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Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) in July-September 2020 sold 195,120 tonnes of chicken meat, which is 18% more than a year ago.
MHP said on Wednesday that chicken meat sales grew by 2%, to 523,760 tonnes in January-September 2020.
“Third parties sales amounted to 523,759 tonnes of poultry, which is 2% higher than in 9M 2019, driven mainly by substantial increase in exports in Q3 2020 – 37% year-on-year to 108,472 tonnes due to the increased sales to MENA region predominantly as well as to Africa and CIS,” the company said.
MHP said that overall chicken meat sales volumes in Q3 2020 increased by 18% compared to Q3 2019 and by 14% compared to Q2 2020, driven mainly by the company’s strategy to decrease its poultry stocks accumulated during the preceding periods – in late 2019 and 2020.
In Ukraine, sales of chicken in the third quarter remained at the level of last year – 86,650 tonnes, and in nine months increased by 1%, to 244,740 tonnes, while the export of chicken in the first nine months increased by 3%, to 279,030 tonnes.
Notwithstanding the turbulent times, MHP continued to follow its strategies of both geographic diversification and of a product mix optimization developing partnerships across the MENA, CIS, EU and Africa countries. Total poultry exports in 9M 2020 constituted around 53%, same as in 9M 2019, of total poultry sales volumes.
Prices on the domestic market decreased by 11% year-on-year, mainly for the same reasons as export prices as well as a higher proportion of lower priced frozen chicken sales in Ukraine. The price was $1.36 per kg (VAT not included), and in 9M 2020 it was 9% lower – $1.34 per kg (VAT not included).
The prices fell both on the Ukrainian market by 7% in Q3 2020 and by 11% in 9M 2020 and on the foreign market – by 8% and 9% respectively, mainly driven by the product mix change during H1 2020 (significant decrease in sales of fillet to the EU and increased sales to MENA) and weaker prices on breast fillet in EU as many global competitors experienced reduced demand, which resulted in excess stocks.
Poultry production volumes in Q3 2020 remained relatively stable, decreased by 3%, constituting 181,661 tonnes (Q3 2019: 186,555 tonnes) mainly due to increased share of small birds production (dedicated to MENA region predominantly). In 9M 2020 poultry production volumes were relatively stable and constituted 541,592 tonnes (9M 2019: 540,133 tonnes).

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Exports of Ukrainian butter decreased 43.7%, to 8,540 tonnes, and in monetary terms 40.5%, to $37.43 million.
Import of this product in the reporting period amounted to 9,010 tonnes ($35.38 million) against 1,330 tonnes ($7.19 million) in January-September 2019.
According to the ministry, export of milk and cream (condensed) in the first nine months of 2020 decreased 30.3%, to 21,540 tonnes.
Ukraine supplied condensed milk and cream for a total of $43.6 million, which is 33.5% less than in January-September last year.
Import of this group of goods increased 3.2-fold, to 4,870 tonnes, in monetary terms by 3.3 times, to $10.95 million.



Ukraine in January-September 2020 increased export of poultry by 6.7% compared to the same period in 2019, to 323,730 tonnes, the State Customs Service has reported.
According to its data, in monetary terms, exports of these products fell by 4.4%, to $420.03 million.
At the same time, imports of poultry for the first nine months of this year decreased 17.2%, to 78,460 tonnes, in money terms by 13.9%, to $32.62 million.
Pork export, according to the State Customs Service, increased 28.7%, to 2,060 tonnes. These products were delivered for $4.62 million, which is 30.2% more than in January-September 2019.
In January-September 2020, pork imports to Ukraine increased 4.8%, to 19,200 tonnes, in monetary terms by 11.3%, to $38.78 million.
In addition, over the indicated period, Ukraine reduced export of eggs by 16.4%, to 88,850 tonnes, in monetary terms by 5.5%, to $79.38 million.
In January-September 2020, egg imports fell by 50%, to 2,090 tonnes, in monetary terms by 54.6%, to $7.47 million.

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Ukraine since the beginning of the new 2020/2021 marketing year (MY, July-June) and as of October 9 had exported 13.02 million tonnes of grain and legumes, which is 1.74 million tonnes less than on the same date last MY.
According to the information and analytical portal of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, to date, 9.14 million tonnes of wheat, 3.06 million tonnes of barley and 770,000 tonnes of corn have been exported.
As of October 9 this year, 52,200 tonnes of flour were also exported.
As reported, Ukraine exported a record 57.2 million tonnes of grain, legumes and flour in the 2019/2020 MY, which is 13.5% more than in the previous MY.



President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky believes that current good indicators of trade turnover between Ukraine and China can be significantly increased, and Ukraine will have something to offer China in terms of exporting high-tech products, products with a high degree of processing and high added value.

“Ukraine has significant potential for cooperation with China in various fields, comparable or even greater than that of many other Eastern European countries. We are interested in the successful realization of this potential. China confidently took the first line in the ranking of our largest trading partners: last year our trade turnover amounted to about $13 billion. And China takes leading positions among the main export partners of Ukraine. I am convinced that the current figures can be significantly increased,” he said in an interview with the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

The President of Ukraine said that Ukraine was one of the first countries to support the initiative of the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping “One Belt, One Road.”

“Ukraine has a unique geographical location – on the eastern border of the EU, on the way from Asia to Europe, as well as between the Black and Baltic Seas. We have the necessary economic and industrial potential for effective participation in this ambitious project,” he said.

Among the priorities of practical cooperation with China, Zelensky named the credit and investment, agro-industrial, engineering and transport sectors. “Ukraine has significant scientific and educational potential, rich culture. All this provides good opportunities for increasing the volume of trade and economic cooperation, enhancing bilateral humanitarian contacts and exchanges,” he said.

Zelensky said that in order to create better conditions for tourism development, Ukraine introduced a temporary visa-free regime for Chinese tourists from August 1.

“We will continue to try to improve the conditions for mutual trips of citizens of the two countries, so that they have better opportunities to get acquainted with the rich history and culture of Ukraine and China,” he said.

In his opinion, one of the steps towards cultural rapprochement between the two peoples should be the systematic training of specialists in Sinology in Ukraine, and now the Chinese language is being studied at Ukrainian secondary schools and universities, in Ukraine about 500 Sinologists annually receive diplomas of philology, there are qualified translators.



In January-August 2020 Ukraine reduced electricity export revenues by 18.3% (by $43.883 million) compared to the same period in 2019, to $196.325 million, in particular electricity was supplied at $7.66 million in August.
According to the State Customs Service, in the first eight months of this year electricity was exported to Hungary at $92.2 million, Poland for $56.586 million, Romania for $35.811 million and other countries for $11.728 million.
In addition, in January-August Ukraine imported electricity at the value of $111.340 million (at $1.336 million in August), including from Slovakia at $53.07 million, Hungary at $36.921 million, Belarus at $10.479 million and other countries at $10.87 million.
As reported, in 2019 Ukraine increased its electricity export revenue by 14.1% (by $46.825 million) compared to 2018, to $378.767 million, including $231.359 million for electricity export to Hungary, $84.584 million for export to Poland, $41.683 million for export to Moldova and $21.141 million for export to other countries.
In addition, in 2019 Ukraine electricity imports accounted for $121.401 million, including $43.115 million import value from Belarus, $36.336 million from Slovakia, $26.485 million from Hungary and $15.465 million from other countries.
In physical terms, in 2019 Ukraine’s electricity exports increased by 4.9% (by 303.6 million kWh) compared to 2018, to 6.469 billion kWh, and electricity imports amounted to 2.698 billion kWh.

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