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Club of Experts releases overview of events that will happen in Ukraine and world this week – video

The Club of Experts YouTube channel published a new video overview dedicated to current events and events which will take place from October 31 to November 6, 2022. In the video review the founder of the Club of experts Maksim Urakin together with host Olga Levkun discussed the most important announcements of the events in the nearest future.

Particularly in Ukraine in the coming days there will be several events devoted to reconstruction and development of economy, business and innovations implementation. Among them we can single out Digital Regions Week, the opening of which will take place in Bucha (Kiev region) at the Dia.Biznes center on Tuesday. On Wednesday there will be a presentation of the Interactive map of destruction of the Ukrainian agricultural sector where the Minister of Agrarian Policy Mykola Solskyi and the Head of the VR Committee on Agriculture Daniil Hetmantsev are expected to speak. On the same day the II National Conference “Women’s Leadership on Decentralization and Local Self-Government in the Context of War” will be held.

There are also several important events in the world, the most important of which will be by-elections to the U.S. Senate and Congress on November 8, which will determine the party composition of these bodies for the next 6 years. On the economic front, the ADIPEC 2022 strategic oil and gas conference in the UAE and the UN climate change conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt will be of interest.

As for sport events we should mention the next matches of the leading Ukrainian clubs in European competitions, you can read more detailed information about them at

About these and many other events you can watch in the new video on the Club of Experts channel by the link:

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Club of Experts released overview of events that will take place in Ukraine and world this week

A new video has been released on the YouTube channel “Club of Experts”, dedicated to the announcements of the main events that are planned in Ukraine and the world this week.
In the next issue, the founder of the club of experts Maxim Urakin, together with co-host Olga Levkun, announced the main events, which are scheduled for the period from August 22 to 28, 2022.
Thus, in Ukraine, one of the main events of the week, in addition to honoring the 31st anniversary of Independence, will be the second summit of the Crimean Platform. For security reasons, the summit will be held online. Also this week there will be a number of events, round tables, seminars and exhibitions dedicated to Independence Day, most of which will also be held online.
Recall that in the period from August 22 to 25, holding mass events in Kyiv is prohibited.
Among world events, one can single out the continued development of the situation around the island of Taiwan, near which China intends to conduct regular military maneuvers. Asia will also host a number of major events dedicated to economic development in the region. Among them are the international exhibition “EXPO China-Eurasia” in Urumqi, China and the Asia-Pacific Business Forum in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.
You can learn about these and many other events by watching the video on the Club of Experts channel at the link:

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Club of Experts releases video review of events that will take place in Ukraine and world from August 1 to 7

As part of a new project to announce the events that should take place in the next seven days, a video material with an analysis of the planned events in Ukraine and in the world was released on the Expert Club YouTube channel.
In the new issue, the founder of the club of experts Maxim Urakin, together with the host Olga Levkun, analyzed the most important events in Ukraine and the world from August 1 to August 7, 2022.
In particular, a number of round tables, press conferences and seminars will be held in Ukraine on the development of the country’s economy in the post-war period, doing business on international marketing platforms, as well as the security of citizens in the current conditions. Also, residents of our country will be able to visit a number of cultural events.
On the world stage, by far the main event of the next week is the tour of the third person in the US hierarchy, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, to Southeast Asia, as well as her possible visit to the island of Taiwan and the reaction of the Chinese authorities to this trip.
In addition, a number of the largest EU economies will publish data from statistical services on the state of their economy, and the Bank of England will publish a decision to change the base interest rate.
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