukraine fell by 3% during the reporting period, to $1.628 billion as a result of lower prices and sales of flat products amid a weaker demand from pipe producers, as well as lower coke sales volumes due to reduced production volumes. As a result, the share of Ukraine in consolidated revenue increased by 1 percentage point, to 28%.

The report notes that in the first half of 2019, sales to Europe fell by 2%, mainly due to lower prices for the sale of steel products. At the same time, the region’s share in consolidated revenue grew by 1 p.p., to 35%. Sales to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa were down by 22% against the background of a decrease in sales of semi-finished products and flat products, as well as lower sales prices for these goods. As a result, the region’s share in consolidated revenue decreased by 4 percentage points, to 17%.

Sales in the CIS countries fell by 6% due to lower sales prices and sales volumes of long products, while the region’s share in consolidated revenue remained at 7%. Sales in Southeast Asia grew by 66% due to growth in sales volumes of slabs, square billets and iron ore products. As a result, the share of this market in consolidated revenue increased by 3 p.p., to 7%.



The Vodafone Ukraine mobile communications in April-June 2019 saw UAH 3.8 billion in revenue, which is 20.7% more than a year ago.
According to the financial report of the operator, its net profit for the period remained at the level of 2018 and amounted to UAH 511 million.
Operating Income Before Depreciation and Amortization (OIBDA) increased 13.8% and reached UAH 2 billion, OIBDA margin amounted to 51.7% (54.9% in the second quarter of 2018).
“The main reason for Vodafone’s revenue growth was the increase in the number of data users and the consumption of data services. The traffic volumes are growing due to the activity of 4G users: for example, the 4G client Vodafone used 7.7 gigabytes of traffic per month on average. This is twice as much than 3G clients use. The total volume of Internet traffic in the Vodafone network has doubled over the year,” the operator said in the report.
At the same time, the company said that according to the results of April-June, Vodafone Ukraine had the lowest ARPU (average revenue per user per month) in the market – UAH 61.
Income from trading activities in the second quarter increased thanks to the expansion of own retail. “Today Vodafone Retail is one of the largest retailers in the country. The company’s trading network today has about 240 own stores. Vodafone stores offer only certified products: smartphones, various gadgets, wearable electronics, routers, accessories. You can also connect any Vodafone services in the stores and get qualified advice from the company’s experts,” the company said in the press release devoted to the financial statements of the company.
In addition, according to the results of April-June, the number of Ukrainian settlements covered by 4G increased four times. Today, Vodafone network is available to 62% of Ukrainians and covers more than 4,000 settlements.
According to the results of the second quarter, the number of Vodafone Ukraine customers amounted to 19.6 million, while according to the results of the second quarter of last year, the operator had 20.3 million customers in Ukraine.
“Among the growth factors, launch of mobile number portability service in Ukraine can be noted. In May-June, 3,657 customers used the service to go to the Vodafone network with their number,” the company said.

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