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25 February , 2019  

Corteva Agriscience, the agricultural division of DowDuPont (the United States), a large global seed producer, occupied 21% of the Ukrainian corn seed market and 16% of the sunflower seed market (the seeds of the two brands – Pioneer and Brevant).
“According to the calculations of the Kleffmann Group, which are based on a survey of farmers in 2018, our market share of the combined portfolio of Corteva Agriscience [the seeds of two brands: Pioneer and Brevant] for corn is 21%, and for sunflower is 16%. The crop protection agents market’s share is 7% However, based on these data, one should take into account the error in the calculations, which can reach almost 3 percentage points,” Head of business in Eastern Europe Corteva Agriscience Serhiy Kharin said.
According to him, in the plans for the next season is to get at least 1% growth in the seed market share for each of the crops.
Corteva Agriscience is an integrated company with the following segments: seeds, crop protection agents and digital technologies. It was created by combining DuPont Pioneer, DuPont Crop Protection, and Dow AgroScience.
Corteva Agriscience includes Pioneer Nasinnia Ukraine LLC, a commercial office located in Kyiv (it provides sales of Pioneer brand seeds) and Stasi Nasinnia LLC, a seed production plant that has been operating since 2013. Over five years, investments in the production complex amounted to more than $56 million. The plant reached its full capacity in 2017: for the production of corn seeds – 500,000 seeds per year, for the production of sunflower seeds – 250,000 seeds per year.
Corteva Agriscience plans to become an independent company which shares will be quoted on an exchange after the previously announced separation process is completed by June 2019.

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