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Ukraine in 2018 retained exports of semifinished carbon steel products in kind at the level of 2017, totaling 6.291 million tonnes.
Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service said in a customs statistics report that exports of semifinished carbon steel products in monetary terms grew by 18.2%, to $3.003 billion.
The bulk of semifinished carbon steel products was exported to Italy (34.24% of total exports in monetary terms), Egypt (15.53%), and Turkey (14.78%).
Last year Ukraine imported 43,880 tonnes of semifinished carbon steel products, which is twice up year-on-year. Imports in monetary terms grew by 2.2-fold, to $26.412 million.
Imports of semifinished carbon steel products originated from Russia (97.9%), Kazakhstan (1.44%) and the United States (0.5%).
In 2017 Ukraine cut exports of imports in kind by 18.8% from 2016, to 6.292 million tonnes, while exports in monetary terms increased by 14.9%, to $2.542 billion.
Italy accounted for 30.61% of exports in monetary terms, while the share of Turkey was 17.02% and that of Egypt – 16.28%.
Imports of semifinished carbon steel products in 2017 totaled 22,038 tonnes, which was 20.1% up from 2016. Imports in monetary terms grew by 85.4%, to $12.091 million.
Most of semifinished carbon steel products were imported from Russia (95.48% of total imports), Kazakhstan (4.03%), and Bulgaria (0.25%).

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National Nuclear Generating Company Energoatom reduced power generation by 1.4% year-on-year in 2018, to 84.626 billion kWh, the company has said. The electricity generation target was met by 102%. Electricity sales totaled 79.609 billion kWh compared to 80.502 billion kWh a year previously. Energoatom’s share of total electricity sold to Energomarket state enterprise was 54%, and the share of total electricity generation in the country was 53%.
The company sold electricity worth UAH 52.682 billion (including VAT) on the wholesale power market, which is 14.4% more than in 2017.
Capital investment totaled UAH 10.773 billion compared with UAH 5.9 billion in 2017.
The company sent UAH 8.58 billion to the budgets of all levels and insurance payments came to UAH 2.038 billion.
Capacity use was 69.6%, which was 1 p.p. less than a year previously.
Twenty one malfunctions were recorded at Ukrainian nuclear power plants in the reporting period, five more than a year ago. Radiation levels at Ukrainian NPPs were normal over the period.
Energoatom is the operator of all four Ukrainian-based operating nuclear power plants, which have 15 VVER reactors with an overall generating capacity of 13.835 gigawatts.
The company also operates the Tashlyk hydroelectric pumped storage power plant with a 302 MW capacity in a turbine mode and Oleksandrivka hydropower plant with an 11.5 MW capacity.

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Novus Ukraine LLC (Kyiv), the managing company of the network of Novus hyper- and supermarkets and Novus Express convenience stores in Ukraine, at the end of 2018 opened an A class logistics center of 7,000 square meters in the village of Sofiyevska Borschahivka near Kyiv. According to the press service of the retailer, the new warehouse will allow increasing centralization of supplies to the stores of the network, as well as freight turnover of its own logistics by 30%. The facility will serve Novus stores in Kyiv region, as well as wholesale buyers. The delivery of goods from the warehouse to the network stores will be carried out by the contractor.
According to the Novus website, as of January 14, 2018 the network in Ukraine included 43 stores. The overwhelming majority of objects operates in Kyiv and Kyiv region – 34 outlets. In 2018, the retailer opened five new stores: four in Kyiv, and one in Irpin.
As reported, at the end of 2017, the EBRD opened a credit line of up to $25 million to Novus Ukraine for a period of seven years to support the expansion of the supermarket chain and the construction of a logistics center in Kyiv region.
Novus Ukraine LLC was established in 2008. The same year the first Novus supermarket was opened in the country.

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