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National Bank has released rating of top 20 insurers in Ukraine

The leaders of the Ukrainian insurance market in terms of collected net insurance premiums in January-September 2023 were: ARKS Insurance Company (UAH 2.378 billion), TAS Insurance Group (UAH 2.601 billion) and Unica Insurance Company (UAH 1.984 billion) (all based in Kyiv).

No. Name of IC Net premiums Growth rate Written premiums Growth rate Assets Reserves

1 ARX 2378 +6.8% 2760 +21.5% 5455 2838

2 TAS 2601 +54.7% 2542 +47.7% 3696 2486

3 UNIQ 1984 +9.4% 2381 +23.8% 4557 2114

4 VUSO 1693 +86.2% 2005 +78% 1726 1087

5 USG 1632 +17.2% 2243 -1.2% 3767 2312

6 INGO 1466 +34.6% 1993 +64.9% 3527 1889

7 Arsenal Insurance 1323 +5.3% 1599 +42.3 2383 1602

8 Universalna 1212 +48.3% 1463 +54.7% 2062 1121

9 PZU Ukraine 1109 +33.1% 1314 +42% 2065 1394

10 Oranta 927.8 +16.2% 1100 +29.6 1535 980.3

11 Guardian 844.5 +57.2% 1010 +60.5% 996.3 699.3

12 Knyazha VIG 825.5 +40.7% 1464 +68.9% 1758 1382

13 Premier Garant Profi 620.4 +26.9 617.5 +25.6% 180.2 19.7

14 Persha 487.4 +59.3% 599.4 +47.7% 926.9 639.9

15 Express Insurance 468.5 +12.5% 511.1 +68.5% 715 360.1

16 Colonnade Ukraine 355.1 +39% 450.2 65.4% 863 337.7

17 Euroins Ukraine 321.3 +9.3% 408 +22.1 1059 647.5

18 Alfa Garant 298.3 +24.2% 330.9 +37.6% 348.3 294

19 Oberig 293 +47.8% 275.1 +30.7% 278.3 186.8

20 UPSC 282.4 -63.9% 359.7 +0.2% 690.1 267

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Ukrainian insurers have increased spending on advertising by more than quarter

Ukrainian insurance companies’ expenditures on advertising and marketing in January-June 2023 increased by 27.7% compared to the same period of 2022 – up to UAH 64.5 million, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) said on its website.

According to the report, insurers’ administrative expenses for the period amounted to UAH 2.656 billion, which is 2.5% more than in the first half of 2022, while their sales expenses increased by 6.3% to UAH 1.032 billion.

In addition, expenses on conclusion and prolongation of insurance contracts increased by 5.3% – up to UAH 5.317 billion, including expenses on agency fees – by 4.4%, up to UAH 4.899 billion.

Expenses on conclusion and prolongation of reinsurance contracts have increased 2,1 times – up to UAH 56,7 mln, including expenses on brokers’ remunerations – 2,2 times, up to UAH 56,1 mln, of which non-resident brokers – decreased by 12,5%, up to UAH 11,2 mln.

Expenses for insurance claims settlement increased by 40.9% to UAH 221.3mn, while expenses for appraisers’ services increased by 75.3% to UAH 77.5mn.

Expenses for assistance payment increased by 12.7% and amounted to UAH 91.7mn. At the same time payment for services of non-resident assistant has decreased almost twice – to UAH 4,2 mln.

Insurers’ expenses for court cases have increased in 3,1 times – up to UAH 33,1 mln.

As reported, insurance companies of Ukraine in January-June 2023 collected net premiums in the amount of UAH 20.895 billion, which is 21.7% more than in the same period of 2022, paid UAH 7.744 billion of net insurance payments (+31%). The level of net payouts increased from 34.4% to 37.1%.

According to the NBU, as of June 30, 2023, the total number of insurance companies in Ukraine amounted to 115, of which 12 specialized in life insurance, while on the same date a year earlier there were 142 (13).

National Bank of Ukraine obliged insurers “Greenwood Life Insurance” and “Alfa Insurance” to eliminate violations

National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has applied the enforcement measures to IC “Greenwood Life Insurance” and IC “Alfa Insurance” (both Kiev) in the form of an obligation to take measures to remedy violations until July 17, 2023, according to the website of the regulator.
“Measures of influence are applied due to non-compliance with the requirements of paragraphs 1 and 11 of the NBU board resolution “On peculiarities of application of registration and licensing procedures of non-bank financial services market participants during martial law …”, – said in a message on the regulator’s website.
According to the document, it refers to written assurances of companies to the National Bank about the compliance of direct and ultimate owners of material participation to the requirements of the regulator on the financial / property status, documents to assess such a position and subsequent responses to the NBU request.
PrJSC “Greenwood Life Insurance” works in the Ukrainian life insurance market since 2007 as the successor of the insurance company “Guarantee Life”. The company is a part of financial and investment holding Green Globe Enterprises INC (USA, New York), which operates in the territory of Europe, Asia, America.
IC “Alfa Insurance” was founded in 2000. On December 5, 2022 NBU has applied to IC “Alfa Insurance” a measure of influence in the form of temporary suspension of the license to provide financial services. Due to the company’s non-compliance with the requirements of the Regulations on licensing and registration of financial service providers and the conditions of their activities in the provision of financial services…, namely, the requirements for business reputation of financial service providers.

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National Bank obliged insurers “Varto” and “Into” to eliminate number of violations

The National Bank of Ukraine has applied influence measures to ALC IC “Varto” and PrJSC “IC “Into” in the form of the obligation to take measures to eliminate violations and the causes that contributed to their commission.
“Measures of influence are applied due to failure to comply with the requirements of paragraphs 1 and 11 of the NBU’s board resolution “On peculiarities of registration procedures and licensing of participants of the non-banking financial services market during martial law …”, the regulator said in a statement on its website.
According to the document, it refers to written assurances of companies to the National Bank on the compliance of direct and ultimate owners of material participation to the requirements of the regulator on the financial / property status, the documents to assess such a position and subsequent responses to the NBU request.
It is clarified that the Committee on the Supervision and Regulation of Non-Banking Financial Services Markets adopted such decisions on May 29, 2023.
According to the NBU, the net earned premiums of IC “Varto” in the first quarter of 2023 amounted to 4,36 mln UAH, insurance payments – 2,57 mln UAH, net profit – near zero. Assets of the company at the beginning of April equaled UAH 39,03 mln, shareholders’ equity – UAH 34,16 mln.
The larger IC “Into” has net earned insurance premiums in the first quarter of 2023 were equal to UAH 17,67 mln, insurance payments – UAH 10,46 mln, net profit – UAH 0,28 mln. At the beginning of April assets of the company amounted to UAH 146,35 mln, shareholders’ equity – UAH 110,63 mln.

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Ukrainian insurers will be able to make insurance payments under reinsurance contracts with non-residents

Insurers of Ukraine from December 13 will be able to make insurance payments under reinsurance contracts entered into with non-residents, the website of the National Bank of Ukraine informs.
In particular, this applies to payments on the basis of: contracts concluded before February 24, 2022 for documents issued before May 31, 2022, contracts concluded from February 24 to May 31, 2022, if their terms provide coverage for military risks.
At the same time there are clear requirements for the implementation of the relevant operations. Firstly, the non-resident reinsurer concluded a contract of reinsurance should have the financial strength rating, which is not lower than “A3” (Moody’s Investors Service), “A-” (Standard & Poor’s ), “A-” (Fitch Ratings), “A-” (A.M. Best) by the classification of international rating agencies.
Secondly, a Ukrainian insurance company, which carries out reinsurance, should meet a number of requirements, among which: no decision of the NBU on the recognition of the ownership structure of the insurer is not transparent; no decision of the NBU on recognizing the business reputation of the insurer, its owners, managers or key persons as insolvent; compliance with the solvency and capital adequacy ratio and the risk ratio of operations by the insurer.
The NBU notes that in order to obtain confirmation of compliance requirements for further transfer to the servicing bank, the insurer must apply to the NBU.
“Providing the ability to pay foreign currency payments under contracts with non-resident reinsurers will ensure that insurers comply with obligations to clients and international partners arising as of May 31, 2022. This is important to maintain the continuity of the insurance market of the country,” – noted in the message.
The NBU has also settled the issue of payment to non-residents of insurance payments under contracts of reinsurance of aviation risks in respect of aircraft, including those in the lease or leasing, clarified the rules for the implementation of transfers to non-resident reinsurers under international contracts of insurance “Green Card”.
The respective amendments were introduced by NBU regulation No.242 dated December 9, 2022 “On Amendments to the resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine No.18 dated February 24, 2022”, which shall become effective on December 13, 2022.


Ukrainian insurers have increased number of settled MTPL cases

In July-September 2022 insurance companies – members of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) settled 51.1% of claims for property damage within 60 days from the date of the accident, up 43.1% compared to Q2 this year (35.7%) .
According to the report on the website of the IASBU, the percentage of claims settled within 90 days in the 3rd quarter of 2022 increased from 46% to 62.2%, up to 120 days increased from 60.2% to 67.4%, for 365 days decreased from 96.3% to 95.9% compared with the 2nd quarter of 2022.
IASBU reports that the greatest number of payments within 60 days performs insurance companies “Universalna” -79,6% (for the 2nd quarter. 61,7%), “Unique” – 77,6% (61.1%), IC “VUSO” -76,2% (57.3%), SG “TAS” -75,5% (62,3%), “ARCS” -75,4% (62,7%), “Knyazha VIG” – 74,3% (62,6%), “ROM Ukraine” -70% (64,1%), “USG” -69% (47,7%), Alfa Insurance -67.6% (56.8%), Arsenal Insurance -66.8%, Providna -66%, Brokbusiness -65.4%, INGO – 63% (45.5%), Oranta -62.1% (38.3%), Express Strakhovanie -60.8%.
The smallest proportion of claims on MTPL within 60 days in January-September 2022 at “Oranta-Sich” -%, “UTSSK” -0,6%, “Omega” -0,9% and “Etalon” -4%.
MLSBU also reported that for the third quarter of 2022 the bureau received 294 complaints against its members, which is 19,1% less than during the quarter before (363).
MTSBU is the only association of insurers, which performs compulsory insurance of civil liability of ground transport owners for damage, caused to third parties.