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Cherkasy airport has received an aerodrome certificate, according to which the airport meets the requirements of Ukrainian civil aviation legislation and is suitable for aircraft operation.According to the website of Cherkasy Regional State Administration, the airport resumed certification after a three-year break. The document is valid until 2024.Also, documents have been submitted for the commissioning of the airport runway.The project for the overhaul of Cherkasy airport was launched in 2018, but the work was suspended and resumed only in the summer of 2021. The total cost of the reconstruction was about UAH 129 million.



In 2022, the construction of the Ice Arena, a sports complex within the framework of the Big Construction program and the restoration of three castles under the Big Restoration program will start in Cherkasy region, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said.
“There is our program – these are large sports unique multi-complexes. One of them will be built in Cherkasy region, several more swimming pools. The Ice Arena will be built separately. These are all programs that will begin next year. There are three castles within the Big Restoration, which are included in the program,” Zelensky told media representatives while on a working visit to Kaniv, Cherkasy region.
He also said that within the framework of the Big Restoration program, documents are also being prepared for the restoration of Kaniv center.
In addition, according to him, in 2022, a school with a playground for children and a swimming pool will appear in the city.
Speaking about roads, the President said that about 250 km of roads are planned to be repaired within the current year.
“I think that in a couple of years we will finish all the main roads in Cherkasy region,” he said.
“I believe that they have everything in Cherkasy region. There are people, there are hands, there are unique places and history. We need to bring all this into a normal high-quality form,” Zelensky said.

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Vodafone Ukraine mobile operator has launched LTE-communications (4G) in the 900 MHz band in 128 settlements of Cherkasy region, thus providing high-speed Internet for almost 110,000 people.
According to company’s press service, in particular, the operator has launched 4G coverage in the 900 MHz band in more than 1,700 settlements of Kyiv, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytsky, Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil, Rivne, Volyn, Chernivtsi and Cherkasy regions, thus giving access to services for more than one million people.
By the end of 2020, the operator plans to launch the LTE network in the 900 MHz band in all regions of Ukraine: in turn from west to east.
As reported, according to the license terms, by mid-2022 the operators should provide mobile high-speed Internet coverage in settlements with population over 2,000 people, covering 90% of the population of Ukraine. 4G coverage for roads of international and national importance is to be provided until the middle of 2024.

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PJSC Azot (Cherkasy), part of Dmytro Firtash’s Group DF, has started producing new type of mineral fertilizers – a urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur, the enterprise has reported in a press release. Azot Board Chairman Vitaliy Skliarov, the specialized fertilizer segment, which includes the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur, is actively developed in Ukraine. The plant quickly launched new production.
In 2017, the volume of the Ukrainian market of the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur was around 45,000 tonnes and demand on it continues growing. Production of the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur was organized at the basis of the operating facilities of Azot. The production capacity is 36,000 tonnes a year. In September, the enterprise made a first experimental batch of 540 tonnes, which is ready for shipment to customers.
Skliarov said that Cherkasy Azot is not the first Ukrainian enterprise, which started producing the urea-ammonium mixture with sulphur. However, the plant has market advantages compared with small enterprises, which are involved in artisanal production.
The share of ammonium in the finished product is 26-28.5%, the share of sulphur is 2%, ammonium nitrate – 35-37%, ammonium sulfate – 8.2-8.6% and urea – 27-30%.

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Biopharma, a blood products maker, intends by the end of 2018 to open two plasma centers in Kharkiv and one in Dnipro, it is also planned to build a center in Cherkasy, President of Biopharma Kostiantyn Yefymenko has told Interfax-Ukraine. “Now we are engaged in the construction of two plasma centers in Kharkiv. We have already rented premises with an area of 700 square meters and plan to rent another facility with an area of 1,500 square meters. We are also planning to build one more center in Dnipro, where we have already rented premises (733 sq m) and Cherkasy. In time, we will build in other regional centers,” he said.
Yefymenko said that at present conceptual projects, construction projects have been approved for plasma centers in Kharkiv and the Dnipro, permissions have been obtained and dismantling work commenced.
“We plan to launch our first center in Kharkiv in autumn, in Dnipro in December,” he noted.
Biopharma, which currently collects about 4 tonnes of blood plasma per month, expects that the opening of new plasma centers in the first quarter of 2019 will increase the amount of plasma collection to 20 tonnes a month. Biopharma is one of the ten largest Ukrainian producers of medicines. It produces more than 20 immunobiological preparations from donor blood, preparations obtained by recombinant DNA technology and probiotics.

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Grossdorf agrochemical company has launched production of multicomponent solid granular mineral fertilizers with a total capacity of 35,000-50,000 tonnes per year in the village of Khatsky (Cherkasy region), Commercial Director of Grossdorf Serhiy Ruban has said during the official opening of production.
“The company plans to increase production capacity to 100,000-150,000 tonnes per year,” he said.
Grossdorf intends to produce fertilizers by the method of compacting: certain components under high pressure are compressed to form a single granule.
The company said in comparison with other methods of granule formation, the compactor allows quickly changing the component composition and producing goods with any number of components.
Grossdorf agrochemical company (Cherkasy) was established in 2016. It is engaged in production, import, transportation of fertilizers, as well as providing services for application of anhydrous ammonia. Its core business is the supply of basic fertilizers for precision farming. The capacity of liquid fertilizers production is 350,000 tonnes per year.

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