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The Experts Club continues a series of programs dedicated to the macroeconomics of Ukraine. The new issue analyzes the preliminary results of 2021.
“We create such analytical videos in order to increase the level of knowledge of the population in the field of economics and for easy visualization of a huge number of figures. Such content, of course, is not a “mass market,” but we do not strive for it either. We focus on a thinking and searching audience,” founder of the Experts Club project Maksim Urakin said.
The issue analyzes the change in the number of the population of Ukraine, the current unemployment rates, presents the labor market in the regional context. In addition, GDP indicators are given, the main trade partners of the country are named, trends and plans for the payment of Ukraine’s internal and external debt, as well as indicators of retail and inflation, are analyzed.
The video contains a large number of author’s charts, histograms, which conveniently illustrate the main macroeconomic trends.
The Experts Club is dedicated to political science, economics, science, futurology, contains expert opinions and analysis of the topics discussed.
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The Macroeconomic Review section has been launched on a monthly basis within the framework of the Experts Club. In the first video, the co-founder of the project, PhD in Economics, Maksim Urakin, analyzed the main macro indicators.

“The goal of our Macroeconomic Review project is to provide the viewer with the key statistics and information in the most convenient form, to do it succinctly and clearly, replacing cumbersome tables and lengthy reasoning with graphic analysis,” research organizer Maksim Urakin said.

In the block on the population of Ukraine, the latest data of the State Statistics Service on the number of residents of our country were presented, a comparison was made between the statistics of state bodies and the indicators of the so-called “electronic census” of January 2020. In addition, the latest data on unemployment and wages in the regions were studied.

In the economic block, the indicators of GDP, the volume of foreign trade, the main trade partners of Ukraine, the national debt, the indicators and sources of investment and industrial production are analyzed.

All data is presented in the form of graphs and diagrams that complement the visual backdrop.

In the future, the Experts Club will analyze and present both the current statistics of Ukraine and compare the latest data with the previous periods, as well as with the indicators of other countries.

In addition, a series of thematic programs are planned, which will be devoted to the state of various sectors of the Ukrainian economy and their characteristics over the period of 30 years of independence.

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