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SkyUp (Kyiv) is planning to launch flights from Zaporizhia to Batumi (Georgia), Larnaca (Cyprus) and Prague (Czech Republic) at the end of spring to summer 2021.
The company’s press service said on Monday that tickets are available for purchase on the SkyUp website.
The airline also said that it has extended for the winter season flights on the Kyiv-Zaporizhia-Kyiv route, which it started operating from the new airport terminal on October 19.
“Government support for such important infrastructure projects that make passengers’ vacation more comfortable, also opens wide opportunities for increasing destinations, flight frequencies and potentially setting lower fares. We are grateful to the city and airport authorities for the honor of the first Ukrainian low-cost airline to operate the first flight,” the airline’s press service said, citing SkyUp CEO Dmytro Seroukhov.
As reported, the new terminal of Zaporizhia international airport started accommodating internal flights on October 19.

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The bus operator FlixBus launches two new international trips from Ukraine on the Kyiv-Krakow-Prague and Kyiv-Vilnius routes. The press service of the company said the Kyiv-Vilnius bus departs daily from Kyiv at 19:20 and arrives at Vilnius airport at 08:40, and then at the bus station at 09:05. Departure from Vilnius is at 21:30, then check-in at the airport of the Lithuanian capital, and arrival in Kyiv at 11:50 the next day. The carrier is the Lithuanian company Ollex. The line route is Kyiv-Chernihiv-Vilnius.
“In recent years, Lithuania has become a popular tourist destination for Ukrainians. According to the statistics department of the Republic of Lithuania, 44% more Ukrainians arrived in Lithuania last year than in 2018. This is the highest increase among visitors from all countries. And although today the pandemic is bringing its limitations, in the long term, the growth of tourism from Ukraine to Lithuania will continue. Now you can get to Vilnius simply and at an affordable price by a comfortable bus, and then, by making one change – across the Baltic countries,” the press service said citing FlixBus Director in Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States Michal Leman.
The report notes that FlixBus launched its network in the Baltic countries, namely Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in early July. The company currently offers daily trips from Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius to more than ten other Baltic cities.

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Czech Airlines (the Czech Republic) has resumed flights from Prague to Odesa from May 30, 2019, according to a posting on the Facebook page of the Odesa airport.
The flights will be operated up to four times a week. In particular, from Odesa from May 30 to June 17 the plane will depart on Tuesdays and Fridays, from June 18 to July 1 – also on Sundays, from July 2 – on Thursdays. Departure time is 5:00 local time.
From Prague, from May 30 to June 16, the flight will be operated on Mondays and Thursdays, from June 17 flights on Saturdays will also be added, and from July 1 – on Wednesdays. Departure time is 22:45 local time.
The cost of a one-way ticket starts from UAH 2,700.
Czech Airlines is the main airline of the Czech Republic and operates flights from Prague to the main destinations in Europe and Asia.

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