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Nova Poshta Moldova through January-June 2019 doubled a number of deliveries compared to the same period in 2018, Nova Poshta Georgia saw 32% rise in the similar indicator, Nova Poshta Group of Companies reported on its website.
According to the group, its offices in Moldova and Georgia managed to increase a number of processed deliveries and to shorten the terms of delivery thanks to launch of deliveries in any part of the country, delivery speed-up and attraction of the new large business clients.
“Fast and reliable delivery in Moldova favors development of the local online stores since the customers started to arrange online orders…As in Ukraine, one of the key segments of Nova Poshta in Moldova is e-commerce, a developing market with free niches. Therefore, the task of Nova Poshta Moldova is to create an effective logistics infrastructure mean to facilitate the development of e-commerce,” Nova Poshta International Operations Director Aliona Stepina said.
She said Georgia’s complex landscape and geography are such that not all the logistics companies operating in this country are ready to deliver parcels and cargo to remote mountain settlements. Meanwhile, Nova Poshta Georgia managed to ensure delivery to each client, which became an important competitive advantage and allowed the company to enter the top three market leaders and improve the quality of work with business clients.
The group stressed that the companies in both states continue to expand the list of the services both for domestic deliveries, as well as for international destinations, will introduce digital-tools, which have already proved to be effective in Ukraine.
Nova Poshta Moldova and Nova Poshta Georgia are parts of Nova Poshta Group.
Nova Poshta, founded in 2001, is the leader in the local delivery market. The company’s network consists of more than 3,300 offices throughout Ukraine.

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The Nova Poshta Group delivered 174 million parcels in 2018, which is almost 20% more than in 2017.
Co-owner of the company Volodymyr Popereshniuk said at a press conference late on Tuesday, in 2019, the company also seeks to achieve 20% growth in the number of deliveries.
The company also said that the number of items generated by business customers grew by 25% over the year, and online stores registered 36 million parcels in a year.
In 2018, Nova Poshta delivered 2.7 million international shipments, while the growth in deliveries from the United States doubled, and from Europe it increased by 3.5 times.
“In 2018, we opened about 350 new branches and installed more than 200 pick-up and drop-off points, which work not only in our branches, but also in the Epicenter, Lotok, Auchan and Leroy Merlin retail networks. We have grown to almost 3,000 points of presence and we will expand the network in small towns,” Director of Nova Poshta Oleksandr Bulba said.
He also said that the average speed of delivery of a parcel was reduced by 50 minutes.
In addition, in 2018, Nova Poshta transferred over UAH 3 billion in taxes and fees to the budget of all levels, which is 43% more than in 2017.
As reported, Nova Poshta in 2017 delivered 145.8 million parcels, which is almost 30% more than in 2016.
Founded in 2001, Nova Poshta Group is a leader in the express delivery market in Ukraine. The company’s network consists of almost 3,000 branches throughout the country.



The Nova Poshta Group predicts that in 2018, the group would increase the number of deliveries to 170 million, which is 16.6% more than last year, Nova Poshta Director Oleksandr Bulba has said.
“The [upward] trend continues in 2018: we expect a 15-20% increase in the eight months ending August this year. We delivered 108 million parcels (for comparison, in the eight months of 2017, 90 million.) Our plan for this year is about 170 million parcels,” he told Interfax-Ukraine.
The press service of the group told Interfax-Ukraine that this year Nova Poshta intends to open up to 600 new points of presence of different formats.
As reported, Nova Poshta in January-June 2018 delivered 78 million items, which is 21% more than in the same period in 2017.
Nova Poshta was founded in 2001. Its network has more than 2,350 depots and a fleet of more than 3,600 trucks. In 2017, more than 145 million items were delivered.