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The introduction of vaccination passports, which would be mandatory for international travel, is not a close prospect, head of the National Technical Group of Experts on Immunoprophylaxis, Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fedir Lapiy said.
“Most likely, vaccination passports will not be introduced in the first half of 2021. This issue is only being discussed at the level of Europe, the United States and other countries, because apart from Israel and the Emirates, very few people are covered by widespread vaccination. Speaking about the United States, Germany, Great Britain and other countries, many people have not been vaccinated yet, so these are only discussions for now. This is not a very close prospect in fact,” he said during the online event entitled “Vaccination brings us closer,” dedicated to the current situation on vaccination in Ukraine, held with the support of the GSK Ukraine company on Tuesday.
Lapiy predicts that a decision at the level of individual states or at the global level regarding the so-called vaccination passports will not be made in the first half of 2021.
At the same time, he noted that at present in Ukraine, everyone who is currently being vaccinated against COVID-19 is entered into the electronic database.
“Ukraine is negotiating on the recognition of these electronic databases,” he said.
In turn, Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Services and Medicines of the National Health Service of Ukraine Hanna Fenchak, noted that the National Health Service of Ukraine is currently studying the possibility of combining information on vaccination from the e-health system with international databases.
“We are studying WHO’s requirements for the information that is downloaded from our unified e-health database to be accepted in other countries of the world,” she said.

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The competition for the election of the head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO) may begin in December this year, and taking into account the possible lockdown, it will be completed by spring 2021, Acting Head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO) Maksym Hryschuk has said.
In an exclusive interview with the Interfax-Ukraine agency, Hryschuk said that the competition committee had already held a number of meetings. “When they decide on the regulations, they will announce the start of the competition. Perhaps it will be in December,” he said.
Answering the question on whether he will take part in the competition, Hryschuk said: “I still want to keep an intrigue. The competition has not yet been officially announced, so it is unethical to talk about participation in it.”
Speaking about when we can expect a new head of the SAPO, elected at the competition, he said that it takes time to submit documents and conduct three stages of the competition, and the situation with the epidemic should also be taken into account.
“I think it will be around January-February. And if a lockdown is introduced now, it may still drag on,” he said.
The full text of the interview will be published on the Interfax-Ukraine website in the public domain.

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It’s no secret that the food industry both in the world and in Ukraine can no longer do without chemical additives. Dyes, preservatives are used by manufacturers of confectionery products, dairy products, drinks, sausages and much more.
The Club of Experts project and Doctor of Biological Sciences Sviatoslav Morozov analyzed all food additives and made a rating of the top ten most harmful food additives.
The expert notes that in the 21st century many products cannot be produced without special additives due to the technical nuances of their production. Most of the additives are intended to extend the shelf life of food for transporting these products both across the country and around the world.
The Club of Experts and Sviatoslav Morozov defined ten main additives in products among those undesirable for frequent use: E211, E122, E124, E110, E952, E131, E105, E107, E222, E126. A conscientious manufacturer, according to the law, must indicate the full composition of the product on the packaging, therefore, when buying a food product, one should pay attention not only to the expiration date, but also to what this product is made of.
How harmful E additives are, what can be the consequences for health, which human organs they can affect and how to minimize such an effect on the human body, watch the new issue of the Club of Experts project on the YouTube channel

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Kyiv is standing in front of building a complicated, but necessary dialogue with Warsaw, which has reached a dead end in recent years. It is fair to say that both sides derailed the relations between Ukraine and Poland, however, this does not mean that Kyiv should wait for a full or partial reboot of the government in the neighboring country, moreover, this may not happen, according to political expert Valentyn Haidai.
“We should not forget that in both cases with Poland and with Russia one should differ between sociopolitical and economic dialogues. It is no secret that under conditions of political confrontation between the Ukrainian and Russian elites trade and economic cooperation between the two countries is growing. We can see the same situation in case with Poland,” Haidai said in a program on the Expert Club YouTube channel.
In the expert’s opinion, there is no especial confrontation between the political elites of both countries. Poland and Ukraine do not have any territorial disputes, despite the desire to revise the borders by certain marginal circles, or a sharp conflict related to humanitarian policy, as in the case of Hungary.
“Speaking about economic cooperation, it should be noted that it was estimated at more than EUR 7 billion at the beginning of this year, which is EUR 2 billion more than in 2015, and it continues growing even during the coronavirus pandemic. Ukrainian export to Poland has increased, just the same as Polish import to Ukraine did. An increase in trade, in particular, was registered in the following segments: mineral fertilizers, textile, mechanical and electric equipment, animal fat and metal goods. In addition, Ukraine is one of the largest recipients of Polish food. According to Statistics Poland, export of agricultural goods to Ukraine has grown by more than 20%,” the political expert said.
As of the end of 2019, more than 400 joint enterprises operated in Ukraine and Poland in machine building, consumer goods and food industry, agriculture, etc. Cultural and scientific cooperation continues. Poland, which has a range of grant and scholarship programs, including the Eastern Studies, Stipend for Young Researchers and Krzysztof Skubiszewski Scholarship programs, is traditionally preferred by Ukrainian school graduates, postgraduate students and scientists.
“The problem is that if liberal Trzaskowski won, it is highly probable that Warsaw would take a step forward towards the normalization of relations with Kyiv on its own, while after the victory of conservative Duda in the presidential election the search for compromises was put off,” Haidai said.
The full interview is available on the Expert Club YouTube channel

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In the second part of an educational video made by the Expert Club about nutrition, veganism and vegetarianism, Doctor of Biological Sciences Sviatoslav Morozov and healthy nutrition expert Veronika Vero, who promotes vegetarianism, analyzed staple food that is traditionally consumed by Ukrainians.
The experts came to the conclusion that consumption of sausages and sausage products, as well as cakes, some sorts of sweets and canned herrings could be harmful. They also recommended to eat more fruit and vegetables, as well as limit consumption of bread, flour products and bacon.
Honey, dried fruit, raisings, seasonal fruit and vegetables were highly recommended by the experts.
In addition, the experts cast doubt on benefits from regular consumption of dairy products since quality of the raw material (milk) raises questions, while lactose intolerance among many people makes consumption of such products even detrimental.
Doctor of Biological Sciences Sviatoslav Morozov said that food producers aspire to reduce their products’ cost value and often ignore the harm they may cause to consumers’ health.
Otherwise, they will be simply unable to withstand the market competition.
“Speaking about monotonous diet for farm animals and various chemical additives, they are used not to poison consumers. Nobody pursues such a goal. The task is different – to cut the cost value and make products with a very long shelf life, while it is a big question whether this is useful or at least safe for human body,” Morozov said.
The full video is available on the Expert Club YouTube channel
Veronika Vero, a vegetarian and healthy nutrition expert, spent more than eight years of training at the research and development center. She is the author of several programs, seminars, as well as physical, mental and energy retreats.
Sviatoslav Morozov is a scientist with 30 years of experience, a Doctor of Biological Sciences and the author of a series of trainings, titled “Survival in a Megalopolis.”

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Many people, who have become vegetarians, risk gaining negative experience of eating poor quality seasonal fruit and vegetables, says nutrition expert Veronika Vero, who is also an author of health improvement programs.
“In my practice, I often noticed the presence of nitrates in seasonal fruit. Since vegetarians often have an increased sensitivity to tastes, such people may have a stronger reaction to nitrate-containing food than ‘omnivorous’ people,” Veronika said.
According to the expert, after long body purification, consumption of any contaminated food may cause at least an allergic reaction or even a serious poisoning. This is connected with changes in vegetarian’s metabolic processes.
“The body of a person consuming both animal and plant food can accumulate toxins for years, but finally this may cause liver cirrhosis or another serious disease. As to vegetarians, their bodies response immediately as they do not accumulate toxins,” Vero said in a program on healthy nutrition on the Expert Club YouTube channel.
She said people, who decided to become vegetarians, first of all should focus on self-improvement and self-education, because learning healthy nutrition programs is one of the most important tasks of a person, who decided to refuse from eating meat.
Veronika Vero, a vegetarian and healthy nutrition expert, spent more than eight years of training at a research and development center. She is the author of several programs, seminars, as well as physical, mental and energy retreats.
The full video is available on the Expert Club YouTube channel.

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