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Until the end of 2020, the hryvnia will remain at the level of UAH 28/$1 with further strengthening to UAH 27-27.5/$1 in the first half of 2021, Oleksandr Martynenko, the head of the ICU Investment Group’s corporate financial analysis division, says.
“At the end of this year, as we expect, the upper possible corridor of the range will be UAH 28.5/$1, but most likely, the hryvnia will be closer to the lower range of UAH 28/$1,” Martynenko said during an online conference.
Speaking about the forecast of the exchange rate for 2021, Martynenko noted expectations of UAH 27-27.5/$1 against the background of exporters’ activity in the first half of next year, however, in the future, the transition to a deficit in the payment account may put pressure on the exchange rate.
“So far, the hryvnia is showing a higher resilience than previously expected. Mainly due to the greater activity of exporters and favorable markets for iron ore and steel,” he explained.
ICU expects capital inflows to resume in 2021 through private foreign investment and official borrowing. In addition, capital outflow will stop next year, Martynenko said.
“Foreign exchange reserves will increase, somewhere, by $ 3 billion, to $ 31 billion in 2021. That is, for the first time since the crisis of 2008-2009, the reserves should exceed 100% according to the metrics of a sufficient amount, which the IMF calculates,” Martynenko added.



The Expert Club jointly with Doctor of Biological Sciences Sviatoslav Leonov launch a series of videos about healthy and harmful nutrition.
Nowadays unhealthy nutrition is one of the main risk factors for public health. A major study of mortality causes, which was conducted by researchers in 2017, showed that every fifth death in the world is caused by high consumption of salt, transfat, sugar, overconsumption of sweet carbonated beverages and red meat. Meanwhile, healthy food like whole grain, fruit, seeds and nuts are gradually displaced by harmful products.
In 2017, more than 1.5 million people in the world died of diseases connected with diarrhea caused by poor nutrition. Food poisoning and unhealthy eating in general have been among the top ten causes for deaths for a long time, and in some countries – among the top three causes.
The Expert Club jointly with Doctor of Biological Sciences Sviatoslav Leonov start a project on healthy nutrition in modern society. It is aimed at determining the main risk factors related to unhealthy nutrition, discussing myths and stereotypes, collecting expert opinions on the subject. Initially, the project will have the format of educational mini-interviews with infographics. In the future, we are planning to create a discussion platform for specialists with various points of view.
The pilot video about the main unhealthy food products and harmful food additives is already available on the Expert Club YouTube channel:

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President of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) Yevhen Dykhne does not see any reasons for airlines to raise airfare at the initial stage of lockdown ending.
During the press conference on Saturday, June 13, the video of which is available on the page of Boryspil International Airport, he said that all airlines today have excess resources, and at the same time very low demand is expected for their services, which will be compensated by all possible means.
“Therefore, it is absolutely logical that all instruments, including low prices, will be included in the fight against excess resources between companies for low demand and low passenger numbers. Due to this, insinuating that the additional costs of airlines and airports will somehow affect the airfare, in my opinion, is not justified. Today, the airfare is defined by the market’s supply-demand situation. Thus, I think that aviation will start operation from very low prices, affordable flights at a loss,” Dykhne said.
He also said that UIA communicates with all passengers who bought tickets for the airline’s flights, considering options for transferring flight dates, compensation using a voucher, or refund.

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