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Main economic indicators of Ukraine and the world from Experts Club

The article collects and analyzes the main macroeconomic indicators of Ukraine. In connection with the entry into force of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of the Interests of Economic Entities during Martial Law or State of War” the State Statistics Service of Ukraine suspends the publication of statistical information for the period of martial law, as well as for three months from the date of its completion. The exception is the publication of information about the consumer price index, separate information on statistical indicators of 2021 and for the period January-February 2022. The article analyzes open data from the State Statistics Committee, the National Bank and analytical centers.

Maxim Urakin, PhD in Economics, analyzed macroeconomic trends in Ukraine and the world based on official data from the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, the NBU, the UN, the IMF and the World Bank.

Macroeconomic Indicators of Ukraine

Maxim Urakin cited data from Ella Libanova, director of the Institute of Demography and Social Research, which suggests that about 50% of citizens will return after the war.

“Demography is an important factor for economic recovery, but the threat of depopulation and labor shortage cannot be ignored. In the medium term, the reduction of demographic growth potential in Ukraine is compensated only by migration,” Urakin emphasized.

The expert noted that the main risks for the economy remains the duration of the war and instability of international aid.

“In the third quarter of 2023, Ukraine’s GDP growth slowed to 8.2%. The negative balance of foreign trade increased by 3.2 times, which is a worrying signal. Public debt has slightly decreased compared to August figures, but in 2024 it may exceed the country’s GDP for the first time, which poses significant risks to economic stability,” the economist said.

Prospects for the Global Economy

Maxim Urakin also analyzed the global economy, noting a slowdown in growth in 2024 to 2.2%.
“One of the key reasons for the slowdown in global economic growth is the decline in GDP rates in developed countries. We have seen the lowest GDP upturn in advanced economies since the 1980s, excluding the periods of the global financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented cycle of interest rate hikes by major central banks in recent years has also played a significant role in slowing growth. This increase in rates is caused by the need to control inflation, but at the same time it limits economic activity,” the expert explains.
According to the expert, the current macroeconomic situation in Ukraine and the world requires further analysis. For Ukraine, the main challenges in the coming years will be the need to rebuild Ukraine after the war and the management of public debt.

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Ukraine’s international reserves fell to $37 bln in February

Ukraine’s international reserves in February, according to preliminary estimates of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), decreased by 3.8%, or by $1.47 billion – to $37.052 billion.

“Such dynamics is due to the NBU’s currency interventions to maintain exchange rate stability and the country’s debt payments in foreign currency, which were partially offset by receipts from international partners,” the NBU explained on its website on Wednesday.

Among other factors determining the volume of reserves, the NBU named operations in the foreign exchange market: in February, the regulator’s net sale of foreign currency amounted to $1.51 billion, which is 1.4 times less than in the previous month.

The National Bank noted that in February, $1.34 billion was transferred to the account of the Cabinet of Ministers in the NBU, while $1.13 billion was paid for servicing and repayment of state debt.

The central bank also indicated that the current volume of reserves was positively affected by the revaluation of the value of financial instruments, adding $199.5 million.

“The current volume of international reserves provides funding for 4.9 months of future imports,” the regulator stated.

As reported, the NBU in January lowered the forecast of Ukraine’s international reserves at the end of 2024g to $40.4 billion from $44.7 billion and to $42.1 billion from $45 billion at the end of 2025. For more details on the economy in Ukraine and around the world, see the video from the analytical project Experts Club –

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Experts Club think tank held a seminar on first aid for journalists and bloggers

Given the current challenges related to preserving life and health in wartime, it is of great importance to train journalists to act effectively in extreme situations. That is why the Experts Club think tank hosted a regular workshop on first aid for media representatives in Kyiv.

The organizers, including Experts Club, the ADONIS medical center network, and the Help For Ukraine and Pryirpinia Community Foundation charitable foundations, emphasized the importance of first aid skills for journalists, especially those working in risky environments.

The seminar included lectures and practical classes conducted by anesthesiologist Mariana Bolyuk. The participants learned the basics of basic life support, methods of stopping bleeding, and how to apply tourniquets. Such training is extremely important, given the statistics of casualties among journalists in military conflicts.

“The war has significantly increased the risks for journalists, so the development of first aid skills should be part of their professional development. Our colleagues constantly face risks and bear great responsibility. That is why we strive to provide them not only with information, but also with the means to save their lives,” emphasized Maksym Urakin, founder of Experts Club.

According to Urakin, such initiatives are planned to be expanded to include more representatives of the media community and other professions that are at increased risk during the war. This, in turn, will not only help to save the lives of journalists, but also help in providing first aid to the victims until the arrival of medical professionals.

“At a time when the information field is full of news from the frontline, professional training of journalists to act in emergency situations becomes an integral part of their responsibility to society,” said Tetiana Lagovska, Executive Director of the Pryirpin Community Foundation.

In his turn, volunteer Oleksandr Holizdra emphasized that the education and training of journalists will not only contribute to their own safety, but will also increase the efficiency of their work in difficult conditions, which is key to informing the public and maintaining overall security.

The Experts Club project plans to expand its program to include more journalists and bloggers. Training in this critical area should become a standard for media representatives, as the role of journalists in society becomes increasingly important and dangerous in times of conflict. The development and support of such initiatives is a step towards increasing the level of security in society.

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Conservatives win parliamentary elections in Iran

The Conservatives have won a majority of votes in the Iranian parliamentary elections, a number of Iranian media reported on Monday.

On March 4, the election commission completed the vote count in the elections to the country’s legislature. According to preliminary results, conservative candidates are leading in all provinces of Iran, including Tehran, local media reported.

The candidates will compete for 45 of the 290 seats in the parliament in the second round.

Approximately 25 million Iranian citizens took part in the March 1 elections to the country’s parliament and the Council of Experts. According to preliminary unofficial data, the turnout was approximately 41%.

A record number of candidates were allowed to participate in the parliamentary elections – more than 15.2 thousand people, which was almost 75% of the total number of candidates who initially registered. About 1.7 thousand of the candidates admitted to the elections are women.

According to the Iranian Constitution, five seats in the 290-seat parliament should go to representatives of religious minorities. 144 candidates competed for 88 seats in the Council of Experts, which elects the country’s Supreme Leader.

Many candidates who advocate reforms in Iran were banned from participating in the parliamentary elections, and some political figures, including former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, were not allowed to run for the Council of Experts, Iranian media reported.

The first meeting of the newly convoked parliament will be held in late May.

Earlier, the Experts Club think tank made a video dedicated to the top 10 elections in the world this year. More detailed analysis is available at

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Another training on first aid in case of injuries will be held in Kyiv think tank Experts Club

On Saturday, March 2, Kyiv will host a training seminar “First Aid for Injuries and Traumas” specially designed for journalists and bloggers. The event is organized by the Experts Club Kyiv Analytical Center with the support of its medical partner, ADONIS Medical Center Group, and its general partner, Pryirpinia Community Foundation.

The training aims to teach participants the basics of first aid in case of injuries and traumas, which is an important knowledge for everyone in times of war.
The seminar will be conducted by an anesthesiologist and co-author of 12 scientific publications, Mariana Bolyuk, who is a representative of the ADONIS Medical Center Group.

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Experts Club training center in Kyiv together with Art Gallery Universe launched an art therapy program for PTSD sufferers

In Kyiv, the Experts Club training center in collaboration with Art Gallery Universe has launched a unique art therapy program aimed at helping people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As part of this initiative, an exhibition titled “Restoring Life: Art and Rehabilitation Project” was organized, where prominent Ukrainian artists such as Igor Moshkov and E-Ludmyla Svitla presented their works reflecting their personal experience of struggling with and rethinking the emotional states caused by PTSD.

Maksim Urakin, the initiator of Experts Club, emphasized the importance of the exhibition as an art therapy method for the correction of stressful conditions, including PTSD, especially in the context of the current challenges faced by many Ukrainians.

“This exhibition is more than art. It is an opportunity for visitors to experience healing and hope through painting, because the psycho-emotional state of many Ukrainians now needs support in the context of war and constant exposure to traumatic factors,” he said.

Lyudmyla Svitla, founder of Art Gallery Universe, shared her goal to encourage self-discovery and self-expression through art, considering it the key to inner peace.

Visitors of the exhibition shared their impressions, noting the deep emotional perception and personal meaning of each art object. The Restoring Life project highlights art not just as a means of aesthetic pleasure, but as an effective tool for spiritual healing and stress management.

Art therapy plays an important role in the treatment of PTSD and other stress-related disorders, as it allows individuals to express their feelings and experiences through art, which is often inaccessible through words. This form of psychotherapy helps reduce anxiety and stress, improves mood, and promotes emotional recovery. The inclusion of art therapy in rehabilitation programs for people with PTSD and other stress-related disorders can significantly increase their effectiveness by providing a unique approach to treatment and self-expression.

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