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An Israeli investor plans to construct a hospital in Kyiv region, Head of Boryspil Regional State Administration Ruslan Diachenko said.
“We hope that next year the project implementation in the health sector will start, it will be a high-tech hospital. Now we are looking for a land plot or premises,” he told Interfax-Ukraine on during the opening of the FM Logistic new warehouses in Dudarkiv village (Boryspil district of Kyiv region) on Friday.
According to Diachenko, the area of ​​the required site for the future hospital should be 1,500 hectares or more. In addition, two independent power grids will be required.
The planned amount of investment in the project has not yet been disclosed.
According to Diachenko, over the years of independence, some $154 million has been invested in Boryspil region.

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Ukraine this year will launch a project to build a new format of hospitals that will correspond to the level of European clinics, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has said.
“One of the steps towards high-quality medicine will be our new project – the launch of hospitals of a new, qualitatively different format, according to the best international standards. Hospitals are equally comfortable for both the patient and the doctor. We are starting this project this year with regional clinical and children’s hospitals, which should correspond to the level of European clinics,” Zelensky said during a speech on the Medical Worker Day, which was broadcast by the President’s Office on Facebook.
According to the president, this project will be implemented in every region.
“The new institutions will become an example of quality for future plans to renovate all hospitals in Ukraine,” he added.
According to Zelensky, the construction of hospitals is also ongoing under the Big Construction national program.
“Some 33 hospitals and 60 rural outpatient clinics have already been created. It is planned to have 30 more medical institutions and 340 rural outpatient clinics by the end of 2021, plus 200 modern admission departments throughout Ukraine,” the president said.

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Pharmaceutical doubled liability company Interchem will send over UAH 2.5 million to equip Odesa infectious diseases hospital with medical equipment and medicines. Interchem Director General Anatoliy Reder told Interfax-Ukraine that the company took into account the real needs of the hospital.
“Interchem joined in the fight against coronavirus. We tried to take a balanced approach, listening carefully to the needs of the infectious diseases hospital, and did not begin to deliver artificial lungs ventilators, because, according to doctors, a sufficient amount of ventilators was available. We decided to meet urgent needs which are no less important,” he said.
In particular, the company purchases a portable ultrasound machine for the hospital, which will minimize the movement of infected patients in the clinic and greatly facilitate diagnostic procedures for doctors.
In addition, Interchem buys oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, and other necessary equipment for the infectious diseases hospital.
“We will listen very carefully to the needs of the clinic and, above all, and respond to the requirements of medical professionals,” he said.
Reder also said that the company transferred the antiviral drug Amixin to the Odesa infectious diseases hospital, which is used, in particular, to protect medical personnel.
“We are by no means claiming that this is a drug to treat the coronavirus diseases COVID-19 circulating now, but we know for sure: this is an antiviral drug that will prevent medical personnel from getting ill with ordinary viral infections,” he said.
According to Reder, Interchem switched to a seven-day workweek because of the increased need for medications, not just from the antiviral group.
“Manufacturers today received the list of the Ministry of Health with medicines that hospitals should be provided with in accordance with WHO recommendations. This list contains drugs manufactured by Interchem,” he said, noting that this is, in particular, about painkillers, anticonvulsants and anxiolytic drugs.
Reder also said that the entire staff of the company is being transported to and from work by company buses.
“In some ways, it is easier for us, we didn’t have a problem with the delivery of people, because we always bring staff by our buses,” he said.
Reder also said that Interchem will reformat production processes in order to increase the production of the most popular drugs today and reduce the production of less relevant ones.
Pharmaceutical doubled liability company Interchem is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country.

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