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Register of industrial parks in Ukraine has been updated

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has added two more parks to the Register of Industrial Parks – EcoStyle in Dnipropetrovs’k region and Iskra in Ivano-Frankivsk region, the press service of the Ministry of Economy reports.
According to the report, the government made the decision at a meeting on October 6, 2023.
The press service clarifies that both parks will operate in the processing industry and create a total of more than 1800 jobs.
In particular, the EcoSteel industrial park in the territory of Novopil village council, Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipro region, will specialize in the production of metallurgical products, metalworking, processing of metallurgical waste, building materials, logistics, etc. It is planned to create about 900 jobs.
The Iskra Industrial Park, initiated by Pidhaichyky village council (Kolomyia district, Ivano-Frankivsk region), will focus on food production, textile manufacturing, and wood processing.
The park will also be home to companies producing wood and cork products, furniture, hardware, machinery and equipment. About 950 jobs are expected to be created.
Thus, according to the Ministry of Economy, 67 parks have already been included in the Register of Industrial Parks.
As reported, the law provides for exemption from VAT and duties on imports of new equipment, as well as from income tax for 10 years for residents of the IPs; preferential rates of real estate tax and land fees from local authorities.
At the same time, according to Dmytro Kysylevskyi, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Development, up to half of the registered IPs may soon be removed from the register due to inactivity (parks registered between 2013 and 2019).


Government of Ukraine included Friendly Windtechnology into register of industrial parks

The Government of Ukraine has included the industrial park “Friendly Windtechnology” (Perechin, Uzhgorod district, Zakarpattya region) with an area of 16.5 hectares in the Register of industrial parks, the press service of the Ministry of Economy reported.

The corresponding decision was made at a government meeting on Tuesday.

According to the concept of the new industrial park, 745 new jobs should be created in the processing industry, professional-scientific and technical activities.

Predominantly local enterprises will be engaged in mechanical engineering and metalworking, the report said.

“The creation of new industrial parks is aimed at developing the processing industry, supporting Ukrainian exports, creating new jobs and filling local budgets,” the press service quoted Economy Minister Yulia Sviridenko as saying.

According to the Ministry of Economy, thus in the Register today there are 65 industrial parks.

As reported, last year Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Tool Plant, on the site of which produced wind turbines company “Furlander Windtechnology”, decided to relocate from Kramatorsk to Perechyn.

According to opendatabot, Friendly Wind Technology LLC (FWT) was registered in Perechyn in October 2022, with Vladyslav Eremenko as the ultimate beneficiary and manager.

According to the local press, the construction of a new workshop of the enterprise, which will be part of the industrial park, has recently started in Perechin. “Friendly Wind Technology” is engaged in the design and production of components for wind power plants.

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Kiev’s economic court has canceled entry in state register on change of president of Ukrainian Boxing Federation

The Kiev economic court has cancelled the entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Physical Entrepreneurs and Public Formations, which contained information that the president of the All-Ukrainian public organization Boxing Federation of Ukraine (FBU) was replaced by Kyrylo Shevchenko instead of Volodymyr Prodivus.

According to the state register of court decisions, the court made such a decision on June 21, having considered Prodivus’s lawsuit.

According to the materials of the court hearing, Shevchenko was elected president of the FBU at an extraordinary conference of the federation, held on February 22, 2022, the corresponding entry in the state register was made on June 15, 2022.

In turn, Prodivus on his Facebook page called the decision to elect Shevchenko as FBU president a “raider seizure of the Boxing Federation”.

He also emphasized that he does not plan to return to the post of head of the FBU, the head of the Federation will be elected in the near future.

“I by my work at the international level will not be able and do not see possible to take the post of President of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine, there are quite a few worthy representatives of the boxing family, who have such ambitions and competence. About the official date of the election will be announced later,” he wrote.

In turn, in an appeal posted on the website of the Federation Shevchenko noted that “opponents illegally changed the record of the unified state register”.

“I immediately filed an appeal, which was accepted and appointed a panel of judges for further consideration of my case,” he said.

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Unified register of weapons in Ukraine to be launched in three months

The unified state register of weapons is planned to be launched in three months, on June 23, 2023, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klimenko said
“The first steps that we are doing now is the development of a unified state register of weapons, to be able to exchange data electronically with business entities and other law enforcement agencies,” the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reports with reference to the words of the Minister on the air of the national telethon.
The head of the Interior Ministry said that the Interior Ministry plans to launch a single register of weapons in exactly three months – June 23, 2023.
Klimenko noted that there is a security factor in this issue, which will be discussed with the public, experts and people’s deputies.
The minister also reminded that all weapons that were legally issued to citizens at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, including units of the National Police, are registered in a single database.
“And we don’t see any problems with control of its use now,” Klimenko emphasized.


Six non-banking financial institutions excluded from state register

The National Bank of Ukraine on 19 January revoked the license of Standard Capital Financial Company LLC to provide factoring services on the basis of the received application, according to the regulator’s website.
In addition, six non-bank financial institutions were excluded from the State register of financial institutions due to the decision of the National Bank to cancel all of their existing licenses to provide financial services: PO “Pawnshop goods Garashov R.A. and company”, LLC “Galician financial company”, PO “Pawnshop “Primary capital” involving JSC “Logos” and company”, LLC “Solano Finance”, LLC “FC “Vilardo”, CC “Pridunavie.
Also from the State Register of financial institutions on the basis of the submitted documents was excluded LLC “FC “Standard Capital”, and on the basis of the received application – PO “Pawnshop PE “Basis” and company”.

Uzhgorod Industrial Park was included in register of industrial parks of Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine included Uzhhorod industrial park in the register of industrial parks, the Economy Ministry’s press service said on Friday.
“The government is pursuing a consistent policy of creating conditions for the development of industrial parks as points of economic growth and post-war reconstruction of the country. The development of industrial parks will contribute to the recovery of industry, including export-oriented, with a high share of added value. It will also contribute to the development of local communities: they will get new budget revenues, new small and medium enterprises will be created in their regions”, stated First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko.
The new industrial park is situated in the city of Uzhgorod in Zakarpattya region. According to the concept of the industrial park, up to 500 working places in the production sphere (processing industry) are supposed to be created on the area of 10,1907 hectares.
Today the register of industrial parks includes 60 industrial sites.

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