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The Bolt taxi service (formerly Taxify) plans to launch a Bolt Food delivery service in Ukraine in 2020.
“The demand for food delivery in Ukraine is quite high. We see great potential and are working on launching a food delivery service in Ukraine in 2020,” a company’s press service quotes its regional manager in Ukraine Taras Potichny as saying.
According to him, the first Bolt Food service will start working in Tallinn. By the end of 2019, the service also may launch in Latvia, Lithuania, South Africa, and on other European and African markets in 2020.
As reported, Bolt plans to launch a scooter rental service in Ukraine and is mulling Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa as possible launch points.
In early March Taxify was renamed Bolt.

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The company that developed the electronic ticket sale system of Ukrzaliznytsia – Unit LLC – has accused a group of officials of Ukrzaliznytsia of pressing on it an asked the company’s head to attract profile specialists and law enforcement agencies to settle the issue. The corresponding open letter to the head of Ukrzaliznytsia Yevhen Kravtsov regarding the situation around the Electronic Ticket system has been published on the website of Unit. “To date, a group of officials of Ukrzaliznytsia in collusion with a private company, is taking measures to remove the system from Ukrzaliznytsia’s control and then transfer it to the management of a private company. For achieving the goal the officials of the Main Computer Center of Ukrzaliznytsia artificially create interruptions in the work of the system, and in the future the system can be forcibly stopped by these persons in order to accuse the system developer, Unit LLC, thereby justifying itself,” the company said in the letter.
According to the company, such destructive actions of the officials, which can lead to a complete stop of the system, undermine the work of Ukrzaliznytsia.
The system developer calls on Kravtsov to intervene in the situation in order to prevent possible interruptions and shutdown of the system, which will lead to a collapse in ticket sales. Unit demands to organize a joint meeting with the involvement of relevant specialists and relevant law enforcement agencies.

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The Kyivstar mobile communications operator jointly with Alfa Insurance (Kyiv) has launched the online travel insurance service for prepaid and contract subscribers.
The cost of an insurance policy for a seven-day trip will be about UAH 300 (the total cost of the policy depends, among other things, on the exchange rate). At the same time, it is valid in all countries, covering all medical services in case of the need to provide emergency assistance abroad.
The amount for which the subscriber is insured is EUR 30,000. At the same time, prepaid subscribers will receive a bonus of UAH 100 to the account, contract subscribers – an additional 20 minutes in roaming. Bonuses are valid 30 days after the start of the insurance period and only in roaming.
The cost of the policy for 14 days will be about UAH 600, for 21 days – about UAH 950.
The subscriber can receive and pay for the policy online without visiting the company’s office.
Roaming from Kyivstar is available in 195 countries.

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Uber has started testing the UberEats food delivery service from Kyiv-based restaurants, the company’s press service told Interfax-Ukraine.
“We’ve started testing Uber Eats in Kyiv. The announcement of the launch of the service will be made soon,” the company said.
At the end of 2018, Uber appointed the ex-CEO of the consulting company Civitta as the head of the UberEats service in Ukraine. Since the end of January 2019, it has actively been recruiting drivers and couriers to work with the UberEats service.
In particular, the largest partners of Uber in Ukraine say that income when working with UberEats could be UAH 11,000 for a walking courier, up to UAH 20,000 for a courier on a scooter or bicycle, and up to UAH 25,000 for drivers with their own car in case of cooperation with the company partner UberDRIVE. When working with Uberlin, income may reach UAH 10,000 without specifying the format.
As previously reported, the international delivery service Glovo, a Spanish start-up founded in Barcelona in 2015 as an on demand service that purchases, picks-up and delivers anything that is ordered through the app, was launched in Kyiv.
Uber in the summer of 2018 announced the launch of UberEats in Kyiv. Also, the company specified that they did not plan to start the work of this service in Ukrainian towns whose population is smaller than 500,000 people.

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The Kyivstar mobile communications operator has launched the Mobile ID service, allowing the digital identification of persons for obtaining e-services using the mobile number. According to a press release of the operator, the service is available in Kyiv, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odesa, Kharkiv, Kherson, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Lviv, Zhytomyr and Cherkasy. In total, these cities have 22 open points for issuing Mobile ID SIM-cards and certificates from the accredited key certification center of justice authorities. They can be received by individual entrepreneurs, contract subscribers and corporate clients of Kyivstar from any locality of Ukraine.
“Now we are focusing our efforts on connecting the cities, which are regional centers. We have already covered 11 cities. In the beginning of 2019, we will announce the opening of new locations. And we will move further “deep countryside” to make Mobile ID connection available in small cities,” the press service of the operator said, citing Director for Business Development in the Corporate Market in Kyivstar Yevhen Krazhan.
The operator said that the project was implemented in partnership with the accredited key certification center of the judicial authorities, which is an authorized provider of electronic trust services. All points, where Mobile-ID SIM-cards are issued, have been duly certified, as well as the staff responsible for connecting the service to users.
According to Kyivstar, the large-scale implementation of Mobile ID will simplify the provision of services to the population by government and commercial institutions, eliminating the intermediary link between the source of services and the customer and, thus, reducing excessive red tape, queues and costs.
The Mobile ID service can be used to obtain electronic public services (driver’s license, car registration, residence registration, income declaration, voting and petitions, receiving social assistance); health care (medication, access to the history of the disease, monitoring indicators) and education (access to the website of the educational institution and personal account, distance education, receiving certificates, extracts). It can also be used for the financial and banking sectors (payments, opening/closing accounts, receiving references, insurance, loans); corporate market (login, workflow, VPN, mobility), for online purchases, auctions and other services.
To connect to the Mobile ID, a subscriber needs to contact the certified connection point with the original passport and identification code and replace the SIM card with a new having Mobile ID support for free.
In this case, the subscriber receives a free digital certificate of a natural or legal person for a period of one year. The cost of using the Mobile ID service is already included in the tariff plans with a monthly fee of UAH 225 per month, for other tariff plans it is UAH 50 per month.
The operator invites service providers to cooperate to jointly expand the online services available to the public.

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Farvater Travel (Yuzhgorod) has launched the online package trip search and booking service, investing around $300,000 since the beginning of its creation, the co-founder of the company, Tetiana Pollak, told reporters during the presentation of the service in Kyiv. The service is based on the Online Travel Agency model and allows you to select the appropriate tour package from the list of parameters on the site among 29 million current offers of tour operators. “We the online service have not yet seen a payback. We need to grow another five times to become profit-making,” she said, adding that the company had already increased online sales five times in six months.
According to her, this year, with the help of this service, more than 1,000 tours with the cost from EUR 180 to EUR 4,100 (the average cost of one trip is EUR 1,170) were booked.
The company plans to increase the volume of the serviced part of the Ukrainian market of package tours from the current almost 1% to 7% in 2020.
The company sees the profit from the service according to the scheme, which is traditional for travel agencies – the fee from the price stated by the tour operator, Pollak said. “The company has been in the non-online market for a long time, it has a significant amount of sales, and because of this, we have the largest fee,” Farvater Travel CEO Andriy Shvets said. Travel Company Farvater has been operating since 2006. The first version of the online search site was launched in October 2017, and in December, the first customers appeared. The company is owned by Tetiana and Friedrich Pollak in equal shares. The charter capital Farvater Travel is UAH 20,000.

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