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5 ships with Ukrainian food to leave for Turkey, Italy, China under Black Sea Grain Initiative

The Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) authorized five outbound vessels loaded with food on Thursday within the framework of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the UN has reported.
“JCC authorized the movement of five ships carrying a total of 83,241 tonnes of grain and other foodstuffs as part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative,” the UN said.
The UN reported that vessels Jasmin Queen (9,531 tonnes of corn), Captain Adam 1 (9,300 tonnes of wheat) and Filyoz (4,410 tonnes of sunflower oil) will go to Turkey. The Kiran America ship will head to China with 50,000 tonnes of barley and corn, while the Santana ship will deliver 10,000 tonnes of wheat to Italy.
In addition, vessel Dignity (8,200 tonnes of sunflower seeds) previously postponed the departure from the port of Chornomorsk to Thursday, September 8. It is planned that it will go to Turkey.
“As of September 7, the total tonnage of grain and foodstuffs exported from the three Ukrainian ports is 2.335 million tonnes. In total, the movement of 211 ships has been authorized at the moment – 111 inbound and 100 outbound,” the UN said.
In Istanbul on July 22, with the participation of the UN, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia, two documents were signed on the creation of a corridor for the export of grain from three Ukrainian ports – Chornomorsk, Odesa and Pivdenny.

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Ports “Chernomorsk” and “Pivdenny” sent fifth caravan with Ukrainian food

The ship Sormovskiy 121 from the port of Chornomorsk and the bulk carrier Star Laura from the port of Pivdenny (both in the Odessa region) formed the fifth caravan with Ukrainian agricultural products, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine reported on Facebook on Friday.
According to his release, the total tonnage of the caravan is over 63,000 tons.
“Star Laura became the first Panamax-class ship to leave the port of Pivdenny since the beginning of the “grain initiative”, and the third in the general list of giant ships that sailed along the “grain corridor,” the ministry noted.
The Ministry of Infrastructure also indicated that “Chernomorsk” and “Pivdenny” will take two more ships for loading – Brave Commander and Petrel S, which will be loaded with more than 40 thousand tons of grain.
As reported, on July 22, 2022, in Istanbul, representatives of Ukraine, Turkey and UN Secretary-General António Guterres signed the Initiative for the safe transportation of grain and food from the Ukrainian ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk and Pivdenny.
As part of the implementation of the agreements, 12 ships with agricultural products have already left Ukrainian ports for seven countries of the world with 370,000 tons of agricultural products, while two ships entered Ukrainian ports.

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