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The new team is going to strengthen the educational direction of the contest and expand the circle of its potential participants
NGO Presszvanie Ukraine, the initiator of the contest for journalists PRESSZVANIE, is reshuffling its board. Journalist and blogger Denys Bezliudko will become Chairman of the Management Board. The board will include Chief Editor of the magazines Dengi and Korrespondent Oleksandr Kramarenko, as well as Marketing Director of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency Maksim Urakin.
“The new board of NGO Presszvanie Ukraine includes experienced media managers who have raised more than one generation of journalists. These are professionals for whom freedom of speech and journalistic ethics are integral parts of life. This team is able to provide the PRESSZVANIE contest with new avenues for work meeting the challenge of the times,” ex-head of NGO Presszvanie Ukraine Dmytro Slipenko said.
“I probably went through all the stages, I was a nominee and a winner, participated in the work of the Supervisory Board of the contest and in organizing the work of PRESSZVANIE. The strategic plan is to grow the contest into a permanent media community, a platform for communication, training of journalists and development of the industry as a whole,” Bezliudko said.
“For me, this is a new challenge and an opportunity to repay the debt to the profession, since until now I have not been particularly active in the interests of the professional community in general. What do we do? We will create a platform for passing on the most interesting ideas and visions. We will involve those colleagues whom the old media simply did not notice until recently. Professional ratings are an opportunity for recent debutants to raise their personal capitalization, which is very important for each of the media professionals and for the market as a whole,” Kramarenko said.
“The award will receive more nominations for traditional journalism and the involvement of representatives of the new media – bloggers – in the project. In addition, an educational program, as well as other projects to improve the qualifications of media representatives, will be created under the PRESSZVANIE brand and with the participation of leading industry professionals,” Maksim Urakin said.
PRESSZVANIE is an annual award for journalists and editors that can be received for leadership and professionalism since 2005. The project develops an educational platform and is held under the auspices of NGO Presszvanie Ukraine, which mission is to create conditions for the development of Ukrainian journalism.

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Many people, who have become vegetarians, risk gaining negative experience of eating poor quality seasonal fruit and vegetables, says nutrition expert Veronika Vero, who is also an author of health improvement programs.
“In my practice, I often noticed the presence of nitrates in seasonal fruit. Since vegetarians often have an increased sensitivity to tastes, such people may have a stronger reaction to nitrate-containing food than ‘omnivorous’ people,” Veronika said.
According to the expert, after long body purification, consumption of any contaminated food may cause at least an allergic reaction or even a serious poisoning. This is connected with changes in vegetarian’s metabolic processes.
“The body of a person consuming both animal and plant food can accumulate toxins for years, but finally this may cause liver cirrhosis or another serious disease. As to vegetarians, their bodies response immediately as they do not accumulate toxins,” Vero said in a program on healthy nutrition on the Expert Club YouTube channel.
She said people, who decided to become vegetarians, first of all should focus on self-improvement and self-education, because learning healthy nutrition programs is one of the most important tasks of a person, who decided to refuse from eating meat.
Veronika Vero, a vegetarian and healthy nutrition expert, spent more than eight years of training at a research and development center. She is the author of several programs, seminars, as well as physical, mental and energy retreats.
The full video is available on the Expert Club YouTube channel.

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Doctor of Biological Sciences Sviatoslav Morozov, who is also a healthy nutrition expert, says food producers first of all aspire to reduce their products’ cost value and often ignore the harm they may cause to consumers’ health. Otherwise, they will be simply unable to withstand the market competition.
“Speaking about monotonous diet for farm animals and various chemical additives, they are used not to poison consumers. Nobody pursues such a goal. The task is different – to cut the cost value and make products with a very long shelf life,” Morozov said.
In a commentary to the Expert Club YouTube channel, the scientist also noted that these rules are used for all categories of food, including meat, dairy and vegetarian products.
“The problem of chemical additives and foreign substances, which could get into food in the process of animal or plant breeding as well as during their processing, is very topical today. For example, natural wine from the wood can be stored for only three days, after which yeast appears in it. It can be stored for a very long time only due to chemical additives,” the biologist said.
According to Morozov, in order to make sure that the food is clean, one should know the brands which are certified to make products without harmful additives. Today, this can be easily done through the Internet.
The full video is available on the Expert Club YouTube channel.

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Odesa to host Zenit Black Sea Open 2020 international squash championship
The 10th international squash championship Zenit Black Sea Open 2020 will take place at the Sport Life fitness center in Odesa on August 20-23, 2020.
The competition will be held with the aim of strengthening sports and cultural ties between countries and athletes, promotion and development of squash in Ukraine, as well as improvement of junior athletes’ skills.

The tournament will be held for four days in eight categories:
Men: PRO, Amateur, M40+ and M45+
Women: PRO, Amateur
Juniors: GU13, BU13
The total number of participants is 150 people.
The tournament will bring together athletes from Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Poltava, Kherson and Odesa), Belarus, the United States, the UK and South Africa.
The venue address: Odesa, 2 Nebesnoyi Sotni (Heavenly Hundred) Avenue.
The tournament will start at 13:00 on August 20.
The final part of the tournament and the awarding ceremony will start at 21:00 on August 23.
Zenit Black Sea Open 2020 is the most well-known and largest international tournament in the history of independent Ukraine. It brings together a large number of participants representing many countries, as well as numerous organizations involved in the preparations for and holding the competition.
The main organizers of the event are the national chain of fitness clubs Sport Life, which is also a fitness partner of the tournament, as well as Dmytro Scherbakov and Maksym Urakin.
Official sponsors are Kronplast, Solaris Agrolux, MaxEvent and FORT&M.
General information partner of the tournament is the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency.
The prizes and gifts will be provided by Li-Ning, Tecnifibre, Reima, GORA Hotel, Sweet Arte, and More Emotions.
The tournament’s drinking water supplier is Krayna.
The party partner is M1 Club Hotel.
We eagerly await you at our championship and will do our best to hold it successfully.

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