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One of the largest producers of bread in Ukraine opens EUR15 mln plant near Kyiv
KYIV. Nov 27 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Khlibni Investytsii Holding LLC, one of the largest producers of bread and bakery goods in Ukraine, has opened the Chanta Mount plant for production of frozen bakery products in the village of Novi Petrivtsi near Kyiv. According to a report on the company’s website, at the initial stage the investment in the project amounted to EUR15 million, after putting into operation all the necessary capacities it will exceed EUR25 million.
“Even today Chanta can produce almost 30 tonnes of ciabatta, French baguettes and other artisan breads per day. After installing additional lines, the capacity will increase to 90 tonnes per day. Thus, Chanta Mount has become one of the largest companies of such specialization in Europe,” the report says.
“We plan to sell 50% of our products in Ukraine, and the rest to sell for exports. We have a very powerful R&D department, which will develop the most interesting recipes for customers,” company founder Yuriy Tryndiuk said.
The report says the main buyers of these types of semi-finished products are bakeries in supermarkets and trade centers, mini-bakeries, fuel filling stations, the HoReCa sector, and the service of food delivery to offices.
Khlibni Investytsii Holding assesses its share in the Ukrainian market of bakery products at 8%, ranks third among the largest bread companies. It produces about 132,000 tonnes of goods per year.

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The aggregate state (direct) and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine in October 2018 decreased by 0.46%, or by $0.34 billion, to $74.32 billion, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance. In the national currency the state debt fell by 0.93% or UAH 19.69 billion, to UAH 2.093 trillion.
Since the beginning of the year, the total state (direct) and state-guaranteed debt in U.S. dollar terms has decreased by 2.61%, or by $1.99 billion, in hryvnias – by 2.27%, or by UAH 48.6 billion.
The Finance Ministry said that the public debt in October decreased by 0.88%, to UAH 1.811 trillion (in U.S. dollars it decreased by 0.41% to $64.32 billion), while the external debt decreased by 1.02%, to UAH 1.06 trillion (in U.S. dollars decreased by 0.55%, to $37.65 billion).
Last month state-guaranteed debt fell by 1.28%, to UAH 281.65 billion (in U.S. dollars it decreased by 0.81% to $10 billion), including external debt by 1.35% to UAH 269.34 billion (in U.S. dollars decreased by 0.89%, to $9.56 billion).
The ministry also reported that the principal amount of public debt is denominated in U.S. dollars, 44.06%, another 30.18% in hryvnia, 16.21% in special drawing rights (SDR), and 8.39% in euros. In addition, less than 1% of government debt is denominated in Canadian dollars and yen.
The official hryvnia exchange rate, according to which the Ministry of Finance calculates the debt, in October improved to UAH 28.16/$1 from UAH 28.30/$, or by 0.47%, whereas by the end of 2017 it was UAH 28.07/$1.


Energy-saving innovations from Rauta, applied in the construction of Novus shopping mall, have been recognized by market experts in the nomination “Best technical solution”.
The awarding of the «Construction Atlantes» best projects was held on November 23 during the II National Forum on the construction projects management RED PM DAY 2018.
Rauta received an award for the Novus project in the nomination “Best technical solution”, in which the award jury and the forum participants evaluated technologies that make it possible to simplify the construction and maintenance of buildings. The Novus shopping center in Kiev became the first real estate in Ukraine to build with the new generation of Ruukki sandwich panels – Energy series.
“Only by using such sandwich panels commercial buildings with nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) are being built in the EU countries,” said Andriy Ozeychuk, Rauta Director. “Advanced energy efficiency panels make it possible to save an additional 20% on heating and air conditioning of the real estate and to achieve the A-level of building energy efficiency”.
It should be noted that using Ruukki sandwich panels of the ENERGY series allows the commercial property to obtain higher rates for LEED, BREEAM and FM certification systems.

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Capital investments in Ukraine in January-September 2018 increased by 19.9%, while in January-September 2017 by 20.7%, the State Statistics Service has reported. Capital investments in Ukraine in 2017 increased by 22.1%, in the first nine months of the year by 20.7% and in the first half of the previous year by 22.5%. According to the service, in January-September 2018 some UAH 337 billion of capital investments was used (excluding the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, Sevastopol and Donbas).
In terms of regions, the largest increase in capital investments in January-September 2018 compared to the same period in 2017 was recorded in Donetsk (84.9%), Vinnytsia (42.4%), Dnipropetrovsk (34.6%), Chernihiv (33.1%), Rivne (28.1%), Zakarpattia (24.7%), Cherkasy (17%), Zhytomyr (12.6%), Volyn (12.4%), Chernivtsi (by 11.1%), Kharkiv (by 9.5%), Ternopil (by 8.4%), Poltava (8.3%), Odesa (8.2%), Lviv (7.2%), Kyiv (5.3%) and Sumy (3.3%) regions and Kyiv City (by 35.2%).
According to statistics, capital investment over the period fell in Mykolaiv (17.8%), Zaporizhia (16.7%), Khmelnytsky (9.5%), Kirovohrad (9%), Kherson (7.1%), Ivano-Frankivsk (3.9%), and Luhansk (3.1%) regions.
In terms of sectors, the growth of capital investments in January-September 2018 was recorded in postal and courier activities (a 2.7-fold rise), arts, sports and entertainment (a 2.1-fold rise), telecom (59.9%), aviation (55.3%), IT and telecom (53.8%), warehouses and auxiliary operations in the transport sphere (53.7%), retail trade (50.7%), programming and provision of other IT services (49.7%), forestry and logging (38.5%), wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (37.14%), land and pipeline transport, as well as wholesale and retail trade (36%), financial and insurance activities (28.9%), publishing (28%), in the field of health care and social assistance (27.1%), industry (25.2%), public administration and defense, compulsory social insurance (24.6%), education (23.1%), agriculture, forestry and fisheries (7.7%).
The decline was seen in administrative and auxiliary servicing (18.9%), water transport (15%) and construction (10.8%).
Own funds of enterprises and organizations remain the main source of financing of capital investments, which account for 73.2% of the total volume of all investments.
A significant share of capital investments was made in machinery, equipment and vehicles – 47.2%, buildings and structures – 42.8% of all investments.



Representatives of the Ukrainian government and Germany have signed an intergovernmental agreement on the provision of EU 84.8 million for technical and financial assistance projects to Ukraine, Ukrainian Ambassador in Germany Andriy Melnyk has said. “We have signed the Ukrainian-German intergovernmental protocol on the provision of EUR 84.8 million to Ukraine for technical and financial assistance projects in Berlin,” he wrote in his twitter microblog.

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