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Passengers of Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ) can now send their cars from Kyiv to Uzhgorod and back by train No. 29/30 Kyiv – Uzhgorod, UZ reports in its Telegram channel.
It is noted that the cost of transportation is about UAH 1.4 thousand per ton of weight. You can arrange transportation of a car at the box office of the stations.
In addition, it is reported that car carriers are already running on the routes Kyiv – Lvov – Kyiv, Dnepr – Lvov – Dnepr, Kharkiv – Lvov – Kharkiv and Lvov – Odessa – Lviv.
According to the company, UZ has already transported 1,863 vehicles by car carriers during the war.

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Since the beginning of the war, Ukrzaliznytsia has transported more than 100,000 tonnes of humanitarian cargo by rail in passenger, freight cars and containers, Oleksandr Kamyshin, the head of the company’s board, said on his Telegram channel on Tuesday.
“Volunteers came to the first evacuation trains, which we used to transport our citizens from the east to the west, and brought humanitarian aid. Food, clothes, medicines. They loaded all this into passenger cars and the trains rushed back to the east,” he wrote.
Thus, in passenger cars, according to him, since the beginning of the war, transported more than 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid. There were days when 700 tonnes of humanitarian aid per day were transported in passenger cars.
“And then we brought humanitarian aid in freight wagons and containers. And our foreign partners have already joined here, first of all from Poland, and then from other countries. And as of today, we have already transported more than 5,000 freight wagons with humanitarian aid. Since the beginning of the war, we have transported over 100,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid by rail in passenger, freight wagons and containers,” Kamyshin said.



PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovsk region) has resumed production and begins shipping to foreign consumers thanks to cooperation with Ukrzaliznytsia and attention to the enterprise from the government of the country.
According to head of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia Oleksandr Kamyshin, the railway continues to work according to the schedule, and now ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih is joining the work on schedule, which resumes work and launches the first furnace.
“Together with the railway team today at the plant we are meeting the first tonne of commercial pig iron. Let me remind you that three weeks ago, together with Minister of Infrastructure (Oleksandr) Kubrakov and First Deputy Prime Minister (Yulia) Svyrydenko, we were already in Kryvy Rih and we discussed with the management of the steel plant how the railway can help launch the plant. I am glad to be with the team of the steel plant at such a historic moment today. Let me remind you that the last time the Kryvy Rih iron and steel works was launched immediately after the Second World War,” the head of Ukrzaliznytsia wrote.
At the same time, he noted that the workers of the metallurgical plant receive work, “and, therefore, wages, the economy – taxes, and the railway – the same tonne of cargo that we have always fought for.”
In turn, General Director of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih Mauro Longobardo, in an interview with the Kryvy Rih television company, noted that after the suspension of the enterprise’s activities due to hostilities, work in the mining sector continued at 30% of normal capacity. At the same time, work was suspended in the underground mine of the plant due to fear of a sudden power outage.

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JSC Ukrzaliznytsia turned to partners and financial donors with a request to provide non-refundable financial assistance for the company’s work in the conditions of war.
According to the company’s website, the funds will be used to continue evacuation and provide shelters to the civilian population, to help the company’s employees affected by military aggression, as well as to support the company’s activities during the military aggression of the Russian Federation.
“Against the backdrop of open military aggression against Ukraine, launched by Russia on February 24, which is now unfolding, Ukrzaliznytsia continues its work. The main priority today is to ensure the safety of the civilian population and its transportation to safer regions, to protect the life and health of workers. The Ukrainian Railways continues its activities, being at the forefront of humanitarian, evacuation and economic support for Ukraine,” the company said in a statement.
In addition, the company continues at its own expense to evacuate civilians from regions under shelling by Russian invaders. Thus, since the beginning of the war, more than 3 million people have already been evacuated to safer regions. In addition, cargo transportation is carried out to meet the needs of the state and business.
In addition, the company notes that Ukrzaliznytsia constantly records the facts of the destruction of the railway infrastructure and rolling stock. Risking their lives, railway workers are trying to quickly restore damaged equipment and tracks in order to ensure the continuous transportation of passengers and goods. Unfortunately, there are injuries and deaths of workers, members of their families, as well as the destruction of their homes as a result of attacks by the Russian military.
“Railroad workers are confident that the current situation will not stop Ukrzaliznytsia, but, on the contrary, will lead it to a new stage of growth and modernization. Therefore, the company seeks to continue the dialogue with its partners as soon as possible and at this difficult time highly appreciates financial donors, investors and partners who support Ukrzaliznytsia and provide irrevocable financial assistance,” the company’s website says.

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KYIV. March 29 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ) has made the procedure for delivering humanitarian aid in passenger trains more clear, 50 wagons in 32 trains have been allocated for this.

As UZ ​​reported on its Facebook page, on certain routes these wagons will be specially meant for the delivery of humanitarian cargo.

“This will make it possible to clearly separate the humanitarian mission of Ukrzaliznytsia from our direct work: the transportation of passengers and cargo, and will also provide additional security for humanitarian cargo,” the message says.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukrzaliznytsia has transported more than 7,800 tonnes of humanitarian cargo in passenger cars and sent 1,670 cargo cars with humanitarian aid throughout the country. Most of all – to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Odesa.



Since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, Ukrzaliznytsia has evacuated more than 2 million people, Deputy Head of the President’s Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko said live on the information marathon.
“This is really a big figure, and many thanks to Ukrzaliznytsia, which carries people to safe regions,” he said.
According to Tymoshenko, about 150,000 more people were taken by buses from the cities where the most active hostilities are taking place.
“This applies to Luhansk region, Donetsk region, Sumy region, Kyiv and Zaporizhia regions. For all the time, 26 humanitarian corridors have been worked out,” he specified.
Separately, Tymoshenko dwelled on the issue of evacuation from Mariupol.
“We have been trying to get to Mariupol for the fourth day already – now a humanitarian convoy is standing 60 km from the city, but they are not letting it through,” he said, adding that on Monday, March 14, it was possible to ensure that people were able to leave at least in private cars.
Those who managed to evacuate from Mariupol were accepted in Zaporizhia region.

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