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Entry for Ukrainians has already been opened in 25 countries amid coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.
“At the recent briefing, I announced 23 countries that Ukrainians could go to. There are 25 counties now. The Bahamas (I agree that it is distant place, but attractive for travelers) and Lebanon (less popular place for Ukrainian travelers) are added,” Kuleba said at an online briefing on Tuesday.
Earlier, the minister named 23 countries that Ukrainians can also visit: Turkey, Serbia, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Belarus, Great Britain, the United States, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, the Republic of Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi and the Seychelles.
The minister spoke about the resource, which was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, where people can get the most complete information about which country and by what rules entry is allowed.
Kuleba spoke about the rules of entry into countries that are popular among Ukrainians.
“Turkey: it is necessary to undergo a medical examination at the border, in case of COVID-19 symptoms, do a free PCR test, have insurance policy for COVID-19 disease, you can buy it online or from a tour operator, or directly at the airport. Entry into Serbia is allowed without restrictions. The result of the PCR test or the obligation to pass a 14-day lockdown is necessary,” he said.
The foreign minister said that the condition for obtaining a permit to enter Croatia for those who are going for tourist purposes is also the presence of a confirmation of the booking the hotel or apartment.
“Entry into Montenegro is also a popular vacation destination and is allowed, but for those who leaving Serbia, a 14-day observation in a lockdown facility is required. The Bahamas: prior to departure, permission must be obtained on the Bahamas Travel Agency’s website and on arrival you must show the results of a negative test. Tunisia: the result of the PCR test and lockdown from 7 to 14 days are required,” Kuleba said.



One more commercial special flight to Ukraine was done on May 26 to bring Ukrainian citizens home during the quarantine.
“Another 277 citizens come back home from the United States. A special commercial plane brought people from New York. This is the ninth special flight organized by Ukraine during the quarantine,” Embassy of Ukraine in the United States reported on Facebook.

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Ukrainians, who occurred in the South Republic of Africa during quarantine, have asked Foreign Minister of Ukraine to help them to return to the motherland. According to the submission letter, which is in disposal of Interfax-Ukraine, there are a woman with a chronic disease who needs prescribed medicine, seventh month pregnant woman, a woman with one year old child are among those who wish come back home.
“Most visas have expired long ago…The Ukrainian Embassy in South Africa provides us with as much information as possible, but nothing depends on them,” reads the letter.
Ukrainians ask to provide them guarantees for a speed returning home.
“We are ready to undergo self-isolation under the program Diy Vdoma. But first, we need to reach home. There are our compatriots in the neighboring African countries. Why can’t they grab us together all in all?,” reads the text of the letter.

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Advisor to the president of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov at a meeting with the representatives of the Interior Ministry, the State Migration Service and the Ministry of Justice has discussed the implementation of the national system of citizens identification.
“In the world of digital economy, citizens, businesses, the government are participants in an invisible interaction with each other through the Internet and various online systems, and therefore to establish trust, carry out relevant transactions and receive electronic services, the identification of citizens or enterprises is an important step,” he said.
According to him, the non-availability of a unified identification system in Ukraine led to incoherence of information about persons in state information resources, which makes it impossible to adequately search and reconcile data in state registries, creating the possibility for manipulating and distorting information.
The introduction of a national identification system along with the development of alternative BankID and MobileID allows changing the “paper” system of interaction and is a key element of the programs “State in Smartphone” and “Digital Economy”.
According to Fedorov, it is also important to streamline the development of digital identification in Ukraine with the relevant EU regulations (eIDAS).

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is looking for ways to cut the energy tariffs for households, but it should be done in a way so not to devaluate the hryvnia, arouse additional inflation or economic crisis, representative of the head of state in the government Andriy Gerus has written on his Facebook page. According to him, work in this direction is underway. The president has already held two meetings devoted to this issue, and to fulfill the task, an efficient parliament and new laws are needed.
Now, Zelensky’s team is developing a comprehensive plan to reduce housing and utility tariffs for households, where possible, without negative side effects, the presidential envoy to the Cabinet of Ministers said.
One of the necessary conditions for this plan is the demonopolization of energy markets, Gerus said, expressing the hope that the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine will eventually begin to work fully.
According to him, it is also necessary to achieve growth in gas production (for which it is necessary to attract foreign investors to this area). At the same time, Gerus added that the stoppage of gas imports, according to the calculations of the Zelensky’s team, will reduce its price for households by 20-30%.
The president’s team also understands that some categories of the population are unfairly deprived of subsidies, the rules should be reviewed. To find funds in the budget for their payment, some oligarchs will have to be deprived of tax breaks and preferences, Gerus said.
He also said about unofficial information in the press about the increase in gas tariffs for households by 10-15% and electricity tariffs – by 150%.
“Our opinion was: these steps cannot be done without trust and understanding of society. Before this, there is a need to demonstrate to Ukrainians firm and fair actions of regulators regarding energy monopolies, and also show that punishment is incurred for stealing tariff funds. As I understand, our opinion has been taken into account,” Gerus said.

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Minister of Social Policy Andriy Reva has said that more than 3.2 million Ukrainian citizens are employed abroad on a permanent basis. “More than 3.2 million Ukrainian citizens work abroad on a regular basis,” Reva said at the launch of the project to improve the management of the labor market dubbed “Inclusive labor market for jobs in Ukraine” in Kyiv. He also noted that labor migration is currently seasonal. “According to our estimates, up to nine million Ukrainian citizens take part in this process,” the minister added.
According to Reva, at the moment one of the actual problems of the labor market is the unemployment rate among young people and the inability to find a large number of internally displaced persons. In addition, a large shadow employment and a disproportion between the supply and demand for skilled labor are the current problems.

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