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Ukraine sends 150 thousand tons of wheat to Asia

Ports “Chernomorsk” and “Pivdenniy” within the framework of “grain initiative” on Monday sent 150 thousand tons of agricultural products by three vessels to Asian countries, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Monday.
“In particular, the bulk carrier ASL Ileana with 54,600 tons of wheat for Bangladesh,” the ministry pointed out.
The ministry said that Bangladesh remains a key consumer of Ukrainian wheat: since the beginning of the “grain initiative” the country has received more than 710 thousand tons of wheat from Ukraine.
“These volumes could have been higher if the Russians had not purposefully slowed down the inspection of ships in Turkey,” the ministry stressed.
According to the Ministry, there are an average of six inspections per day for both entry and exit ports, or half of the approved plan. In the Bosphorus, 94 ships are waiting for their turn to be inspected by the Joint Coordination Center (JCC).
A total of 848 vessels have left the ports of Greater Odessa since August 1, exporting 25.9 million tons of Ukrainian food to Asia, Europe and Africa.
“The Grain Deal” was concluded in Istanbul on July 22, 2022. The UN, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine signed two documents – on the creation of a corridor for the export of grain from three Ukrainian ports (Chornomorsk, Odessa and Pivdennyy) and on the removal of barriers to the export of Russian food and fertilizers for a period of 120 days with the possibility of extension.
On March 18, when the initiative was set to expire again, the UN said it would be extended. It did not specify any timeframe, but the Turkish press, citing claims by the Ukrainian side, reported that it was “an extension of 120 days,” while the Russian side insisted that the initiative had been extended for only 60 days.


Nine Ukrainian vessels will deliver 390 thousand tons of agricultural products to Africa, Asia and Europe

Ports of “Big Odessa” last Saturday and Sunday dispatched 390 thousand tons of agricultural products within the framework of the “Grain Initiative”, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine reported.
“For the last two days, nine ships left the ports of “Big Odessa” to deliver 390 thousand tons of agricultural products to Africa, Asia and Europe, including bulk carriers ALANDA STAR and SSI PRIVILEGE with 68 thousand tons of wheat for Egypt and Indonesia, as well as tanker EUROCHAMPION with 45 thousand tons of vegetable oil for India,” the Ministry noted.
The Ministry notes that 24 ships are being processed at the ports, involved in the “grain initiative. They load more than 860 thousand tons of Ukrainian agricultural products.
“Grain corridor” also moves three vessels for the loading of 93 thousand tons of agricultural products.
At the same time, 99 ships are waiting for inspection in the Bosporus, 72 of which – to enter the ports for loading, 27 – already with Ukrainian agricultural products.
“Russia’s goal is to slow down the process of vessel inspections. First they reduced the number of inspection teams to three, now they started to drag out the time of inspections themselves. Representatives of the Russian Federation have started to check even indicators that are not stipulated in the documents of the SKC and have nothing to do with the subject of the inspection (for example, whether judicial units work well, how much fuel, etc.),” explains Deputy Minister of Community, Territory and Infrastructure Development Yuriy Vaskov.
According to him, under this algorithm, the inspection of a single ship takes four hours, which leads to a longer queue and at the same time a million losses for the cargo owners because of downtime.
According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, as of December 25, inspection group #3 had not held a single inspection, resulting in only six inspections per day out of 10 scheduled.
The agency noted that for continuous movement of grain corridor should be held at least 12 inspections per day.
In total, since August 1, 594 ships left the ports of Greater Odessa, which exported 15.5 million tons of Ukrainian food to Asia, Europe and Africa.

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Ukrainian Cabinet decides to increase humanitarian aid to Africa and Asia

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has decided to increase humanitarian aid to Africa and Asia by an additional 21,000 tons of corn or wheat, and also changed the terms of their delivery from CIF (sender pays cargo insurance) to FOB (delivery of goods before loading on board the ship).
According to the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Verkhovna Rada Taras Melnychuk in his Telegram channel, the relevant decision was taken at a government meeting on Friday.
Earlier, in November, the government passed resolution No. 1313, approving the allocation of 900 million UAH to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (MIA) for its constituent State Emergency Service (SES) to purchase in Ukraine and subsequent delivery to the Republic of Sudan, Republic of Yemen, Republic of Kenya and Federal Republic of Nigeria of up to 64 thousand tons of corn or wheat grain. In addition, Ukraine undertook to send at least 125 thousand tons of wheat and corn (quality not lower than the 3rd class).
Thus, taking into account the decree adopted on 23 December, the four countries will receive from Ukraine up to 210 thousand tons of grain.

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Nine ships with grain for Africa, Asia and Europe left Ukraine

For 2 days 9 vessels with 162 thousand tons of agricultural products for the countries of Africa, Asia and Europe departed from Big Odessa ports, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine informs.
“In particular, the bulk carrier BOZBURUN – M with 40 thousand tons of wheat for Ethiopia departed today. This is already the eighth vessel chartered by the UN World Food Programme as part of the assistance to countries in Africa and Asia,” the Telegram channel said.
In the ports of Greater Odessa under the processing of 26 ships. They are loaded with 1 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products.
Since August 1, 475 ships left the ports of Big Odessa, which exported 11.2 million tons of Ukrainian food products to Asia, Europe and Africa.

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Stocks in Asia rise on strong quarterly reports of companies

Stock indexes in Asia are rising during trading on Tuesday, including due to good quarterly reports of companies.
Investors’ attention this week is focused on the meeting of the Federal Reserve, which, as most analysts expect, will once again raise the base rate by 0.75 percentage points (pp). Then its range will be 3.75-4% per annum.
Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raised its key interest rate by 0.25 percentage points on Tuesday. – up to 2.85% per annum. This coincided with the forecast of most analysts, according to Trading Economics.
The Central Bank raised the rate for the seventh time in a row. It is currently at its highest since April 2013. At the same time, RBA management does not exclude its further rise to curb inflation, which remains at a high level.
The Australian S&P/ASX 200 rose 1.65% on Tuesday.
Share prices of the world’s largest mining companies BHP and Rio Tinto rose by 2.8% and 2.6%, respectively.
In addition, shares of all four largest banks in the country rose in price: Commonwealth Bank – by 1.3%, ANZ Bank – by 1.6%, Westpac Banking and National Australia Bank – by 0.9%.
The value of the Japanese index Nikkei 225 to 8:31 CSK increased by 0.2%.
The stock prices of Japan Tobacco Inc. have risen most significantly. (+9.1%), NTN Corp. (+6.4%) and Panasonic (+6%).
In addition, the value of such large companies as SoftBank Group (+3.2%), Sony Group (+0.7%), Fast Retailing (+0.1%) is growing.
At the same time, the share price of Toyota Motor falls by 2.2%. The automaker in July-September reduced its net profit by 31%, while it turned out to be worse than expected.
The Chinese Shanghai Composite index increased by 1% by 8:36 am CSK. The Hong Kong Hang Seng soared 3.4% after hitting a 13.5-year low a day earlier.
The leading gainers on the Hong Kong stock exchange are China Resources Beer (+9.2%), Internet company Meituan (+8.9%), Sino Biopharmaceutical (+8.4%), and chipmaker Sunny Optical Technology Group. Co. (+8.2%).
In addition, Tencent Holdings Ltd. rose by 7.2%, retailers Alibaba Group and Inc. – respectively by 5.3% and 5.1%.
AIA Group Ltd., one of the largest Asian insurers, increased the value of new business (the volume of contracts sold) in July-September by 1%. Quotes of the company’s papers jumped by 5.9%.
The South Korean index Kospi by 8:28 KSK added 1.4%.
Quotes of securities of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chips and electronics Samsung Electronics Co. rise by 0.7%, while the cost of automaker Hyundai Motor decreased by 0.6%.


Another four vessels with agricultural products left ports of Ukraine for Africa, Asia and Europe

The next four ships with 115 thousand tons of agricultural products left the ports of Chornomorsk and Pivdenny on Wednesday for Africa, Asia and Europe, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine reports.

“Four ships left the berths, including Magnum Fortune, which transports 51 thousand tons of Ukrainian wheat for Bangladesh, and Almeray with 32.4 thousand tons of corn for Libya,” the agency noted on Facebook.

In total, after the release of the first vessel with Ukrainian food, 5.4 million tons of agricultural products were exported, and the total number of vessels leaving Ukrainian ports for the countries of Asia, Europe and Africa reached 235.

The agency indicated that the day before, the most capacious vessel of the time of the initiative, the Capesize Maran Excellence, with 115,000 tons of grain, left the port of Pivdenny.

As reported, in Istanbul on July 22, with the participation of the UN, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia, two documents were signed on the creation of a corridor for the export of grain from three Ukrainian ports – Chornomorsk, Odessa and Pivdenny.

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