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In 2022, the construction of the Ice Arena, a sports complex within the framework of the Big Construction program and the restoration of three castles under the Big Restoration program will start in Cherkasy region, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said.
“There is our program – these are large sports unique multi-complexes. One of them will be built in Cherkasy region, several more swimming pools. The Ice Arena will be built separately. These are all programs that will begin next year. There are three castles within the Big Restoration, which are included in the program,” Zelensky told media representatives while on a working visit to Kaniv, Cherkasy region.
He also said that within the framework of the Big Restoration program, documents are also being prepared for the restoration of Kaniv center.
In addition, according to him, in 2022, a school with a playground for children and a swimming pool will appear in the city.
Speaking about roads, the President said that about 250 km of roads are planned to be repaired within the current year.
“I think that in a couple of years we will finish all the main roads in Cherkasy region,” he said.
“I believe that they have everything in Cherkasy region. There are people, there are hands, there are unique places and history. We need to bring all this into a normal high-quality form,” Zelensky said.

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FM Logistic Ukraine will invest $ 25-30 million in the construction of the fifth phase of a logistics complex with an area of 20,000 square meters, CEO of FM Logistic Ukraine Sebastien Lardellier said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
“The land site in Dudarkiv is ours, it allows us to build another 32,000 square meters of modern logistics real estate, of which we plan to build 20,000 square meters in the coming years. We hope that we will receive construction permits quickly enough. The construction of these buildings, plus their equipment, requires $ 25-30 million in investment,” he said.
The FM Logistic Ukraine complex (Dudarkiv village, Kyiv region) includes 60,000 square meters of A class warehouse space. About $ 50 million was invested in it.
According to the expert, out of 60,000 square meters, some 54,000 square meters have been commissioned.
“There is a preliminary agreement for another 2,000 square meters. Thus, 4,000 square meters are still free,” he said.
He said that the rate of expansion of the offer depends on the activity of the market.
“The question of expansion is in two cases: when our current client develops his business, it becomes cramped for him, and we continue to build according to his requests. The second option is to attract new clients. According to the estimated growth rates, we will complete and fill this site within four years,” he added.
FM Logistic Ukraine, operating since 1996, is included in the top five largest operators of the logistics market in Ukraine. It is part of the international group of companies FM Logistic.
FM Logistic is a family business that was founded in 1967 in the French region of Lorraine. The company owns 180 warehouses with a total area of 4 million square meters in 14 countries of the world.
FM Logistic Ukraine provides logistics operator services, including warehousing, e-commerce logistics, co-packing, customs clearance, domestic and international transportation, city transportation, and management of the entire supply chain.
Today the staff of FM Logistic Ukraine has 900 employees.

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Lviv IT-company SoftServe plans to invest over $100 million in the construction of a creative office campus on the site of Lviv penal colony No. 48 acquired for UAH 377.5 million at a privatization auction.
According to a SoftServe press release on the Business Wire portal, construction will begin in 2022 and it will take about five years. An international architectural bureau will be involved in the work on the project.
“The new campus will not only breathe new life into the whole district of Lviv, but will also continue the development of the city as a major educational and technological hub in Ukraine and in the world,” the co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of SoftServe, Oleh Denys, said.
According to the project, the campus will house SoftServe offices, as well as the company’s corporate university, conference rooms and exhibition grounds, a school and a kindergarten, and apartments.
As reported, SoftServe acquired Lviv penal colony No. 48 on a 10.7 hectare plot for UAH 377.5 million at a privatization auction held on June 3.
SoftServe specializes in software production, development services, quality control and support of information systems and business solutions. To date, about 10,000 employees of the company work in 38 offices. The main offices of the company are located in Lviv and Austin (Texas, the United States). The company’s development centers are located in Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernyvtsi, Sofia (Bulgaria) and Wroclaw, Bialystok, Gliwice and Warsaw (Poland).

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Turkish Aksa Enerji Uretim A.Ş. plans to invest in the construction of a combined cycle power plant in Izmail (Odesa region) with a capacity of 260 MW.
A memorandum of understanding between the Odesa Regional State Administration, the Izmail City Council, Aksa Enerji and Marzhinal LLC (Mykolaiv, the ultimate beneficiaries are a number of Turkish individuals) was signed on August 9, according to the Regional State Administration’s Facebook page.
According to the report, Aksa Enerji is ready to invest in the construction of the plant and accompany its operation on the basis of a 25-year agreement on the purchase of electricity, with subsequent transfer to the state ownership.
“The power plant will consist of a gas turbine and/or engines and a steam turbine with a total installed capacity of 260 MW, and all power plant equipment, including all related substation equipment such as step-up transformers and switchgear, will be provided, installed and commissioned by Aksa,” Vice-Chairman of Aksa Enerji Serdar Nişli said.

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One of the most energy-efficient private houses in the world was built in Hengelo (the Netherlands) in 2016, using state-of-the-art energy generation and conservation technologies.

коттедж с нулевым потреблением энергии

The Lofthouse 2-story cottage with area of 240 m2 was created in the loft style and has completely self-contained energy consumption (Net Zero Energy). Created by BKVV Architekten architectural bureau, the house is focused on simplicity and functionality.

дизайн профиль

The cottage was built in just 7 weeks using fast construction technology. The house stands on a slab foundation with steel frame, while the building envelope is made of 100 mm thick Ruukki Energy sandwich panels with PIR core with Design Tokyo S18 design profiles cladding. Such a solution allowed to obtain better air-tightness and achieve more expressive building appearance. The soft sinusoid shape of the facades and roof provides effective color play with sky reflection , and the large panoramic windows give a fantastic view to the meadows.

витражное остекление

витражное остекление

In winter the sun serves as a passive source of heat through the windows with triple-pane glazing on the western and eastern facades. The thermal resistance of insulated hollow-section floor slabs R = 4.5 m2K/W, walls and roof – 6.39 m2K/W, and glazing – 1.24 m2K/W.

система вентиляции

система вентиляции

система вентиляции

Due to such a high insulation degree and air tightness (Qv = 0.2 m3/h*m2), combined with modern technical equipment, the building became maximally energy-efficient and comfortable. The high air-tightness of the building envelope and the ventilation system  with heat recovery (95% efficiency) allow to save energy resources and keep the optimal microclimate inside the premises. With building dimensions of 18х8 m and internal volume of 860 m3, heat losses at the temperature of -10°C comprise only 5 kW.

сэндвич-панели в интерьереThe cottage interior is implemented using visible building structures: steel frame, prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs and sandwich panels, creating a modern style. The visible surfaces of sandwich panels are stylishly matched with painted walls and glass structures.

система отопления

The cottage has a heat pump installed for heating and hot water supply, operating according to the “water-water” principle. The main advantage of a heat pump is the possibility of passive cooling of the building in summer. The ” heat-insulated floor” system with frequent pipe location enables using a heat transfer agent  with very low temperature. During the first heating season, the temperature of incoming transfer agent did not exceed 26°C, while in the premises the system managed to achieve the room temperature of at least 20°C. The reinforced concrete partition walls are used as heat accumulator, allowing to preserve heat for up to 24 hours, thus creating a possibility to heat premises during peak energy generation.

The shower water supply system for the envisages a heat exchanger, which pre-heats the supplied cold water from the shower drainage, thus allowing to save approximately 45% of hot water.

солнечные панели

Electric power is generated by 20 photoelectric panels on the roof of the utility building, generating about 5 kWh.

With annual energy consumption of 4,912 kWh, the systems of the house generate 6,200 kWh, ensuring the surplus of 1,288 kWh. The energy surplus is stored in the accumulators for further useage in the household.


очистка дождевой воды

The water in the area of the construction is very hard, thus most residents use a water softening system. The design of the building envisages filtration of rainwater coming from the house and the utility building, collecting it into the 7,500 l tank. This is enough for approximately 5 weeks consumption. All water taps including the shower, toilet bowl and washing machine are connected to this tank, except for the kitchen potable water tank.

Due to the high sustainability indices, the Lofthouse cottage gained the title of the most sustainable house in the Netherlands in 2020 in the category of houses with area of over 175 m2.

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