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The simplified travel regime for citizens of Ukraine and Uruguay entered into force on Friday, the Ukrainian Embassy to Argentina has reported. “From now on, the period of stay without a visa allowed on the territory of Uruguay will be 90 days, it can be renewed for a second term of 90 days,” the Embassy said on Facebook.
One should have a valid passport document of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, seafarer’s identity card or identity card for return to Ukraine (in case of loss of passport abroad and return to Ukraine) for a visa-free trip to Uruguay, it says.



Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has approved a draft agreement with Uruguay on the mutual abolition of visa requirements. Ukrainian Ambassador to Uruguay concurrently Yuriy Diudin was authorized to sign the document. The provisions of this document stipulate that citizens of Ukraine will be able to stay in the territory of Uruguay for a period not exceeding 90 days, renewable for another period of 90 days. Citizens of Uruguay will be able to stay in Ukraine for a period not exceeding 90 days over a 180-day period.
According to the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, such an agreement was reached after meetings of Director of the Consular Service Department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Serhiy Pohoreltsev in Uruguay, in particular, with the head of the migration service, the leadership of the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry and parliament members.
“After agreeing the necessary formalities for the signing and entry into force of the relevant bilateral agreement, Uruguay will become another country where Ukrainian citizens can travel without visas,” the ministry said.

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Ukraine can conclude agreements on the abolition of visas with four Latin American countries in the near future, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has said.
“We are working to ensure that the geography of visa-free travel is extended for Ukrainians. Today, citizens of Ukraine can travel without visas to 85 countries of the world,” head of the Consular and Legal Affairs Department, Deputy Head of the Consular Service Department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Serhiy Miniaylo said at the round table talk titled “Ukraine’s European Choice after the Revolution of Dignity: Opportunities and Problems” in Kyiv on Friday.
The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled that not long ago agreements were reached with the UAE and Qatar on simplifying the visa regime.
Minayylo said that there are prospects for concluding agreements on the abolition of visa obligations with Peru, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico.
“The possibility of drawing up agreements on the abolition of the visa regime in the near future was discussed with the four countries of the region of [Latin America] in detail. These are Uruguay, Peru, and Colombia. There were substantive discussions in Mexico,” he explained.

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