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The Ukrainian Sea Port Authority has announced an open tender to select a contractor to conduct dredging works in the internal water area of Odesa Maritime Merchandise Port, the authority has said in a report. It is planned that dredging will be conducted in 2018-2019. Over 91,000 cubic meters of soil is to be removed. The expect cost of works is UAH 19.03 million. “We conducted dredging works at Odesa seaport last year using own fleet, and this year we will attract a contractor, as the authority’s fleet is used at other sections, in particular, works in Danube and Azov regions,” Ukrainian Sea Port Authority Head Ravis Veckagans said.
Bids can be submitted both by Ukrainian and international companies before June 4, 2018.

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The Odrex medical house (Odesa) under an agreement on supply of comprehensive solutions in the healthcare sphere with the largest global company designing medical technologies Medtronic has opened the Odrex heart clinic. “Today we are opening the first private heart clinic in Ukraine, which is a significant event for the Odrex medical house and, we think, for the whole medicine [in Ukraine]. We attach great hopes to this project,” Odrex Executive Director Tigran Harutyunyan said during the opening of the medical institution on Thursday, April 12.
In turn, Medtronic Director for Emerging East Stefan Linder said, commenting on his discovery, that the main goal of the partnership agreement between Odrex and Medtronic, within which the clinic received innovative equipment, was to expand access to high-quality therapies and to improve the quality of medical services.
The hospital has two X-ray operating rooms and one operating room for open heart interventions.
Among the equipment presented in the clinic is the first in Ukraine and the seventh in the world apparatus of artificial circulation, developed by NASA engineers (provided by Medtronic), the first cryoablator in the country, providing low-temperature elimination of atrial fibrillation, a device for 4D-ultrasound examination of the heart in real time, allowing substantial reduce the time to establish an accurate diagnosis of the patient, as well as a device of flowmetry, which reveals the passability of the operated vessel during the operation, which is considerably reduces the risk of postoperative complications, Chief Doctor of the Heart Clinic Denys Sebov said.
At the same time, he said that at present a part of the equipment is being certified and all other relevant procedures necessary for its importation into Ukraine.
In the clinic, a technique for testing the quality of aortocoronary cardiosurgical operations has been introduced.
Sebov said that among the innovations for Ukraine in the Heart Clinic is a special team of doctors – the heart team: a cardiologist, a cardio-surgeon and an interventional cardiologist. This allows you to carefully approach the choice of the optimal method of treatment, as well as, if necessary, to resort to hybrid methods.
“We hope that we will be able to reduce the level of 15-20% in-hospital mortality compared with the average Ukrainian indicators, which, respectively, reduce the mortality from cardiovascular diseases in the region. We expect a reduction in mortality of 10-15%,” Sebov said.
In turn, Deputy Health Minister Pavlo Kovtoniuk expressed the hope that the reform of the system of financing healthcare services from the state budget in time would allow paying for healthcare services using the budget also in these private specialized medical institutions.
In addition, at present Odrex created its own insurance company, as well as an ambulance service, which will begin work in June.
In general, the capacity of the center allows serving about 4,500 patients per year. An increase in the number of interventions to this level is planned by 2023. The first surgery will be performed at the clinic on April 26.
In 2018, the clinic plans to serve about 1,000 patients.

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NGO “Odesa Natives Together” invites foreign ambassadors, in particular those from the G7 countries, to Odesa in the hope of attracting more foreign tourists to the city in future. “We plan that foreign tourists, whom, unfortunately, there are not so many in Odesa, [will come] … I would like people from Europe, Canada, the United States to come here,” Head of NGO “Odesa Natives Together” Illia Luponosov said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine.
“A good and fast way to help the city is to attract tourists, show our city, invite people,” he added.
According to the head of the organization, activists, actors, the “living statues” of Potemkin and Duke de Richelieu with theatrical performances on March 30 visit the embassies of foreign countries in Kyiv and invite ambassadors to visit Odesa.
Luponosov noted that representatives of the public organization also state “they guarantee security and good rest” in the city.
He added that invitations will be given in the diplomatic missions of the G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States), as well as Bulgaria and Belgium.

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