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Legalization of drug delivery by certified postal operators amid quarantine will reduce the spread of the disease, according to the Manufacturers of Medications of Ukraine Association.
“This issue becomes especially relevant in the situation when it is necessary to limit unnecessary contacts as much as possible, because a pharmacy becomes one of the places of active contacts. This is especially important for elderly people who urgently need medicines and form the basis of the risk group,” head of the association Petro Bahriy said.
He noted that “the de facto delivery of medicines purchased online exists, but is illegal.”
“Such a service needs to be legalized so that people who need medicines can be quarantined,” he said.
According to the expert, the legitimization of such a delivery will guarantee the quality, origin of drugs and compliance with the mandatory logistic requirements, while involving all certified operators in the delivery will allow delivering drugs quickly and on time.
Director General of InterChem pharmaceutical company (Odesa) Anatoliy Reder, in turn, noted that attracting all the postal operators of Ukraine to the delivery of medicines will enable the widest possible delivery with a significant limitation of contacts and the spread of coronavirus.
According to him, this option will allow people living in remote and rural areas to “get their medicines at the right time and with the guaranteed quality.”
Reder believes that the possibility of delivery will not have a significant impact on the price of drugs.

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Tavria-V LLC, which develops a network of eponymous supermarkets and is a part of the Tavria group of companies (all of them are located in Odesa), in collaboration with platform, launches goods online ordering service for goods from stores.
“From February 25, users of product delivery service in Kharkiv have the option to make purchases in another supermarket chain – Tavria V. Now, more than 15,000 items of food and non-food products are available for orders. During the next few months, the assortment will continue expanding with new products,” the press service said.
According to the press service, now, operates in Kharkiv on the basis of one store, located on 30 Gagarin Avenue.
“During 2020, it is planned to connect not only supermarkets of this network, but also other local players,” the company said.
The Tavria-V chain has been operating since 1992, as of February 2020, it consists of 95 retail outlets.
According to the unified public register of legal entities, private entrepreneurs and public organizations as of February 25, 2020, the participants of Tavria-V LLC were ultimate beneficiaries of the company Borys Muzalev (60%) and Mykhaylo Muzalev (40%).
The charter capital of Tavria-V LLC is UAH 40 million., the online delivery service, was founded in 2010 and operates in eight Ukrainian (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv, Zaporizhia, Vinniytsia, Zhytomyr), as well as in Moldova (Chisinau).
The company provides food ordering and delivery services from Metro, Auchan, Novus, MegaMarket, and Furshet retail chains.



Nova Poshta International, part of the Nova Poshta Group, plans to boost global delivery services by 30% in 2020 compared with 2019, Director of Nova Poshta International Yuriy Benevitsky told reporters on Thursday. “This market is very interesting to us. We will fight for it, including quality and speed of delivery. In 2018, we had 2.7 million international shipments, in 2019 – 26% more. This year we plan to increase the volume of global delivery services by 30%,” he said
As Benevitsky said, Nova Poshta performs fast delivery, therefore it focuses on more expensive and heavy packages.
In 2020, Nova Poshta plans to invest $100 million in infrastructure development.

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The Nova Poshta group of companies delivered over 212 million parcels in 2019, which is 22% more than in 2018.
Director of the company Oleksandr Bulba said in December 2019 a total of 24.5 million parcels were delivered, of which 1.3 million were actually delivered in one day.
“In 2019, we opened 3,300 new branches in more than 3,100 new settlements,” he said.
According to him, also last year the company delivered 500,000 air parcels (testing of this service was launched in August 2019).
Khmelnytsky Innovation Terminal (opened in May 2019) processed 27.6 million shipments, Lviv terminal, which opened in the fall of 2019, processed 14.2 million parcels. Kyiv Innovation Terminal handled 97.8 million shipments.
In addition, in 2019, Nova Poshta delivered 3.4 million international shipments, which is 26% more than in 2018, of which 2.3 million from China (an increase of 30%).
In 2019, Nova Poshta International increased the number of deliveries from the United States by 20%, doubled from the UK and tripled from Poland.
Most often, according to the company, Ukrainians order clothes and shoes, accessories for mobile phones and small electronics.



JSC Ukrposhta launches the delivery of parcels within three to six days from the date of shipment from a warehouse in Poland to Ukraine, the press service of the company has said.
According to a press release, Ukrposhta together with the private postal operator SMART Forwarding (with the head office in Greece) and the Polish company InPost have already begun test deliveries of international mail from Poland.
“We and our partners provide perhaps the only economical official channel for delivering goods or things. It’s convenient, reliable, simple. For example, sending a package with sneakers, clothes and food in factory packaging weighing 10 kg and with the size of up to 19x38x64 cm through an InPost post terminal will cost about PLN 37, or about UAH 230 in equivalent,” the press service of Ukrposhta said, citing first deputy director general of the company Oleksandr Pertsovsky.
According to him, if the value of a parcel per recipient does not exceed the customs limit of EUR100, customs clearance will be carried out according to a simplified mechanism.
“Now we are working in a test mode, doing weekly deliveries, arranging all processes. We plan to increase the frequency of departures from Poland to two or three per week,” the expert said.
The departure route from Poland to Ukraine can be tracked by the track number on the Ukrposhta website.
According to the company, the new delivery channel is safer and about 20-25% more profitable than alternative options.
In the near future, Ukrposhta plans to launch similar channels for the international delivery of parcels to Ukraine from Italy, Britain, and Germany.

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The service for the delivery of food from Raketa restaurants (Dnipro) has begun to work in Kyiv.
According to the company’s official announcement, on November 11, 2019 around 200 Raketa pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle and auto couriers started working in Kyiv. They perform free delivery of meals from more than 70 restaurants located in the central areas of the city, with a stated delivery time of 60 minutes. The order is made in a mobile application (available for iOS and Android).
The first few months, Raketa will work in the capital in a beta testing mode. During this time, the service plans to cover the entire territory of Kyiv.
The size of commission from the restaurant for delivery of the order is not disclosed.
According to the report, the company plans to occupy at least 30% of the food order market in Ukraine and develop a network of its own kitchens (dark kitchen). The first of them is already working in a test mode near the Bessarabsky market in Kyiv, and the plan is to open 25-30 such kitchens in the capital.
“The network of our own kitchens will allow us to close all processes within the company, provide perfect service, and most importantly, deliver in less than 30 minutes,” Oleksiy Yukhymchuk, the co-founder of Raketa, said.
Raketa is a service of food delivery from restaurants that began operations in Dnipro on March 5, 2018. Currently, the company is owned by three stakeholders, including Ukrainian entrepreneurs Oleksiy Yukhymchuk and Stanislav Dmytryk (the name of the third owner is not disclosed).

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