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The public organization Association of Gardeners, Grape Growers and Winemakers of Ukraine (Ukrsadvinprom) and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food have begun work on the creation of a viticultural register to record the production and consumption of grapes and wine in Ukraine, which will allow to cancel the licensing of wine and remove it from the list of excisable goods.
This was announced by Head of the public organization Volodymyr Pechko at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Friday.
Ukrsadvinprom and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy begin to work on the creation of a viticultural register, which is necessary for the correct regulation of the market, namely, on the creation of three types of obligatory declarations: how many grapes you produced, how much wine you made from these grapes, and how much wine you have left at the end of the year,” Pechko said.

According to him, the state with the help of these three declarations will be able to effectively analyze the production, sales volumes and carryover stocks of grapes and wine in the country, which in the future will allow it to abandon the need to license wine and abolish the excise tax from it.
He added that, according to Ukrainian law, wine is a food product that should not be subject to excise tax.
“I believe that this will lead to an increase in the number of wineries. We are working to ensure that such ‘chateau’ [wineries] are created in Ukraine. These do not have to be giant enterprises,” Pechko said.
In addition, Ukrsadvinprom intends in 2022 to join the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine), which controls 85% of the world wine market.

“We are planning to enter the international organization OIV. This is an organization for wine, which includes 47 states. It is 85% of the world wine market, which is created by the leading countries: China, France, Spain, the United States – and which everyone is striving to join. It is engaged in the harmonization of accepted standards for the production of wine products,” Pechko said.
According to him, this initiative is also supported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy. The head of the organization said that the issue of joining the OIV is only how much time is needed to complete the association procedure. He admitted that it will be possible to do this next year.
Interfax-Ukraine and the Experts Club acted as partners of Odessa Wine Week.

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Producers and processors of grapes, as well as representatives of the wine industry will hold the international forum Odessa Wine Week in Odesa on May 25-29, the event will unite the efforts of the Ukrainian wine-making community aimed at developing the Ukrainian wine market, wine and gastronomic tourism, popularizing and promoting the Ukrainian Wine brand and the integration of Ukraine into the world wine community.
This was announced by the organizers of the event – head of the Ukrsadvinprom public organization Volodymyr Pechko, head of the Expo-Yug-Service projects Bella Khanameryan and head of the wine technology and sensory analysis department of the Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies Oksana Tkachenko at a press conference at Interfax- Ukraine.

According to Ukrsadvinprom head Pechko, his association organizes an annual forum, which was first held this year in Odesa, since this site allows to gather the leading experts of the wine industry, scientists, oenologists (experts in evaluating vineyards), winemakers, government officials, national and foreign wine associations, tourism industry, HoReCa and retail, sommeliers, journalists, wine traders and producers of related products and technologies to popularize Ukrainian wines.
“Last year, one could taste 305 samples from 65 wineries in Ukraine. That is, in one place you can taste Ukrainian wines: craft winemakers, medium-sized producers with vineyards of 40-60 hectares, and large producers from all over Ukraine,” Pechko said.

The organizer of the forum, Bella Khanameryan, specified that this year 30 companies have become partners of the event. In addition, 87 speakers and experts from 18 countries spoke at Odessa Wine Week 2021, profile reports and discussions were held on 40 topics, over 3,000 people attended the event.
According to her, in 2022, projects were announced at the forum, including talks about wine and Ukraine’s integration into the world wine community Wine Future Forum, as well as the Odessa Wine & Spirit Awards competition.
“In 2022 we will have a creative competition for the best label. We will have a sailing regatta, a special program “Women in Winemaking,” evening performances, musical and artistic performances, exhibitions, biennials, everything that can be shown in the culture of drinking, pay attention to wine as part of the cultural code of the country,” Khanameryan explained.
According to Oksana Tkachenko, Ukrainian industry representatives see recognition in other countries of the world among their strategic goals.
“We already see interest from our closest neighbors, we are waiting for delegations from such countries such as Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, who will not only come to show themselves, but we are preparing educational projects for them, within which they will visit wineries and participate in educational project in B2B and B2C formats,” she said.
Ihor Vishtak, the director of the agrarian development department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, who participated in the press conference, said that his department has already allocated UAH 450 million of compensation to support horticulture, viticulture and hop-growing in 2021, of which UAH 200 million for planting material, the construction of trellises for growing climbing plants and drip irrigation (of which – UAH 9 million for viticulture), and UAH 250 million – for the construction and reconstruction of facilities for these crops (including UAH 19 million – for the construction of facilities and the purchase of wine-making lines).
Interfax-Ukraine and the Experts Club acted as partners of Odessa Wine Week.

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