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Contractor NAN LLC (Kharkiv) plans to complete construction of a parking area near Terminal D of the Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv) in August 2018, First Deputy Director General of the airport Yevhen Dykhne has told Interfax-Ukraine.
“The contractor expects to complete the work in August, which will be the first stage of the parking area for more than 1,000 cars,” he said on the sidelines of a forum dedicated to cybersecurity in Kyiv on Tuesday.
He also said that the airport allocated UAH 440 million for the implementation of this project at this stage.
“Further we will consider the efficiency of this parking area, how much it is necessary to continue the second stage of the parking area in the short term, because the number of parking lots in the project is designed with a large margin,” he said.

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Lviv IT Cluster, an association of IT companies, is launching a project to build an IT Village housing estate, designed for 133 private homes for IT specialists, IT Cluster’s press service has reported. “IT Village will become a new town for IT professionals and a community of people with common interests. The complex with a total area of 17 hectares will consist of 133 separate houses in the village of Nahoriany in Pustomyty district, 9 km from Lviv,” the report said.
Construction will start in August-September 2018, the whole project is to be completed in 2-2.5 years.
The project is non-commercial and offers IT professionals houses with an area of 140 square meters to 350 square meters and a cost from $89,700 to $276,500. Additional infrastructure of the town includes a common recreation area, a sports field for children, a private park, a kindergarten and a supermarket.
The general contractor of IT Village is Lvivbud construction company, which previously participated in the IT House project.
As reported, Lviv IT Cluster plans to build Innovation District IT Park between the streets Stryiska, Chmoly, Luhanska and Kozelnytska in Lviv. The project provides for six eight-storey office buildings and two business centers, as well as a hotel, a kindergarten, a university, a fitness complex and a parking lot for 3,167 cars. The total area of the site is 10 hectares, the area of offices is 82,300 square meters, the area of the retail and service area is 12,900 square meters.

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State-owned enterprise Ukrenergo saw its net profit rise by 53.7 times (by UAH 803.162 million) in January-March 2018 compared to the same period last year, to UAH 818.416 million. According to the financial report of the company, its net income for the first quarter decreased by 15.3% (by UAH 219.35 million), to UAH 1.216 billion, gross profit by 32.1% (by UAH 288.714 million), to UAH 610.042 million.
As reported, in January-March 2018 Ukrenergo increased transmission of electricity through trunk networks by 0.5% (145.197 million kWh) compared to the same period last year, to 30.224 billion kWh. At the same time, the cost of the company’s transfer services for the three months decreased by 18.8% (UAH 251.344 million), to UAH 1.087 billion.
Ukrenergo operates trunk and interstate power grids, as well as performs the centralized dispatching of the unified energy system of the country. It is a state enterprise subordinated to the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry.



The Plank Electrotechnic plant, the manufacturer of the modern electrical systems, part of the conglomerate UFuture Investment Group belonged to businessman Vasyl Khmelnytsky, will start operating on the territory of the Bila Tserkva industrial park this autumn. “This autumn we will get a plant that will produce products. They will be used not only in Ukraine, they will be exported to Europe, since we will build all the plants to meet the European standards,” Khmelnytsky said in an interview with the Crocus local television channel posted on the Facebook page of the businessman.
According to the website of UFuture, on the average, Plank Electrotechnic is to produce 4.6 million units of electrical fixtures and other electrotechnic products per year. Some 50 jobs would be created at the first stage, and later with the development of the cluster – up to 300 jobs. The electrical fixtures market in Ukraine is estimated by the company at UAH 500 million a year. Ukrainian electrical fixtures and other electrotechnic products will boast excellent European quality and competitive value.
According to the posting on the UFuture’s website, the launch of the plant will be the launch of the new cluster Plank, an innovative production cluster that allows efficient cooperation and development of enterprises from various industries that use high-tech polymers and composites in production.
The enterprises forming this cluster will become the first production facility located in the Bila Tserkva industrial park. They will produce electrical, construction and machine-building commodities made of advanced materials.
“Now Ukraine lacks domestically produced goods with the use of engineering polymers and composites, especially advanced ones,” the group said.
At the second stage, production will be launched at the cluster that will employ the method of extrusion of reinforced pipes for water supply and heating systems, installation boxes and skirtings of various sizes. Also, pultrusion technology will be used to produce composite fittings, profiles and mesh made of fiberglass.
All cluster plants will operate under a single quality control and design system, with one supplier of materials as well as raw materials.
Separately, it is planned to develop the logistics capacities of the cluster – a specialized warehouse for the storage of plastic and composite primary granules will be built.
The cluster is ready to cooperate with Ukrainian enterprises and international companies operating in the segment of production of plastic masses, polymers and composites. Cooperation can include both the lease of production capacities in the industrial park area and joint investment in the development of similar projects in Ukraine.
“Our closest plans are to start building three or four plants this year and in three or four years to build 20 plants,” Khmelnytsky said.
In April 2018, the Economic Development and Trade Ministry placed the Bila Tserkva industrial park in the register of industrial parks. In October 2017, Ukrainian entrepreneur and philanthropist Vasyl Khmelnytsky has put his business projects and social initiatives under one umbrella brand, UFuture Investment Group. It incorporates UDP developing company, as well as Bila Tserkva industrial park, UNIT.City and LvivTech.City innovative parks, UDP Renewables.

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The Ukrainian market needs three or five years to fully launch the QR code system for packages of medicines, Commercial Director of Research and Industrial Center Borschahivka chemical and pharmaceutical plant Yevhen Sova has said. “The implementation of the new rules is a step in right direction, but it is a long process, which should be prepared and introduced in phases. The Ukrainian market would require from three to five years to organically introduce the changes,” he told Interfax-Ukraine.
Sova said that the introduction of QR codes for packages would allow helping in fight against counterfeit medicines.
“We are preparing for this at Borschahivka chemical and pharmaceutical plant. The enterprise has installed specialized equipment for placing QR codes on packages,” he said.
The expert said that the monitoring system using QR codes would work only the general public approach at all levels of flow of medicines would apply.
Sova said that the introduction of QR codes on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market could affect the cost of medicines.

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The active development of sustainable energy creates demand on the introduction of micro-grid systems in Ukraine, and growing popularity of electric cars creates demand on the installation of superchargers. A representative of the company Andriy Panchenko described the new trends at the Swedish-Ukrainian business forum held in Kyiv recently. According to him, the company has already built 25 MW solar power plants under an order of Ukrainian energy companies.
Panchenko told Interfax-Ukraine that ABB on the market of solar power plants offers complex solutions, supplying everything, except solar cell arrays and cables. He estimated ABB’s market share at about 10%.
The representative of the company said that this market is growing, and this year the volume of construction will exceed 30 MW.
With regard to the superchargers, Panchenko said that the company has already installed 15 devices with a capacity of 50 kW, and the largest customer was DTEK. In his opinion, this market will continue to grow rapidly, as Ukraine is now the fifth market in Europe for importing cars, and the number of high-speed charges on the market is still very low. In general, Panchenko said that the ABB business in Ukraine began to grow, and if in 2014 its staff decreased from 200 to 100, now it has about 120 employees.

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