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Nova Poshta, the leader of express delivery in Ukraine, has launched the Kharkiv Innovation Terminal in a test mode.
The company said this terminal became the fourth innovative terminal of the company in Ukraine and the second largest after the Kyiv Innovation Terminal.
The construction of an object with an area of more than 19,000 sq m lasted 1.5 years. Like other innovative terminals of Nova Poshta, the Kharkiv terminal is equipped with automated equipment from the Dutch company Vanderlande, capable of handling 8,500 parcels per hour. The terminal is also equipped with 31 special telescopic conveyors, with the help of which items are unloaded and loaded directly into the vehicle. The total capacity of the terminal is up to 20,000 parcels per hour.
“Investments in infrastructure is a necessity for the company to effectively sort parcels, the volumes of which are growing significantly from year to year, and this year the figure has already grown by 30%. The opening of the Kharkiv terminal will help us distribute logistics flows in the east and maintain the speed of delivery,” CEO of Nova Poshta Oleksandr Bulba said.
The Kharkiv terminal will sort shipments for Kharkiv, as well as Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
At present, the terminal is operating in a test mode, all processes of Nova Poshta’s terminal logistics are synchronized: the logistics directions and information structure are changing, and the flow of shipments is being distributed.
Nova Poshta plans to launch it on a regular basis next week.

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Nova Poshta Group of Companies opened its 7,000th office in Ukraine in October 2020.
According to the company’s press release, the company’s network currently has 7,145 offices, 4,100 of which operate in villages.
“This year we have already opened 1,300 new offices. That means, on average, Nova Poshta opened five offices a day, four of which are in villages where the company was not previously represented,” the press service quotes CEO of Nova Poshta Oleksandr Bulba.
The company noted that in 2020 the network was also expanded in resort areas. In particular, offices appeared in Henicheska Hirka (Kherson region), Mykolaivka, Prymorske (Odesa region), Tatariv (Ivano-Frankivsk region), Oriavchyk (Lviv region) and others. In general, Nova Poshta already operates in more than 100 resort areas.
At the same time, according to the company, the leader in network expansion in 2020 was Ivano-Frankivsk region, where more than 100 new offices have appeared since the beginning of the year. The top five regions also include Lviv, Odesa, Zaporizhia and Rivne regions.



The founders of Nova Poshta, Viacheslav Klimov and Volodymyr Popereshniuk, have become investors in the Kooperativ co-working space, which was opened at the end of 2019 in Kyiv’s Paladis business center at 23 Sichovykh Striltsiv Street (in the building of the former book factory Zhovten).
The creators of the project are Andriy Fedoriv, the founder of Fedoriv Group and Fedoriv Agency, Vasyl Grogol, the founder of Bursa hotel, and an entrepreneur from France.
“Somehow at the beginning of summer, the guys came to a meeting at Fedoriv Agency and saw how cool the completed Kooperativ had turned out. We started a long conversation, the result of which was the decision – Slava and Volodia will acquire part of the project’s shares and join Vasyl Grogol and me as partners,” Fedoriv wrote on his Facebook page.
According to him, in the future, the partners will work on the development of the Kooperativ co-working space together.
“The first step will be the integration into Kooperativ of our legendary space in the Arena [Arena City business center] with an area of about 1,000 square meters. Fedorivhub will become Kooperativ Hub from September 1, and the former Fedoriv office will become a co-working space for about 100 residents … Despite a difficult year, it shows good results and as an operating company we are already expanding,” Fedoriv said.

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Nova Poshta Global (NPG), part of the Nova Poshta Group, due to growth of demand for international transportation has increased the number of direct flights with China and launched two weekly Kyiv-Beijing-Kyiv flights, the press service of Nova Poshta reported on Monday.
“Now the Chinese direction is one of the most promising in international trade. In May, we delivered almost 2.5 times more orders from Chinese online stores than in April. Therefore, we decided to charter another additional direct flight on an ongoing basis. Now twice in a week we deliver goods to both individuals and companies importing from China. An increase in flights will provide our customers with guaranteed delivery times, because you don’t have to wait for the right “window” for additional loading,” the press service reported, citing Nova Poshta Global CEO Yuriy Benevytsky.
The company said that in total more than 520,000 items were delivered from abroad in May – almost twice as much as in April. This is due to an increase in demand for transportation of goods for business customers and an increase in the number of orders in international online stores.

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Nova Poshta Moldova, a member of the Nova Poshta group of companies, opens the first two branches in Chisinau.
According to the press service of the group of companies, in particular, branch No. 1 carries out accepting and issuing items without restrictions on weight.
Branch No. 2 accepts and issues items weighing up to 30 kg.
The branches will be open from 09:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Saturday. All company services will be available to customers: sending and receiving domestic and international goods and parcels, and one can also use the packaging service. In the future, the range of services will expand.
By the end of the year, the company plans to expand the network of branches in Chisinau, and with good experience, to expand to other regions of the country.
Nova Poshta Moldova, along with Nova Poshta Georgia, NP Logistic, POST FINANCE and Nova Poshta Global, is part of the Nova Poshta group of companies.
Nova Poshta, founded in 2001, is the leader in the express delivery market in Ukraine. The network of the company exceeds 3,300 branches throughout the country.


Nova Poshta Global (NPG), a member of Nova Poshta group of companies, launches scheduled flights from/to the United States and China.
The company’s press service said on Tuesday that flights by the order of Nova Poshta Global will be operated several times a week and deliver both parcels from Ukraine and purchases made by Ukrainians in online stores of these countries.
Together with partners, the company has already launched six scheduled flights, namely, five flights to/from the United States and one to/from China. Four flights in the direction of Warsaw-New York-Warsaw are operated by European airlines Lufthansa and LOT, and one weekly direct flight Kyiv-New York-Kyiv of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA). Nova Poshta Global launched another weekly flight to/from China in cooperation with the Ukrainian company SkyUp.
“We launched scheduled flights with our regular partners Lufthansa, LOT and UIA, and last week we began cooperation with Ukrainian airline SkyUp. The first flight of this airline has already delivered 1,801 parcels for our customers with a total weight of 17 tonnes, including both individual orders and commercial goods. This is only part of the parcels that Nova Poshta Global delivers to Ukraine from China weekly. We deliver on average about 25,000 parcels weighing more than 38 tonnes per week from the United States,” the press service said, citing Nova Poshta Global CEO Yuriy Benevytsky.
According to Nova Poshta Global, orders from the United States increased by 4.7 times in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, which was due to cooperation with the American online store iHerb, namely, some 230,000 parcels with a total weight of 360 tonnes were delivered from that store for the first quarter of 2020.
According to the data provided, the number of deliveries of NP Shopping service has also increased in particular some 81,000 parcels were delivered in the first quarter, which is 32% more than in the same period in 2019.
However, the company’s customers began not only to order more from abroad, but also to send abroad. Thus, for the first quarter of 2020, the volume of export shipments of individuals increased by 12%, and business customer shipments doubled compared to the same period in 2019. Almost 78% are parcels and goods, some 12% are documents.
Nova Poshta Global (formerly Nova Poshta International) has been providing international express delivery services since 2015, and is part of the Nova Poshta group of companies. Nova Poshta Global is developing the NP Shopping service – the delivery from online stores in the United States, China, Britain and Poland, provides import and export services for businesses and the ability to ship from any Nova Poshta branch to most countries of the world.

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