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The commission of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine has decided to recommend the head of the authority to authorize Windrose to operate the Dnipro-Berlin (Germany) line for regular flights for an indefinite period of time (three times a week), according to a posting on the website of the regulator.
In addition, Jonica Airlines was allowed to fly from Odesa to Prague (Czech Republic) from March 29, 2020 for an unlimited period four times a week, Eleron Airlines from Lviv to Tel Aviv (Israel) from April 1 three times a week, SkyUp from Odesa to Istanbul (Turkey) for an unlimited period of time four times a week, and Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) from Zaporizhia to Larnaca (Cyprus) for an unlimited period of time twice a week.
In addition, it was decided to increase the number of Windrose’s flights on the following lines: Kyiv-Dnipro-Kyiv (from 21 to 26 flights per week), Kyiv-Odesa-Kyiv (from three to 21 flights per week), Kyiv-Mykolaiv-Kyiv (from five to seven flights per week). The number of Azur Air Ukraine flights on the routes Kyiv-Dalaman (Turkey)-Kyiv (from two to five flights a week) and Kyiv-La Romana (Dominican Republic)-Kyiv (from two to five flights a week) has also been increased.
At the same time, the State Aviation Service left the Windrose’s application without consideration regarding obtaining rights to operate the following lines: Kyiv-Zaporizhia-Kyiv, Kyiv-Odesa-Kyiv, Kyiv-Lviv-Kyiv, Kyiv-Kherson-Kyiv, Kyiv-Kharkiv-Kyiv (all – three flights a week), as well as Kyiv-Dnipro-Kyiv (five flights a week).
In addition, the regulator decided not to allow SkyUp to obtain rights to operate the Kyiv-Venice (Italy)-Kyiv (two flights a week), Lviv-Venice-Lviv (two flights a week), Kyiv-Istanbul-Kyiv (three flights a week), Kyiv-Prague-Kyiv (seven flights a week) and Azur Air Ukraine to operate the Kyiv-Istanbul-Kyiv (seven flights a week) and Kyiv-Bodrum (Turkey)-Kyiv lines.

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Ukraine International Airlines (UIA, Kyiv) does not feel a decrease in passenger traffic due to information about the active spread of coronavirus, the airline’s press service has told Interfax-Ukraine.
“There are passengers with tickets for flights to Italy who requested to re-arrange their flights for later dates. We do this as an exception to a term of two months from the original date. But there are very few of them,” the press service said.
According to UIA, in total, there were 26 such requests through the airline’s Facebook page, of which five returns were issued, and 21 tickets were reissued for other dates.
At the same time, UIA does not currently plan to limit the flight program to Italy.
As reported, the Hungarian low cost airline Wizz Air reduces the number of flights to Italy from March 11 to April 2, 2020 due to a decrease in demand because of coronavirus.

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Ukraine International Airlines (UIA, Kyiv) reduces its flight program due to the need to optimize the company’s costs and return to the breakeven level.
The press service of UIA said, in particular, the airline stops operating flights to Amman (Jordan), Minsk (Belarus), and Riga (Latvia).
In addition, air traffic between Kyiv and Beijing (China) will be suspended, and the frequency of flights on the route Kyiv-Bangkok (Thailand) will be reduced to three weekly flights. It is also planned to reduce the implementation of duplicate night and day flights of UIA in eastern directions.
Such changes, according to UIA, will come into force on November 16, 2019 and will be valid “until the government of Ukraine develops an effective solution to create equal competitive conditions for Ukrainian and foreign carriers when flying over the territory of the Russian Federation.”
“UIA will offer passengers a change in the route of transportation if this is possible or a refund of the ticket if it is not possible to change the route or the passenger refuses the proposed alternative flight,” the company explained.
In addition, according to the airline, all UIA regular flights to Western European destinations will be operated during the daytime, departing from Kyiv between 09:30 and 10:30 and arriving in Kyiv between 17:30 and 18:30 local time.

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Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) is ready to purchase medium-haul aircraft of Ukrainian production, provided they are launched into mass production, chairman of the supervisory board and co-owner of UIA Aron Mayberg has said in an interview with
“UIA is the only airline in Ukraine that is actively and consistently developing domestic flights. It’s another matter that with the abolition of VAT, the company will be able to more actively increase the fleet for domestic flights. The preliminary plans for next year include replenishment of the fleet with at least two Embraer 195s, and if all will turn out favorably this figure may increase to four,” he said.
According to Mayberg, UIA is interested in buying medium-haul aircraft, the cost of transportation in which in terms of one seat will be $30-40. This will make it possible to sell tickets from $20-22 to $70-80 on a flight.
At the same time, he emphasized that mass production is a prerequisite for the purchase of Ukrainian aircraft by airlines.
“It’s not only a matter of cost. Aircraft need to be mass-produced, and not be made in three individual planes, for which it is not clear where to get pilots, spare parts and how to service them. Serial production is not developed in one day. This is a long and complex process. We really need a medium-haul aircraft with a capacity of 70-100 seats. If Ukraine makes such a successful aircraft, we would buy it,” Mayberg said.

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Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) stopped direct regular flights between Kyiv and Almaty (Kazakhstan) on October 27, 2019, the airline’s press service has said.
“The decision to stop flights was made in connection with the unprofitability of the flight, caused by the need to bypass the territory of the Russian Federation. The ban on using the airspace of the Russian Federation for Ukrainian carriers led to a significant increase in the duration of the Kyiv-Almaty flight from five hours 20 minutes to six hours 35 minutes and, accordingly, additional costs, which it is not possible to cover even taking into account the effect of transit traffic,” the airline said.
At the same time, UIA maintains a code sharing agreement with Air Astana on routes to Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana) and Almaty. However, the company emphasizes that the schedule of code sharing flights between Kyiv and Almaty will allow retaining only part of transit capabilities, and the closure of its own flight violates the airline’s hub model and is a necessary measure designed to return the company to profitability.
“The decision is necessary and logical. It is connected with the difficulties in implementing the hub model that have been repeatedly voiced earlier. Losses exceeding $7 million do not allow us to continue operating a loss-making flight,” UIA President Yevhen Dykhne said.
In 2013-2019 UIA performed 2,120 flights on the Kyiv-Almaty-Kyiv route, carried 528,500 passengers and delivered 3,600 tonnes of cargo and mail, and also provided an additional transit flow of 380,000 passengers to Boryspil International Airport.

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Ukraine International Airline (UIA) jointly with ATASS-Boryspil bus operator (earlier it carried passengers from the Boryspil international airport to the central railway station of Kyiv) launched intermodal transportation between Vinnytsia and Boryspil International Airport, the press service of the UIA has reported.
The UIA combined services connecting Vinnytsia and Kyiv are operated daily on Neoplan buses. Buses depart from Terminal D, Boryspil International Airport, at 20:25, and Terminal Square, Vinnytsia airport, at 03:00.
“UIA baggage and hand baggage allowance applies to this type of travelling. Meanwhile, passengers are not required to check-in their luggage for the bus service. Animals, bulky sporting equipment, non-folding wheelchairs, and weapons are not permitted for transportation by bus,” the press service said.
The press service said that this is the first time UIA launches an intermodal service. The intermodal service is successfully provided by some European airlines.

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