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Polish farmers continue blocking truck traffic – State Border Guard Service

Polish farmers continue to block truck traffic at the Yahodyn, Ustyluh, Uhryniv, Rava-Ruska, Shehyni and Krakivets checkpoints, with a total of nearly 2,400 trucks in the queues, according to Andriy Demchenko, spokesman for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS).

“Polish farmers are blocking traffic in six directions. These are the directions of the Yahodyn, Ustyluh, Uhryniv, Rava-Ruska, Shehyni and Krakovets checkpoints. “If we talk about the queues that have formed in Poland because of this, in all these directions, in total, as of this morning, it is about 2,400 trucks, most of all at the Krakovets, Rava-Ruska and Yagodyn checkpoints,” Demchenko said on the air of the national telethon on Sunday.

According to him, the lowest rates of border crossings remain for trucks. Over the past day, about 90 trucks crossed the border in both directions at Shehyni checkpoint, and 50 trucks crossed the border to Ukraine at Yagodyn checkpoint, but Polish farmers continue to completely block the movement of trucks heading from Ukraine to Poland.

There is no blocking of cars and buses.

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Farmers block truck traffic to Ukraine in Romania

In Romania, farmers are blocking truck traffic to Ukraine at the Siret checkpoint, the reason and duration of the blockade are unknown, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports.

“Truck traffic through the Romanian checkpoint Siret, opposite the Ukrainian checkpoint Porubne, is blocked! Farmers in Romania are blocking truck traffic through the Siret checkpoint. The reasons and estimated duration of the blockade are unknown. Traffic may be hampered in both directions,” the message posted on the telegram channel on Saturday reads.

The State Border Guard Service notes that no significant queue of trucks heading towards Ukraine has been recorded so far. There are 825 vehicles registered in the E-queue for departure.

At the same time, cars, passenger buses and pedestrians are allowed to cross as usual.

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Truck traffic on border of Ukraine and Slovakia is resuming

According to information received by Ukrainian border guards on the evening of December 14, representatives of Slovak carriers unblocked truck traffic entering Slovakia at the Vysne Nemecke checkpoint for an indefinite period of time, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported on its Telegram channel.

“Since the end of the blockade, as of 09:00 on December 15, almost 60 trucks have been cleared to leave Ukraine through the Uzhhorod checkpoint, and another 1065 are in the electronic queue to leave Ukraine,” the statement said.

As reported, on December 11, Polish carriers ended the blockade in front of the Dorohusk-Yahodyn checkpoint.

The Union of Road Carriers of Slovakia (UNAS) blocked truck traffic through the only border checkpoint with Ukraine, Vysne Nemecke-Uzhhorod, from 15:00 on December 11.

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Truck traffic restrictions imposed in Kyiv

Restrictions have been imposed on the movement of trucks in Kyiv and at the entrance to the city, the Kyiv Patrol Police press service reported on Telegram on Sunday morning.

“The temporary traffic restriction applies to heavy vehicles with a total weight of more than 24 tons and an axle load of more than 7 tons and applies to both entry to Kyiv and movement around the city,” the statement said.

The police emphasized that the duration of the restriction may vary according to the temperature regime and urged to follow the latest information on their Telegram channel.

“We remind you that the main purpose of these measures is to preserve the road surface, which is being destroyed by heavy traffic of heavy vehicles in hot weather,” the special service said.