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BES eliminates illegal alcohol business in Lviv and Ternopil regions

Employees of the territorial department of the Bureau of Economic Security (BES) in Lviv region exposed a scheme for the illegal production and sale of alcoholic beverages in Ternopil and Lviv regions, the press service of the BES regional office reports.

“The investigation revealed the location of warehouses with vodka and cognac. The alcoholic beverages were delivered to one of the enterprises in Lviv, which distributed counterfeit alcohol through retail stores,” the statement said.

Counterfeit alcohol was distributed in a network of more than 300 stores.

“During the searches in Ternopil, about 61 thousand liters of liquid with the smell of alcohol and an alcohol production line were seized,” the BES reports.

At the same time, law enforcement officers seized more than 46 thousand liters of counterfeit alcohol, as well as containers and equipment for packaging alcoholic beverages, and financial and business documents at the company’s premises in Lviv region.

“According to the decision of the Lychakiv District Court of Lviv, the seized property worth more than UAH 26 million was seized,” the statement said.

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The volume of construction work performed in Ukraine in July 2021 increased 0.5% compared to the same period in 2020.
According to the State Statistics Service, in January-July 2021 compared to January-July 2020, the index of construction products amounted to 100%. The volume of construction work completed amounted to UAH 76.8 billion.
According to the statistics authority, in July 2021 the seasonally adjusted index of construction products amounted to 92.6% compared to the previous month.
The State Statistics Service reported that in July 2021 compared to July 2020, an increase in the volume of construction work was observed in residential construction by 40.2%, nonresidential – by 1.1%, while in engineering it fell by 9%.
The share of new construction of the total volume of completed construction work was 35.6%, the share of repair was 36.5%, and reconstruction and technical re-equipment was 27.9%.
An increase in the volume of construction work in January-July 2021 compared to January-July 2020 was recorded in Ternopil (by 54.8%, to UAH 1.8 billion), Rivne (by 23.9%, to UAH 1.6 billion), Volyn (by 10.8%, to UAH 1.2 billion), Cherkasy ( by 18.8%, to UAH 1.3 billion), Ivano-Frankivsk (by 14.8%, to UAH 1.8 billion), Khmelnytsky (by 13%, to UAH 2.7 billion), Odesa (by 5.8%, to UAH 11.9 billion), Donetsk (by 6.5%, to UAH 4.1 billion), Kharkiv (by 9.4%, to UAH 9 billion), Kyiv (by 8%, to UAH 7 billion UAH) regions and Kyiv city (by 0.3%, to UAH 22.3 billion).
In other regions, there was a decrease in construction volumes. The most significant drop was seen in Chernivtsi (by 30.6%) and Kirovohrad (by 33.2%) regions.

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The road service in Ternopil region and the Turkish company Onur Group have signed an agreement for the repair of 47 km of the road between Ternopil and Berezhany on the M-12 Stry-Ternopil-Kropyvnytsky-Znamyanka route.
The State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) reported on its Facebook page the work will start in the second half of March. It is planned that the vehicles will move from the village of Pidhorodne to the west. Part of the work, as noted by the winner of the tender, will be performed by a subcontractor.
“This section is the first new object of the Big Construction project in 2021 in Ternopil region. The repair of the M-12 highway is a priority of the presidential program, because together with the M-04 highway it will form a new route dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence. The M-30 highway will be to run from Stry (Lviv region) to Izvaryne (Luhansk region) and will be the longest in Ukraine. The total length of the road will be 1,392 km. It will symbolically “sew” the west of the country and the east, including the temporarily occupied territories captured by occupation forces, and after the victory over them, the road to this village will also be restored,” Ukravtodor said.
The agency notes that a section of the future M-30 Stry-Izvaryne highway in Ternopil region runs from the borders of Ivano-Frankivsk and Khmelnytsky regions through Ternopil. From the regional center to the border of Khmelnytsky region, it was restored in 2018. And from Ternopil through the city of Berezhany to the borders of Ivano-Frankivsk region, this road has not been repaired since the 1990s.
Onur Taahhut, founded in 1991, carries out the construction of roads, bridges, abutments, structures and road reconstruction works. The company has successfully implemented important projects in Croatia, Ukraine, Tunisia, Moldova, Oman, Equatorial Guinea and Turkmenistan. It has experience in performing construction and installation works at infrastructure facilities throughout Ukraine.

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Epicenter K LLC (Kyiv), developing the chain of eponymous shopping centers in Ukraine, opens a shopping center in Ternopil, which will become the largest facility of the chain in the region, after its reconstruction and completion. The retailer’s press service reported on Friday that the area of the shopping center built in 2008, after the reconstruction, increased 1.5 times, to 25,000 square meters.
“Thus, the company continues the program of reconstruction of shopping centers in the chain, which began in 2015. For four years, 13 facilities have already been reformatted into innovative shopping centers. By the end of the year, plans are to open three more new and reformatted shopping centers,” the press service said.
According to the press service, in the facility, among other things, an Intersport multi-brand sports goods chain store will be opened on an area of 605 square meters. Among the largest departments are “Garden” (3,600 square meters), “Building materials” with outdoor areas (2,700 square meters), “Wood products” (2,000 square meters).
In addition to renovations of departments, improved and internal navigation, many nuances were taken into account for the convenience and comfort of customers. The facility also includes a goods distribution center of the online store and a parking area for 650 cars.
Epicenter K LLC was established in 2003 and opened the first hypermarket in Kyiv in December of the same year.

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Retail trade turnover in Ukraine (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) in January-September 2019 in comparable prices increased by 9.8% compared with January-September 2018, the State Statistics Service has said.
According to the report, in September 2019 compared with the previous month, retail trade turnover decreased by 3.3%, in annual terms grew by 8.6% (September 2019 from September 2018).
The largest growth in retail turnover in January-September 2019 compared to the same period in 2018 was recorded in Vinnytsia (by 17.6%), Ternopil (by 16.9%), Kyiv (by 15.7%) regions and Kyiv (by 14.7%).

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Enterprise with foreign investments McDonald’s Ukraine Ltd. (Kyiv), which develops the American chain of McDonald’s fast food restaurants in Ukraine, has opened its first restaurant in Ternopil located at 30, Hetmana Mazepy Street. The press service said that the new restaurant with 112 seats indoors and 128 seats outdoors is located in a one-story building with an area of 520 square meters. Around 100 employees service some 2,000 clients every day. The restaurant has the McDrive service.
The McDonald’s restaurant in Ternopil has become the ninth restaurant of the new format in Ukraine.
The first McDonald’s outlet in Ukraine opened in Kyiv on May 24, 1997.
Enterprise with foreign investments McDonald’s Ukraine Ltd. develops the chain.

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