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Communal enterprise Elektroavtotrans (Ivano-Frankivsk), together with the European Investment Bank (EIB), has announced a tender for the purchase of new trolleybuses with a possibility of making at least 10 km in off-wire mode with a length of 16.5 meters to 18.54 meters (articulated) for EUR 3.615 million.
According to the procurement announcement posted in ProZorro, it is planned to supply new low-floor dual-mode trolleybuses of a three-axle model with a width of no more than 2.5 meters excluding side mirrors and a height of no more than 3.8 meters. Total passenger capacity is at least 120 people, the number of seats is 38, including four seats for priority category passenger and the number of places for wheelchair is at least one.
The procurement also includes spare parts, maintenance equipment and related services.
The first delivery of the dual-mode trolleybuses is scheduled for no later than 36 weeks from the date of receipt of the advance payment, the execution of the contract is no later than 56 weeks.
According to the announcement, price is not the only award criterion and all criteria are stated only in the procurement documents.
The time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate is until March 16, 2022.
The trolleybuses for Ivano-Frankivsk are procured within the framework of the Ukraine Urban Public Transport Project at the expense of the EIB and a grant from the European Union.
According to local media reports, the city planned to purchase at least eight dual-mode electric buses for these funds.
The Ukraine Urban Public Transport Project is a financial agreement between Ukraine and the EIB, ratified in April 2017. It provides for the implementation of 21 subprojects for the development of urban passenger transport in 11 cities.

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Moldovan state company Energocom has announced a series of tenders to buy natural gas with delivery from the border with Ukraine (Oleksiyivka) or Romania (Ungheni).
The gas purchases are being made for Moldova due to the “exceptional situation,” the company said on its website.
“Following the National Commission for Exceptional Situations of October 13, 2021, the state of alert was announced regarding the natural gas sector. Energocom, a company 100% owned by the State of Moldova, is preparing to purchase natural gas to be supplied at Moldovan border from Ukraine and/or Romania,” the company said.
Tenders will be held for various periods, to begin with short-term gas purchases of 5 million cubic meters and potentially more for the balance of October, Energocom said.
Gas suppliers must have “a proven record of reliable and professional activity (gas supply license in at least one EU/Energy Community country and >0.3 bcm of gas trading in 2020), the company said.
The first tender to purchase 1 mcm of gas was announced on October 23. Prepayment will be issued immediately, but SWIFT transfer to foreign entities can only be carried out on Monday, October 25, Energocom said.
“Considering the emergency situation, the Public Property Agency of Moldova, the sole shareholder of Energocom, will issue a comfort letter to the selected suppliers to confirm that payments will be duly made,” the company said.
The Energy Community Secretariat held a meeting with a delegation from Moldova to discuss problems with gas supplies to the country.

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The concession tender for the port of Berdiansk may begin no earlier than the end of 2022, Anatoliy Timenko, Senior Project Manager of Maritime Reform at the Reform Support Team of the Ministry of Infrastructure, has said.
“Berdiansk port was a state initiative. The European delegation provided us with technical assistance in the form of a team of consultants who developed a pre-feasibility study for us. We had a large number of meetings and inconsistencies with them, everything dragged on. But I think we will already accept the latest version,” he told about the present progress of the project during the international exhibition NewPort in Kyiv on Wednesday.
According to him, by now a private company, which wants to develop a feasibility study, has already reached out to the department.
Speaking about other potential concession projects, Timenko said that the projects for the ports of Reni and Mariupol are not currently in an active phase.
“Mariupol and Reni – funding has not yet been found and there are no reasonable investors who would come up with an initiative,” he said.



The winner of a tender for the construction of an airfield at Dnipro International Airport has been determined Onur Construction International, which offered to carry out the work for UAH 5.64 billion, according to the website of the ProZorro public auction. According to the data in the system, the only competitor of Onur was Rostdorbud, which offered to carry out these works for UAH 5.65 billion.
Currently, the contract with Onur has not yet been signed.
This competition for the construction of an airfield in Dnipro was already the second. In July 2021, the state enterprise Financing of Infrastructure Projects terminated the agreement with Altis-Construction, which offered to carry out the work for UAH 3.95 billion, and announced a new tender with the expected cost of the work of UAH 5.71 billion. Fininpro signed a contract with Altis-Construction LLC in February 2021.
At the airport of the city of Dnipro, it is planned to build a runway with a length of 3.2 km.
The cost of the project, according to the state examination report, is UAH 6.23 billion. The construction period is about three years.
For 2021, the government allocated UAH 1.4 billion for the construction of an airfield in Dnipro.



JSC Ukrzaliznytsia plans to announce an open international tender for the purchase of rolling stock for the City Express project at the end of September, acting chairman of the board Oleksandr Kamyshin said.
“In February, the president [Volodymyr Zelensky] announced the City Express project in Kyiv, Dnipro and Kharkiv. Ukrzaliznytsia has intensified work in this direction. Today we are designing stations, completing a feasibility study of the project and terms of reference for the purchase of rolling stock for the Kyiv hub. In the near future we will send terms of reference for all Ukrainian and international potential participants in the purchase of rolling stock. At the end of September, we plan to announce an open international tender, where we will be glad to see both Stadler and other ready-made suppliers of rolling stock,” he said during the presentation of a five-car electric train Stadler Flirt of the Swiss company Stadler.
Kamyshin said that Stadler Flirt has been tested in Ukraine for a week.
“It is important for us to understand how good the technical and service indicators of this train are. We will be testing it for several more weeks. I think Ukrainians deserve a train of this level,” he said.
According to Stadler Rail Group CEO Peter Spuhler, the company has already sold about 2,000 units of Stadler Flirt.
Stadler Flirt is a family of passenger electric and diesel trains manufactured by the Swiss company Stadler Rail AG. FLIRT is an abbreviation (Flinker Leichter Innovativer Regional-Triebzug – German, translated as a high-speed light innovative regional train). The first train was designed and delivered in 2004. The maximum train speed is 160-200 km/h.

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Ten Ukrainian and Turkish companies have applied for participation in the tender for the construction of a new airfield at Dnipropetrovsk airport.
According to the information on the tender page in the ProZorro portal, participants in the tender will be: Ozaltin, Metag Insaat Ticaret AS, ONUR Construction International (all located in Turkey); Altcom, Olvia, SMT No.8, Rostdorstroy, Altis-Construction, Avtomagistral-Pivden (all located in Ukraine), as well as the Ukrainian-Turkish Black Sea Consortium.
“The next step is an auction among selected participants. We plan to hold it in the first decade of December. We made the technical task as simple and transparent as possible for maximum openness and competition of both Ukrainian and international construction companies,” Head of the State Agency for Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine Kyrylo Khomiakov wrote in his Telegram channel.
The expected cost of the main work on the construction of a new airfield in Dnipro is UAH 5.69 billion.
In the 2021 draft budget submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers for the second reading, UAH 1.4 billion is expected for the construction of the airfield.

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