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Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv) in January-September 2019 increased passenger traffic by 22.5% compared to the same period in 2018, to 11.623 million people, the press service of the airport has told Interfax-Ukraine.
Passenger traffic on international flights for the indicated period amounted to 10.8 million people (an increase of 23.7%), in the domestic sector some 831,200 people (an increase of 8.8%).
The number of flights for January-September 2019 amounted to 84,400 for arrival/departures, which is 16.1% more than in the same period in 2018, in particular 74,340 international flights (more by 18.2%), and 10,080 domestic flights (2.8% more).
In September 2019, passenger flow in Boryspil amounted to 1.649 million people, which is 27.6% more than in September 2018. At the same time, passenger traffic on international flights amounted to 1.552 million people (29.3% more), on domestic flights some 97,200 (6.1% more).
The number of flights in September 2019 amounted to 11,443 for arrival/departure, which is 24.7% more than in the same period in 2018, including 10,290 international flights (28% more), and 1,150 domestic trips (up by 1.6%).

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The Dnipro international airport increased passenger flow by 14.2% in January-September 2019 year-over-year, to 263,071 people.
According to the airport’s website, passenger traffic on international flights amounted to 156,800 people, on domestic flights – 106,200 people.
In September 2019, the passenger flow of the airport amounted to 39,200 people, which is 31.2% more than in September last year.
As reported, DCH Group, a Ukrainian industrial and financial group of Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, is ready to invest in the reconstruction of the Dnipro international airport.
The Dnipro International Airport (formerly Dnipropetrovsk) has been operating since 1943. It became an independent enterprise only in 2011. It is located 5 km southeast of Dnipro city.

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Ukrainians registered 23,000 imported used passenger cars in September, which is 3.2 times more than the registrations of new passenger cars in the same month, the Ukrautoprom association has reported.
Compared with September 2018 registrations of imported used passenger cars grew 2.3 times, and their share of the primary market grew from 60% to 76%.
The most popular car was Volkswagen Passat (1,460 cars registered). Renault Megane with 1,315 cars, and Skoda Octavia with 1,203 cars was third.
Volkswagen Golf with 912 registrations was fourth and Ford Focus with 789 used cars registered was fifth.
The association said that since the start of 2019, 321,600 imported used passenger cars have been registered in Ukraine, which is 4.5 times more than a year ago. The new passenger car market over the period was only 61,700 cars.
On September 12, 2019, the Verkhovna Rada repeatedly postponed the application of fines for owners of cars with foreign license plates for 90 days.

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Primary registrations of new passenger cars in Ukraine in January-August 2019 grew by 2% year-over-year, to 54,600, the Ukrautoprom association has reported.
Sales growth in August of this year by 12.5% compared to August of 2018, to 8,300 cars, contributed to the positive pace over the January-August period.
“This is the best result for the domestic market over the past 19 months,” the association said.
The leader of August – Renault – improved the result of the same month by 44% to 1,422 cars, Toyota ranked second, registrations of which grew by 20% to 1,175 cars, and the KIA brand moved up to the third position with sales growth of 71%, up to 817 cars.
Skoda was fourth with 601 cars sold (a rise of 49%), and Nissan maintained fifth position despite a 5% drop in sales (to 472 cars).
Ukrautoprom said that over the past summer season in Ukraine, 22,400 new passenger cars were registered.
Meanwhile, the AUTO-Consulting information and analytical group, analyzing car sales last month, said that sales growth amounted to 6.3%, to 8,200 cars, even compared to the successful July of 2019, and compared to August 2018, they grew by 19.8%.
The top three of the month at AUTO-Consulting coincides with Ukrautoprom’s, and the group’s sensation of the month is Peugeot’s breakthrough in eighth place (11th in July), with a 25.4% increase in sales, to 247 vehicles compared with July 2019.



The head of Kherson Regional State Administration, Yuriy Husev, expects that Kherson International Airport will increase passenger traffic in 2019, in addition, work is underway to modernize its terminal.
“Kherson International Airport transported 150,000 passengers last year. We plan to increase passenger flow this year. On July 30 we resumed negotiations with Ryanair, which confirmed its willingness to fly from Kherson airport. Today, the airport operates regular flights to Istanbul, Kyiv. Scheduled flights to Egypt will be launched soon,” he said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
Husev noted that there is a fruitful cooperation with the EBRD and the IFS developer of software for integrated corporate management, which help build a concept for the development of the airport.
“There is an understanding of what we need to do first. Kherson airport, the air gates of the south of Ukraine, should be developed,” he said.
The head of Kherson Regional State Administration also said that work is underway to modernize the airport terminal.
“There are certain ideas. We are working with the representatives of the regional council so that the necessary funds are provided for in the budget. We are also discussing the idea of a possible concession with the EBRD,” he said.

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Passenger traffic at Kharkiv International Airport in January-July 2019 amounted to 683,300 people, which is 25% more than in the same period of 2018, the airport writes on its page in Facebook.
In July 2019, some 130,700 people used the airport’s services, which is 25% more than in July 2018.
The most popular destinations for this period were Antalya, Kyiv, Istanbul, Sharm el-Sheikh, and Warsaw.
As reported, passenger traffic at Kharkiv airport in 2018 was 962,500 people, which is 19% more than in 2017.
Kharkiv Airport has a runway with a length of 2,500 meters and a width of 50 meters. There are two passenger terminals with a capacity of 100 and 650 people per hour in its territory.

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